What is true disney love

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Everyone says there is no such thing as true love maybe after you read this you will change your mind!

Submitted: July 08, 2008

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Submitted: July 08, 2008



Okay so this essay will be a little rough on the fact that I don't have microsoft word so bare with me thank you...

Everyone of us have seen a disney movie or a love movie where in the end they live happily ever after right? well you say you dont see it in real life. I have a couple of reasons for that and thoose reasons are simple we don't fight for what we want anymore. it is to easy to get a divorce and then ontop of that we marry for all the wrong reasons and at to young of an age. and say well we might fight everyday but things will get easyer the more time we spend together.. it dosent work that way. i have a girlfriend who i love most dearly and wish someday to marry and have the whole 2.5 kids and white house and all that. you know what true disney love is true disney love is when the man and women are in there 80's and he still opens the door for her true disney love is when a man comes home and finds his wife asleep on the couch and he puts a blanket on her. now this is an artical i would much like responses for just leave a comment on weather or not you belive in what true love is dnt be shy i and others would love your input thx...

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