A lonely walk

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Tried about bringing the essence of life in a walk..

Submitted: May 10, 2008

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Submitted: May 10, 2008



A lonely walk

As a lonely traveler I did walk,
Nobody to share and nobody to talk.
Neither could I hear nor could I see.
as the path was too misty and too hazy

The silence of my travel was deafening
yet I kept my pace and kept traveling
So mindless in the mist was I moving,
All I thought was that I am improving.
To a distant music could I listen
And didn't its intensity ever lessen.
Got a sudden might in me to hum
along with that very familiar hymn.

After a while did I hear
a voice coming to me very near.
And now I had someone to chat
About something like this and that.
Lot of dreams went in my mind
Enjoyed them very much so blind.
Crystal clear were the dreams, and
so magical and sweet were their themes.
Opened my eyes and I could see only the mist,
Unclear, vague and couldn't find even a gist
of the dreams I relished and realized only I can have wishes-
for them in life and certainly needn't be granted yes.
My companions told me what - dearly
with, on my shoulders, a pat.
I smiled on those nostalgic dreams,
and marched forward with my team.
I realized my friends were having the same -
kind of travel and don't know how to name!
Can't they be coming with me all the time.
Their journey, for them, was the only prime.
The mist, suddenly, was getting too strong,
and I kept wondering what went wrong!
Kept walking through and had my foot burnt
even smoke resembles mist was the lesson learnt.

I found many people walking with me and felt great.
Soon did i discover no one there and I am desolate.
Yet the melodious sweet music of the familiar hymn
helped in soothing me and making my worries dim.

A long distance had I traveled and my legs pained
thought of taking some rest as I was strained.
Casually I looked back in the hazy place and saw,
my mind and body was struck in total awe.

The scene was clear, bright and decorated colorfully,
cheer, joy and bliss were everywhere so plentifully.
I, then, substantiated a fact that I was nowhere lost
and the most beautiful paths were the ones that I crossed.
~ V 2 K

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