warriors creed

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a man saves his wifes for pludering villages ashley this is for you.

Submitted: April 12, 2008

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Submitted: April 12, 2008



My town was burnt my family gone stolen when I was in the war we were tricked by the other army the snuck behind and stole our homes. With fury in my eyes and pain heart I fallow them fallowing a star. They stole my love and child for this crime Ill no mercy. I fallow them through rain the snow and fog. I will not stop till catch up and save the ones that I love my men are tired as is I but all we see is red in our eyes. I am a warrior leader of our clan they stole my Ashley and my son Sam. Over the mountains and under the hills we fallow them with tracking skills until we come upon a land of forging toung I lead my men to there city the 10 versus many. There they are unwinding from war. They claim there money and the women for the night there choose to be with my wife I filled with rage as did my blade this indeed will not go un paid. Jump out of the shadows and charge there men my blade and my patience thin I was meet by seven me with swing I killed them. I broke though the forces to only by son. In the hand of man a blade to his neck and rope on his hands. I froze where I stood he laughed at me because I could bring myself to. My best shot his bow with great fret and hit the man. He drop my son grabbed him I stabbed the man and he screamed as he fell our meet his id gray my did red. I took my and hid him well now it’s to save my wife I told my men to release the other men arm them well and destroy the lands I looked around for my love I spotted her being carried off up the stairs to a room in which there chief will break her soul I climb the house to the top I bust to find him standing there with his sword to fight me for her. My wife hide in a corner I fought him for ever our blades meet until I overcame his I had won and he was dead now my wife will be fed nurtured and cared for ill take her home and never leave her…

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