Passion Pt. 2

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Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Submitted: February 09, 2017




Here I am finally balls deep in the pussy and Elise decides to pass out. I aint even begin to do anything with her yet. Well she might be passin out way more tonight. I look down at my baby, poor thing she has no idea. She look so relaxed and innocent. Damn my dick is hard as hell and her wetness surrounding my dick is driving me crazy. Her aftershocks made my dick feel like tiny fingers running all over my shit. I leaned down and started kissing her neck and lips. "Babygirl." Fuck its getting damn near impossible not to move. I  gotta wake my baby up first. "Elise baby wake up for me." I tried to pull out but her pussy walls clamped down in protest causing me to stifle a groan. She might be out but her pussy wide awake. I grab her hands and intertwine them with mine so I could raise them above her head. I started biting her neck plus slowly moving in and out of her. I felt her pussy juicing up for me then a broken moan fell from her lips. "That's it baby wake up for me." Beads of sweat was forming on my forehead and my whole body was breaking out in a cold sweat. Its taking everything in me not to move faster. "Damn baby". Slowly I felt her wake up. Her hands and her body tensed up and then I felt her feet tryna push against my legs and pull her hands from mine. "Elise baby stop before you hurt yourself." I looked down and watched as she opened her eyes. I kept my grip on her hands still and leaned down so I could stare into her eyes. She arched her back causing me to go deeper inside her. Fuck I'm barely hanging on. I can tell from the moans and whimpers she was making that my baby is having a hard time taking me. I looked down at where we were joined and my dick stretched her little pussy all the way out. I noticed her pussy lips were turning a little red and puffy from the strain of taking me. "I need you to relax. I don't wanna hurt you boo." Finally she started to listen. I felt her feet come down and some of the tension leave her body.


I can't even describe what happened. It was incredible and undescribable. I slowly felt myself coming back when I felt Brian kissing my lips and neck. Then pain shot through me and I felt my body tense. Brian's hips slowly pulled back and I locked my pussy walls around his dick to keep him from moving. I felt so full and stretched out. Oh I don't think I can take him. I've always have problems taking Brian. You would think I would be adjusted to him by now but I'm not. I couldn't even open my eyes yet. When I felt Brian grab my hands to put them over my head it I knew I was trapped from moving. I wanted to snatch my hands from him but that would probably piss him off so I just let him do it. Even though I was in some pain that didn't stop my pussy from getting wet. Even though I felt pain it was mixed with pleasure as well. Brian was hitting all my spots. A moan left my lips when he started to pull back from inside me only to slam right back into me. Brian buried his face in my neck and and the sting from his teeth was soothing me while he moved in out of me. I opened my eyes and my body tensed up when Brian slammed back into me. I tried to pull my hands from his and I pushed my feet against his legs so he could pull out of me. I heard him telling me to stop before I hurt myself. "Brian it hurts please stop". He leaned down to stare in my eyes and I stared into his. He was barely hanging on. He had a thin layer of sweat all over his body plus his jaw was so tense. I arched my back so I could pull away from him a little bit but when I pulled back Brian followed my movement and that caused his dick to go deeper inside me. "Ahhh fuck". My pussy was so wet I could hear the sounds every time Brian moved inside me. I couldn't even speak all I could do was scream and moan. Brian keep telling me to relax so I slowly felt the tension leave me and I pulled my feet down. I just submitted myself to Brian and let him take control.

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