the Truth about it all

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this is an essay on sexual preditor

Submitted: April 13, 2008

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Submitted: April 13, 2008



Rape, Child molestation, Child pornography, human trafficking these are all over the Internet and black market. It is rather sad the it is only a click away to see a innocent 12 year old girl lose her innocence many people say that it is wrong that It anger’s them my personal thoughts is that these people need to burn in hell I do not believe in the death sentence for these people. And I’m sick and tired of excuses saying that these people have a medical imbalance. And we need to be nice to them. I believe in a sentence far worst then death. We should do exactly to them as they did to these little girls and boy.
Yes I think it is wrong to do what we do sometimes but it is for the good of society that we take these monsters off our streets I don’t understand why they do what they do. Buy I do understand that what they do is wrong. I am the proud brother of 3 sisters 16, 13, 8 and also I am studying to become a police officer like my dad. I get so fired up at the though of some man even thinking about touching any of my sisters. Just think of all the dads and brothers out there that do they same, but I am not a women there for cannot give my though as if I were one only what I think they would be. If I were the girls or boys mother I would be madder then her brother or father because a mom can share a bond with her child unlike a father or a brother.
In our minds we have what is called an id and an ego id is right from wrong usually they say that these men don’t have an id but if they didn’t why do they brush there teeth or wear clothes. An ego is how you go about it. Or how you learn from your actions terrorist don’t have that because the don’t learn not to mess with they other country’s because every time they do they end up losing.
I could go on and on about what I believe what should happen to rapist but this is fact not thoughts. Did you know that around 2.3 million people in America are sex offenders and 91% are male? Being a man I am personally ashamed in that new that is 2.3 million people or more that have been wrongly assaulted sexually. Personally that discusses me, to think about it. I got my information from my dad’s friend who is currently working in the FBI can nether give out my dads or his name by law. But he is my source of information. Another interesting piece of information is that 37% of all incarcerated sex offenders re offend after they are released.
Another touchy subject for me is consensual rape, 13 year olds dating 18 years old. And such I am very iffy on that subject I don’t really have a problem for it but some time I think the 18 year old is using the 13 year old you have to think that our minds don’t totally develop until some time in our 20’s and I have had to many friends doing it. I do believe that I think it is okay for them to date but 13 year old shouldn’t be having sex I think you should wait till marriage or at least until you are 17 at least. But it is there person’s choice it just makes me made that kids under 18 do have sex and end up getting Prego then decide to break up because the can’t handle the pressures of a relationship and a kid. Then they also need help from government programs because they can’t afford a child so it take’s our tax dollars that is what my problem is with it.
So here I a message to every one of you perverts out there on the internet beware of what’s behind you rehabilitate now or be warned that someone will go after you and the do not take kind to people who do this in prison. And as a brother and will be father. I will personally take you out to the desert and give you a Columbian necktie. Have a nice day…

PS. Parents and brother’s and sister’s that are victims or are family of a victim of a sex crime I can’t even begin to express how sad I feel for you.

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