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A way to make people have to actually practice

Submitted: April 08, 2008

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Submitted: April 08, 2008



okay so here we go there are rules to fighting styles in my book see if you want to use it in yours

c means close

r means range

m means magic

s sommon

these are the letters and there meanings i will expalin the rest of it in a min

there will be a number like 20 or 15 after it that means you can only use that many words no more or no less and it must make sence

okay say you do a m5 battle

jake and tom are the battlers

jake gose first

Jake: I quickly use fireball attack.

Tom: Jumps to the side swiftly

Jake shoots a lightningbolt at you

Tom runs from the blot swiftly

Jake the bolt hits tim hard

Tom: is un faced by the bolt

STOP WAIT A SECOND HERE is were Jake can say this


which nulls toms move and jake can then go again but tom has a chace to say -no void- after his post first post b4 jake says -void- depending on the recap time that is the time in which set at beging of the match you have to wait to say that

okay also you can not do this

say it is c20

tom: swiftly runs up the Jake digging his sword into jakes back sending him back into the wall inwhich jake dies

you cant decided the other persons death it is the best of so many rounds the decideds

so your final showing of a match for example would be

*RM25 recap 6 seconds 5 rounds*

which means ranged magic 25 words time before you can -no void- something five rounds

you must have range and magic in each attack

i will come up with more as i create it

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