I saw dawn.

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On my way to London I saw an unforgettable sunrise, I wrote of what I saw.

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011



  It invaded the trees and drowned the dirt above their roots; as the air succumbed to obscurity, it stretched endlessly into abyss, reaching out to hold possession of this sleeping land. Across the frozen fields, enclosing homes in its arms, smothering them like the reaper to the dying.

The fire was rising on the horizon, all pale shadows and promising light, stretching to the sky and setting the fields aglow. The mist, that enemy, recoiled, relinquished its hold on the earth. The fire, the gold, it began to smoulder warmly, caressing the sky with wide, forgiving arms.

It seemed the mist and the sun became on, like the hands of two soul mates, intertwining to form a beautiful dawn. Freedom began to fall once again on the trees, the ground, the homes, all seeking the chilly warmth and the comfort in this strange alliance.

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