A welcome committee

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Just a random scene that things I saw evoked.

Submitted: June 17, 2012

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Submitted: June 17, 2012



And there they were, in all their eccentricity! As it stood, mere inches from the ground, the tiny, retrospective vehicle gleamed dully in the mid afternoon sun. Of course, the curious onlookers just gaped as an extraordinary woman swung her legs out of the passenger side, dressed from head to toe in wonderful, rich silks.

  Beaming at the accumulated audience she cried “Bonjour!” Without hesitation, she marched to the rear and with vigour and joy she popped the trunk and began unloading suitcases perfectly matching her extravagance.

  In the excitement of her arrival, no one noticed as the driver of the vehicle approached, heavy eyebrows raised and teeth gleaming. Suitcases fell from heavily jewelled hands as he embraced her, his smiling lips planting a passionate kiss on hers.

  Of course what would follow was as unexpected as the arrival of this odd couple. As a scream ripped through the afternoon, all looked on in horrified awe as the wonderful, colourful woman slumped to the ground and lay motionless. As a woman who feared to be plain, to be normal, it would have pleased her to know in death she was as unexpected as she was in life.


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