This is my story, about a very difficult day in my life.

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Summer on the beach, and the distance between the very short disaster pleasure.

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011




When my son was ten, I thought he should be able to swim long. I tried to teach him myself, because I was a not bad swimmer, especially because I loved the sea. Have fun not used at the entrance to sea. Where waves rise and fall without Splash and foam. You can lie on your back and thanks to the deep salt water, can float with a feeling of floating on the water. Waves raise and lower, like a giant swing. When the water sinking, see only the walls of water around, then when the water rises reveals the far shore, you can no longer hear the noise and commotion of a crowd-bears, which in the shallows, or on the beach.


People refused to learn from me swimmingWhy? That's because I am not aswim teacher, and parents always stupid. I did a father's authority, but I do not see him enough authority on swimming, especially in teaching swimming. He had already learned that each domain has a teacher / who know everything better than others (especially parents).

I had not disrupt the logical mind his age and turned him over to the capable hands of a swim teacher (certified), of which there does not teach for free. He learned of swimming, and the number of classes is not large. Despite the small physical dimensions relative to his age, the water is felt as an equal. I let him practice in two weeks swimming pool chemicals, chlorine water, until I was sure you could already feel the pleasure to take him fill the pleasure of the sea.

My wife joined, but preferred to remain smeared with suntan oil on a deck chair. We we headed out into the blue green water and salt.(Just in case I took the Styrofoam float with teaching swimming, the case will be tired.)

"Afraid go to  deep?" I asked.
"Why?" He answered with a happy grin.
We were getting into diving under the waves breaking, and rising behind them. I keep closely with a distance of no more than arm's length. A look back to the Beach, I saw the woman standing on the beach, waving hands as to say, come back!

I smiled to myself. Of course, with its swimming ability, she has concernsI guessed in advance that it would.

We got into the deep end, after we moved far beyond the rushing waves and began to foam up and down swing delicious water, we rely on the white float, talking about the sea. White explained what to do if encounter a vortex, or meet with the production days of one sort or another. Then I explained how to catch a wave and ride it right up the coast, without effort. It was the first time I felt we were father and son are on the same side, enjoy and appreciate the full splendor of nature and we are really an integral part from him.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge wave broke over us with tremendous force. I felt the whole weight pushing straight down. One meter?  Two meter?  Or maybe  three? I had no ideaFor the first time since I was a child myself, I swallowed a mouth full of water. Instinctively, I left the buoy, to stay by my son, although beneath the water I saw nothing, because the wave rolling and twisting everything, like a lens glasses of a short-sighted. I tried to remain calm required at such a moment and began to raise myself up. I felt the terrifying wave, rushing his way towards the beach. I went into the long-awaited. Breathing and coughing at the same time, pushing my hair from the toss of her head. I was on the low water level, surrounded by mountains of water. My son does not look around. I waited an eternity until the water began rising in slow motion, carried me up and up.

Finally I saw him. He drifted away from me for quite a distance, far beyond that I had imagined. He held both hands like a buoy rescue board shocked and surprised as I was, only his head showing above the water.

I cannot explain how I can feel cold sweat all over my body, while I deep in the water. But that's what I felt. I was sweating and how I was sweating. Sweat of fear. Will it hold grip the buoy, until I had time to close the distance between us, before losing power to hold the buoy, Fore anxiety, which brings with swimming confused and desperate, this was the start of a claim?

The water came down again and hid him from view. I hoped that the distance between us did not grow. I knew what to do. The next owner I ride a new wave, ignoring the shock maybe I was in, and the best skills to get him no matter what. I got on the wave, and in three strokes to the right I got to him.

"You're right." I asked, making every effort don't sound hysterical.
"Yes." He replied briefly, but his eyes and mouth did not smile.
"Let's get a wave to shore." I said and pulled the float and it followed me, know for sure this little secret of his life did not get to hear my wife. She will not forgive.
Maybe people will forget the years, I did not. Since the case was, i not asked him to come with me to sea, and he also did not offer to join.
Today is thirty-four, and I wonder if He read these lines, a flash of memory will float in his distant past.

I remember this day as if it were but yesterday, and he certainly was for me a very bad day in my life, even though it supposedly was not anything bad


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