The Hunt for the Virus

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The Hunt is about a man who is hunting down a virus that traps the person with the virus in thier own body.(the picture is from Warhammer 40,000. i'm giving All credit about pic to Games workshop. (did i miss any thing?)

Submitted: May 17, 2008

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Submitted: May 17, 2008



       The Hunt for the Virus
I knew about the virus. I knew it trapped the human’s soul inside his body. I knew if I was infected I would be trapped inside my body. I knew if this happened I would never be myself. I knew the risks. I knew that if I were to die my regiment would be slaughtered one by one, I’ll probably be the one doing the slaughtering…

 I twirled my knife in my hand by the ring at the bottom of the hilt. The minute I walked into the house the smell of blood filled my nostrils. I turned the corner into a dark and depressing hallway, only to flash my light at the end and find a solider with his guts strewn about around him. I have seen this before, the only thing different is that the soldier’s eyes were as black as the darkest night. His skin was almost a paper white. He was infected. I put my knife up my sleeve into my black trench coat. Then I took my standard issued rifle and opened a full clip into his body, only missing once. I stepped to the man with my knife and slit his throat for extra measure. The second I leaned in he sprung to life stealing my knife and thrusting it at me, aiming for a killing blow. I stepped out of the way and drew a hidden blade from my coat. I thrust the blade into his abdomen, sending the creature back to the shadows. He took his intestines with him.

“That was a better welcome then I ever could have hoped for!” I yelled back at the infected man. I could hear his intestines being dragged back with him making a wet slush sound as he went up the stairs. I followed him, hoping to be able to kill him and the rest of the people in the house. I heard a creak of wood behind my and turned around only to have my opponent come from the way I was looking to begin with. I felt his sharp claws dig into my back, I felt the hot blood run down from the wounds. I pulled out a pistol and blew the brains out of the bastard. Of course that didn’t help. I ran from him. Half way down the hall I found what made the noise, a giant of a man. But he wasn’t backup! He was on their side… I ducked from the giant’s blow and I tripped on the intestines of the infected solider. The three pinned me to the ground and started tearing at my flesh while I was still alive. I felt every scratch, every bite, every second I sat there I wished I was dead. Once they stopped feeding at my chest the left me. I felt my skin getting cold, I felt my vision darken. I fell to a long awaited eternal slumber. Then I awoke I was still alive my skin was pale my vision was blurry. I knew I couldn’t kill myself. My body walked around and sat, fed on humans, killed my own men. I sat in remorse of it all I couldn’t control it. I knew I should of never tried to make a self sustaining human, feeding on dead, see in the dark, lift any thing, kill any one with no remorse, sleep anywhere, it was the perfect solider. Till it escaped, infected others, it was all in my quest for power, now I was nothing but a pawn in my own game…

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