Changes (Nothing is certain)

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Uncertainity is natural.. Got to accept them and enjoy them!!

Submitted: April 21, 2008

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Submitted: April 21, 2008




As and when the clock keeps ticking,
Something in the world is flipping,

For either improvement or impairment,
Go the changes and thats permanent.

We all undergo changes
with numerous different ranges.

Let it be a kid, boy or man,
changes go on to better a human.

Just as seasons are split into four,
everyone's life is split deep in core.

It being the Pivot on which the earth revolves,
is the reason that all of us evolve.

And yes, its crucial find the change's source
and also more vital is the change's course.

Invited are the ones slow and steady,
but not the ones which occur like eddy.

Drastic ones are cumbersome to bear
and its chore on heart is only to tear.

The one that brings this is only time,
Situations sometimes can also be prime.

Changes are good, important and certain,
For the world to move on without a curtain.
- V2K

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