the mark of a true warrior

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i felt this as i wrote it

Submitted: April 27, 2008

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Submitted: April 27, 2008



This pain will not go away this pain will not be at bay. My arms grow weak my eyes grow tired they all depend on this one chance. This one opportunity to put darkness away let the sun emerges my blade is dull my armor broken I look up at the face of evil it laughs at me I look down at my friends fallen down and other running back trying pick up one who are fallen only to fall them self’s. Should I push on or go back and help. Should I admit defeat or should it attack. Time grows short the evil is winning I begin to fall and slip into darkness. But right before I lose all hope there he was our leader the who saved us before and will save us again. He outreaches his hand and I take it. He stands me my armor fixed my blade a new I look up and see the fear in evils eyes and he leads not fear but by love. We march past the gates into the lands of ultimate evil we march up to the throne of evil in which the face of evil sat. he quivers in fear for as our told him what happen has happened. For our lord Jesus saved once he saved twice he will save forever why do we spit why do we allow ourselves hate other. Be it ex girlfriends or boyfriends family friends we need to band together to fight the real evil which has a name and that name is the devil please be nice fellow friends and enemies make them your friends for in the end the path for the lost will be dark and painful and wish for no one to have that pain. I love every one regardless of who they are. If can then you can and if you say you cant then I’m sorry only god can help you

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