"Giving" The way to be happy

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Giving is the way to be happy. In this ever growing business world, human compassion has reduced. People think another people as they are different. People rush here and there gain whatever they want but they lack happiness, which only kiss their forehead after you rally help others. In this short story there is an orphanage child girl and a very rich person and show how helping that orphanage has changed the way he thanked.


Giving the way to be happy


Once in a city, there was rich man, he was very hardworking and dedicated to his work. All the time he used to prefer work, through his labor he had earned all the things in his life, most importantly money, mind, fame and gratitude. He had two children and both of them were intelligent, laborious and educated.  He had become an example for everyone, the whole city longed to be the one like him. On e day on his way to his business, an orphanage child came to him and begged him for some money. He bothered to give her even a penny, because he knew that even a one drop of water plays an equal role on the foundation of big ocean and he wanted to add more drops in his ocean of belongings. Although he had ample of substance to live his and his off spring's life easily, he wanted more. He wanted to purchase another building, to establish another business, to have another car etc etc.

That day when he returned to his home, he saw on television that one slum child get crashed in accident, she had been admitted to the hospital and she may die shortly. And incidentally she was the one who had come to him to beg.  Upon knowing the truth he regretted himself that if he would have given her some rupee than she wouldn't be in that road to beg for her breakfast and she would never crash with the car. He deepened in thought, and questioned to himself. "I have blah blah blah" that I didn't have yesterday, I've all the things which I wanted to acquire but why I am still unhappy and my desire still unquenched. I have always long for another thing when one achieved. Is the life a process of achieving one and instantly longing for another? Did I would be empty if I had given her some rupee? "He finds himself very poor that he couldn't dispense any value to his life.

The one whom was supposed to be the most affluent in the city becomes very poor. He posses the fountain in the dry city where people are dying of thirst but he can't give even a drop to others then what's that fountain worth?  He realized that Life has become a game and money has been a way to keep the score. Today everybody's concern is to acquire money and comfort for them but even though they got successful to fetch it they are not happy, seems as if their desire are still unquenched. If so then why should we expense our commendable life to fill the impermanent vessel which would never be content? Realizing this he rushed to the hospital


where that small girl had been admitted for her treatment. He went to her and handed a chocolate in her hand, in reply she smiled back. Her smile unveiled the joy that he had never feel before, he also smiled with pleasure and remember the saying once an enlightened prophet had said " God always reflects himself in a simple things only we need to have the heart to feel him not the eye to see him." After that day he becomes generous to others and he started to give.

People may think living life altruistically makes a person empty or poor that they don't even have a place to drown their body. But the reality is that giving a thing to other makes the person richest in the world makes a person happiest as such extent that anyone can't imagine.



There are millions of child in the world who can't have access to sanitation, they can't go to school to read what they can is to be nowhere in the city road to beg for their breakfast and launch. What may be their future? But we people who suppose ourselves most sensible and intelligent, have we got any idea that we can help such child with our pennies which we dispense on taking worthless coffee, tea and smokes.

Let's join hand to help the child to live life and educate themselves to have a better future, because all we've to be collapsed someday what we've with us don't worth anything it's just collapsed along with the span of time but what we give to other always remain and that virtue make us immortal. Let's make every child life equally worth able because everyone in the world should be equal.

Submitted: August 04, 2014

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Anny Sukmana

very good..
many rich people tend to look up than look down so they become so stingy..

Mon, August 4th, 2014 7:32am


Thank you that's what I wanted to trace out.

Mon, August 4th, 2014 12:34am

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