I'm building a bridge.

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A musing in which I realise my ethics on the subject of my goals..

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



Cynicism has been on my mind in the past couple of days. It's quite overwhelming for someone as ambitious as me (and, I suppose, as optimistic) to be surrounded by people with a serious lacking in the ability to see past their pea sized world into the possibilities that life offers if only you have the courage to step into them.

  The general opinion I get from people I work with is that their job is like a gold mine and, like it or not, to give it up would be insanity in the current financial state of the country; but the way I see it, the longer they stay there, the longer they're going to stay there. If you're not happy, then change direction, find hapiness!

  I see this job as a brick. I'm building a bridge, the opportunities I seize are the bricks, the lessons I Iearn are the cement, the hard times and the cynics are the wind- trying to hinder my progress; and my dreams are its wild design, I know where I want to go and how to construct my path, one day I'll cross that bridge and I will be happy, succesful and content.

  So for now, I continue to build; and those cynics, holding on to their gold mines, will never understand that at my destination money is not what fuels our lives- dreams are.

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