Wondering Opinions

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My basic understanding of how people think and react in the 21st century

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013





by Victoria Bridge


As i begin to age and mature i cannot seem to find a sense of meaning or belonging, which doesn't seem to be a particular problem for me! Although the disputed point continues to be the only remaining factor that prevents me from connecting not only to people, but also place. You see since i can remember I've  never really been interested in socializing because all the thoughts i had seemed to be irrelevant  to everything functioning around me. I considered my isolated not by others but by my own free will there was no particular reason for this upon till now , now i realize with all the secrets hidden away around the world that haven’t been uncovered why should my thoughts let alone my feeling be uncovered? Only to entertain people and to enhance how they feel about themselves. The only real thought i have is Why?

Why must people have status middle class, upper class and celebrity. Who’s the right to define you and your lifestyle. Let me answer this in such away everyone will understand you may not agree but you will  understand. Its simple its not whom define you it’s what defines you! In different circumstances it can be job role, friendship or even love ,but still no one understand the only way you are seriously defined is by the amount in your bank account.

Oh yes money can get you a lot but , no one really wonders how you got to have such large sums of money did you work for it or inherit it. Theses are just wonders of mine you may have your own. These questions i ask my self never seem to leave my thoughts as i sit and watch the word go on around me day by day and hour by hour just wondering what if ; then again who knows ?

All i know for sure about life is people continue to live it as they please without such as a wonder how their action effect other people around them. Take for example if you seen someone injured young or elderly would you react differently or could honestly say you’d react exactly the same. Most people would say of course until they are in the situation without realizing they would still judge and create the own perception before they are willing to help. Of course status does come into to mind in certain situations as i mentioned before yet i still see no reason why a human being  in need of help does not deserve it just because of peoples pure judgmental thoughts.

Everyone is entitled to there opinion but let me ask you this if you realized you could help an elderly woman over the road or you had the opportunity to help an injured teen what would influence your decision. Clothing , hair , age or most of all desperation?

I would not like to sway your decision so i would just like to leave you Wondering.......

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