An Unknown Angel

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When Angela gets into a crash and dies, she gets another chance to save her ex best friends life, while saving her own. After Samantha falls down a ten story building she finds herself in different places.

Submitted: March 02, 2014

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Submitted: March 02, 2014







“Angela it’s time to go.” Yelled at my mom from the bottom step of our big city house. We got into my car and sped off to my grandmothers house. My mom was singing along to the song Into the Rush by Aly and AJ. The man on the other side of the street didn’t stop when the light was red, he just kept on going and I just watched. The car swerved in front of us and I saw the hatred in his eyes. In the passenger seat my mom was now checking her email and I didn’t do anything. Hitting us I looked down at my hands it hurt, everything hurt. Closing my eyes I felt all the air leave my lungs as I hit the steering wheel. I opened my eyes, but all I saw was red. Everything slowly turned black as I heard somebody in the far, far distance screaming.




When I opened my eyes I saw pearl colors and violet flowers surrounding the green willow trees.

“You’re finally here.” Boomed a male voice.

I looked around puzzled.

“Oh look it seems the fates have chosen you to be a sixteen year old again,” he said, as I heard some papers being flipped I looked around trying to find the voice. “Wow lucky child of god, you get a life of one of your friends, Samantha Groundford.” He chuckled.

“Huh?” Samantha was an old friend I had in 3rd grade until some stupid rumor got out that Samantha hated me and thought I was stupid. Why was I taking her life, did she die, I thought frantically!

“Wait why do I get this choice, I thought we all went to heaven.” I asked puzzled.

“You’ll find out when you get back,” he said.

“What?” I asked.

“You’re on your way to the Hospital.”

Those were the last words I heard before everything went hazy, then dissolved.





I opened my eyes slowly and looked around me. Peachy Curtains covered the wide windows and hovered a foot off the pale white tiled floor. Next to me was an oak wooden night stand with a black thermos.

There were a lot of things going through my head. Where am I, where’re my parents,and why does my head feel like a brick fell on it. I heard a faint heartbeat coming from outside the door, then a knock on the door. A blond skinny women came in wearing a red and yellow splotched nurses uniform. I tried to get up, but my back gave away. It felt like thousands of knives jabbing at my spine, shoulders and sides. The women sat down in the chair next to me.

“Where am I?” I asked in a quivery voice.

She explained we were in the Trenton Hospital and that I had to stay for a few more days to do testing. I felt relief fall over me, but I still had questions to ask,

“Where’re my parents?”

“They’re down in the cafeteria calling your family”.

She had this look on her face. Then I was in a cave of blackness. I saw the lady that was in my room a second ago with my mom,

“She’s not normal”

“What are you talking about she just fell off a railing off stairs she’ll be ok ”

“Has she done anything weird lately?”

“Like what?”

I blinked and I was back in the Hospital in the stiff bed, but the lady was gone. I had a few questions to ask her. The ladies voice still rang in my head “she’s not normal”. I wanted to take a quick nap. From everything that had happened in the last five minutes gave me the creeps.




I woke up with white and grey trees all around me and sandy patches everywhere. My back actually felt perfectly fine.

“It looks like we got ourselves a new one.”

I looked up and saw two statues both holding up a big wooden block that read “The Camp in Happiness”. It seemed like they were looking at me. I heard a heart beating louder than normal ones. It was weird I woke up one day and everywhere I went I heard hearts beating with fear, pain, sadness or hope. Something was moving fast, then it slowed to a stop. I could feel their eyes staring curiously at me. I felt their heart beating, but it was nothing I had ever heard it was like a combination of many different emotions and it hurt to feel them all,

“Get your butt over here before I have to drag it to a lake.”

In the corner of my eye I saw something move. I turned around and there leaning against a tree was a guy with chestnut hair and very tan, wearing a blue T-Shirt and black khaki-shorts, he look about my age. Well, well, well, I got myself a piece of yummy. I inspect, he strode and stood right in front of me, if he took one more step his chest would be up against mine. He waited a minute and in a calm but low voice said,

“You must be new?” I look up and met his topaz colored eyes then looked away feeling heat coming up to my cheeks. I quickly took a step back muttering,

“Who are you?”

“I’m Caelyx and you?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” I glared at him.  His heartbeat said he was amused, I looked directly at him never breaking the gaze.

“Let’s get you to camp.”

I look at him surprised, Did the words “never go home with a stranger,” ever occur to him, I thought. Gripping onto my arm he picked me up, slinging his other arm around my waist.It didn’t hurt when he gripped my arm, I felt a sensation of sparks going up my arm. He started to run and I felt the wind as it whooshed past us and the next thing I knew we were standing in front of a tented black building. I observed the settings around me, tall pine trees surrounded the little cabins and the patch’s of sandy paths and clearings. I looked at the woman standing in front of us, with strawberry-blond hair, tank top and skirt. He put me down and whispered in my ear,

“Christina is our counselor and leader of the camp.”

Taking a step closer she said, “You must be Samantha we’ve been waiting for you.” Her heartbeat was strong, but what confused me most was that it was in pain from a break up. Who would break up with a woman as pretty as her?

“How long did you have to wait for me?” I asked, “ I hate to keep people waiting.” If she wasn’t talking to me, well then I would look cuckoo crazy in the head, I thought laughing at myself.

I looked at Christina, back at Caelyx then to the sandy path underneath my white flats, I realized that I was wearing a necklace of a sparkling moon, pair of faded shorts and a red flowy shirt.

"She needs to sleep where should I take her?”

“Hmm…”  she paused, “take her wherever just as long as she gets some sleep before her big day”.

“Huh”, I looked at her questionable, “I don’t need anywhere to sleep, I need to go home before my mom calls the popo and says I’ve been kidnapped.”

“We’ve already contacted your parents, telling them you were here with your friends and could stay as long as you wanted.” Christina said, she did a little curtsy then walked past us.

“Why did she curtsy to me?” I asked Caelyx. The right corner of his mouth curled up in a half smile that could make any girl melt right on the spot. Oh crap.





A boy not much older than me, topaz eyes and jet black hair, was running his little hands threw my blond curls, I was seven, no maybe eight wearing a purple dress with white lace on the hem.

“What do you think will happen to us?” I asked with my little girlie voice, sitting on the grass under a willow tree.

“I really don’t know, but whatever it is, I will always have your back.”

“And I will always have your back too.”I said.

His hand paused for a second and I turned around to see if his expression matched his heartbeat. I had started hearing heartbeats a month ago and it still scared me. His eyes showed hatred, but quickly dI could feel the wind go past me and then it was still. I look up there standing crookedly was a little cabin with a red and yellow swing on the front wooded porch. It looked like it could be Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs cabin it was that cute. For some reason it felt like I was supposed to be here. I’ve tried to feel like this forever but now I didn’t have to force myself to do anything it felt right and with Caelyx there it felt better. I needed someone that would comfort me and keep me safe from whatever it was here. Caelyx quickly picked me up again and a second later I was set down on soft carpet. I looked around; there were red walls with black bottom-lining and light orange chairs placed in the middle of the living room. It looked like a remodeled cottage that I’d always dreamed of.

“Like what you see?”

“Its so beautiful” I gasped out. I walk to the stairs that were wooden with red

“There are 4 rooms up there you can choose whatever one you want.” He said with a grin on his face.

I walked up without a second thought.

“Whoa it looks like Caelyx brought back a girlfriend.”

I stopped and look at a tan figure with blonde sandy hair, sky blue eyes, jean shorts and shirtless. I felt an arm slither around my waist, and a shiver ran down my back. Half of me screamed run.

Ha, ya right, not gonna happen.

“Sorry forgot to warn you that we have a few snoozes in this cabin.”

“Hey who you callin a snooze?” the tan guy said with a punch on Caelix’s arm.

“This is Samantha, she’s going to stay here for awhile until Christina finds her a place.”

I looked from Caelyx to his friend.

“Um hi” I said with a smile.

“Hi beautiful, I’m Raf.” He smiled down at me.

Caelyx pushed me to a light blue and white room with a king sized bed and a small sized bathroom. It felt like a mansion built into a small sized cabin.


issolved as his lips formed a plastic smile. I knew everything about him, how fast he could go which was faster than a regular human, when he was scared which was  very rarely, what his favorite color was, green and  when he was trying to impress someone which was a lot lately, I don’t know why though.

“What are you thinking?” He asked, playing with my hair again.

“Why do we have to move so much. I mean it’s not like there’s someone after us.” I paused, “Is there?”

His heartbeat said he was sad, but his face said otherwise.

“I’d just do what my uncle say’s, then not do what he says and get into lots of trouble and get sent to our rooms.”  He said, eyes showing anger. I knew it wasn’t towards me by the sound of his heartbeat, his anger was towards his uncle.

“Let’s go before they have to drag us back.”

“Why can’t we go to my mama?” I asked tears glistening in my eyes.

“Because uncle can’t find her and he said she was...”, he broke off, and I knew why. I saw the shadow of his uncle on the land in front of me.



I woke up to the sound of laughter and the smell of bacon. I quickly brushed my hair and teeth, trying to figure out what the dream meant. The boy looked like Caelyx in a way, but he also didn’t, Caelyx would have said something about knowing me wouldn’t he? Running down the stairs I pushed the dream out of my head. I walked into the kitchen to see both Caelyx and Raf, but I also saw a guy with ginger hair,  smooth looking face with a dimple on his right cheek. I stared at them blankly until the stranger took notice. “Dude your girlfriends up,” giving me a strong whistle.

“Good morning beautiful, sleep well?” Raf said in a soft voice.

“Guys for the last time she’s not my girlfriend!” Caelyx exclaimed.

“Oh really, I bet you were in your bed last night making out with your pillow.” Raf and the stranger snickered.

“I could have sworn you were saying Samantha in your sleep last night.” Said the stranger with a grin on his face. I was so close to slapping Raf and the stranger. I sat down at the end of the table across from the stranger. He stared at me, and for the first time in  awhile it felt like I was a ghost. I broke the awkward silence and introduced myself.

“Hi I’m Samantha....” When I looked up he was still staring at me.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

No reply?


“Yes sweetheart?”

I looked at him puzzled, then turned my gaze back to the stranger.

“Is he ok?” I asked.

“Yea hang on.”

Caelyx snapped his fingers in front of his face, but he didn’t move.

“Man Snap out of it!” Caelyx and Raf yelled at the same time.

“What… oh hi I’m Cody?” he said with puzzlement.

“Yea...” I said with enthusiasm.

“So what am I going to do  today?” I asked hoping the answer wasn’t something stupid like go shopping for new cloths. Everybody thought since I was pretty and acted all girly that I would love going shopping, but really I loved to go out into the woods out back of my house and climb up a tree and listen to music.

“You’re not leaving without something to eat.” said Caelyx pushing out of his chair and walking over to the wooden counter. He forked out some bacon and eggs.

“Would you like salt and pepper on ur eggs?” Raf asked grinning, Josh snickering behind him.

“No thanks” I replied. (It’s not that I didn’t like salt and pepper just, the way they were acting made me think they peed in it.) After I finished eating, I got into a purple tank top, plain black jacket and jeans, I threw my hair up into a messy bun and jogged down the stairs.

“Ready to go?” asked Caelyx, smiling. We walked through the woods side by side, every now and then Caelyx would brush his hand up against mine and I would get this tingling feeling going up my arm and down my spine.

After about ten minutes we stopped at a little cabin, it had silver writing above the door saying, Des études ange (Angel Studies) it looked like french. I had taken french for the three years when I was in middle school, but I hadn’t learned what it said above the door. We walked into a small stoned room with kids our age speaking french but they didn’t sound very fluint. A woman with long black hair ran up to us,

Bienvenue, vous devez être Samantha, tout le monde a été si heureux de vous voir!” (Welcome, you must be Samantha, everyone is so happy to see you!)

I looked around the room everyone was reading or talking to their friends, ya everyone seems very excited to see me, they’re speechless, I thought . I looked at the teacher questionably not knowing what to say,

Bonjour?” (hello)  I said in my best french accent.

Salut Mme Grat c'est Samantha, nous voulions juste de s'arrêter pour répondre à certains des enfants” (Hi Mrs. Grat this is Samantha, we just wanted to stop to meet some of the kids)

I looked out of the corner of my eye , stifling a laugh, he sounded more of a cowboy than french.  Mrs. Grat turned around to look at the other kids and in English spoke,

“Everyone meet Samantha, she will be staying here for awhile so please be on your best behavior and try not to scare her in your forms.”

I looked around what did she mean by form. I looked around, maybe some kind of beast?

“Why should we talk to a freak like her?” Exclaimed a very tall and muscular girl that stood in the middle of the class with kids that looked the same as her with muscles and chestnut colored hair just like Caelix’s. Caelyx stepped in front of me, like he wouldn’t let anyone touch or breath on me.

“Back off Talia” he growled.

“Its only the truth” she spat back, right as Mr. Grat stepped forward and murmured  something to Taila. I stepped in front of Caelyx and grumbled,

“I got to go.”

I walked out of the cabin, trying not to look like I wanted to bolt. Everyone was looking at me with hate or puzzlement as they parted.

“Freak,” I heard someone say, but I kept on walking. Ones I was out of the cabin I ran as fast as I could and my speed scared me. The last time I had ran I couldn’t even stay with my friends, but now I felt like I could run the world in one day without stopping; I felt so much faster than before. When I finally reached the cabin I layed down on the swing, I heard a strong heartbeat, lifting my head and setting it on their head. I opened my eyes expecting to see Caelyx, but nope the eyes that met me were sky blue and mischievous.

“Wipe that cheshire grin off your face?” I said, sitting up.

“Just look so beautiful when ur mad.” he said. We got up and strolled into the cabin. A mixture of cold and warm air greeted us when we opened the door.I realised we were all alone and I felt an overwhelming excitement run over me for a reason I did not understand. I ran up the stairs into the room I had picked and flopped down on my bed wanting some time to think of what Talia had said. Five minutes had passed when I heard a knock on my door, I raised my head to see who it was, but didn’t get the chance. The person was by my side in a flash and wrapped his arm around my waist, thrashing me from side to side. I saw a glimpse of Raf as he flashed behind me mumbling,

“I won’t let her kill me.” He let go of me and II quickly ran towards the stairs wanting to find Caelyx. I tripped over my jeans and fell down the stairs arms and legs flailing. When I got up I tasted something metallic, I brushed my fingers across my lips and when I looked down at my fingertips I saw rose colored blood.

I heard Raf mumble something from the top of the staircase.I strode away feeling the pain in my legs starting to burn up my hips. When I reached the kitchen I saw Caelyx sitting on the counter with a haze look in his eyes and a glass of water in his right hand shook fearsly. I quickly ran to the counter and took the glass from his hand, setting it down on the counter and looked into his grey eyes. His eyes cleared and he took my hand, rubbing his thumb against mine, his touch felt like silk to my pale skin. We sat like that for what felt like forever, but was only a minute. Caelix’s thumb came across my lips, remembering my bloody lips I pulled away and started to walk away.

“I’m sorry about Talia” I heard him mumble.

I turned around and smiled, then walked up to the bathroom where I washed my face and threw on a grey T-shirt. I looked up into the mirror that was above the sea blue counter.  You can do better than that Samantha, you have two friends who would die for you. I told myself.

“Or at least you had some.” I grumbled to the person staring back at me. Something had changed, the person that I was looking at had not torques, but cloudy blue eyes with green specks, and the hair had changed from brown as mud to golden brown. It looked as if I had gotten a makeover to be a stupid super model.

“I actually have cheekbones,” I exclaimed as I felt my new round face.

This is news to me, new face, new hair and now a new home. What could be better. I thought, as I turned away from the mirror and walked down the stairs to go out. As I opened the door, I remembered Christina saying something about my big day. I sprinted to the edge of the forest and found sand, leading up to the waters edge. I took off my flip-flops and walked out to the beach area, I looked up at the cliff that hung over the murky water. Climbing the cliff until I was at the edge of it, I looked down and was taken aback by what I saw.

I looked behind me at all the small little cabins and the pine trees and up at the clouds that were turning grey to black in seconds. I wanted to run back to the cabin and  hide in my room, but another part of me told me to stay, that something big was going to happen. I looked down the steep cliff and buried my feet into the soft sand, spreading my arms out at my sides I let the wind blow through me like I was one of the clouds above me.

“Samantha!” I heard a male voice exclaim.

When I looked behind me to see who it was, I saw white and grey feathers stretched out as wide as a school bus. Say something you’re never rendered speechless, I growled at myself.

I turned around to find a boy with jet black hair, a grey jacket, clouded eyes and jeans.

“Don’t you love them, they’re so cute and fuzzy”, I grinned covering the pain.

“I can tell”, he chuckled, “ very cute.”

Wings, this isn’t possible, what next pixie dust.

“No dip Sherlock”, I mumbled.

Now that’s a good movie with Robert Downey Jr. I heard whispered in mind.

“Was that you”, I asked, “I didn’t see your mouth move.”

He cocked his head and gave a crooked smile.

“What is your stupid name and what are these wing things doing on my beautiful back”,  I ground out through gritted teeth.

“Wow,changed since the las-”, he quickly stopped himself and instead said, “no self esteem issues I see,” teasingly, “those wing  ‘things’ as you put it, are a symbol of your angelic form and everyone here knows me as Michael the angel that talked to Mary.”

“Your joking right?” I said muffling a laugh. And I’m Queen Victoria, coming back from the dead.

I strode toward him until we were only an inch away breathing in each others face.

“Were you the one who spoke in my mind yes or no answer, because I’m pretty sure I don’t have a male voice speaking in this thick skull of mine regularly. Although it might be nice.” I say informally.

“We have it to warn people and to talk without others hearing.” He said.

I made an ‘O’ shape with my mouth. If you can hear me now, say I’m an idiotic, loser who doesn’t know a thing. I thought biting my lip trying not to giggle.

“Your an idiotic, loser who doesn’t know a thing,” he grinned, “I’m not that stupid, I know when someone’s trying to get me to backfire.”

“Whatever,” I grumbled, “that didn’t even make since.”

“Awe is that a pouty face I see,” he teased, he brushed his gentle fingers against my cheek. I wanted to take in the comfort and love he was offering with that simple touch, but I didn’t feel worthy of that comfort or love. I was about to take a step back, but before I got the chance I was knocked from my feet. I felt a sharp pain going up my spine and into my head and tears rolling down my cheeks. I wanted to scream my pain out, instead I stayed down keeping silent. After a minute the pain was no longer there, instead I felt numb. I heard Michael curse under his breath then start to pace.

"What the crap was that," I yelled, still feeling the pain in the back of my head. I stood up and stared daggers at the man who once felt safe.

"I warned you, didn't I," he said roughly.

I took a quick glance behind me... no wings? I thought. I shoved past Michael and down the side of the cliff. It was raining, I couldn't see anything but I heard him yelling my name. I started a light jog, never looking behind me. Please don't go, I'm sorry if I hurt you I tend to say some airheaded things. I heard him say apologetically. I stopped running and stood there, eyes closed feeling my shirt stick to my skin and stood there. Don’t get me wrong I’m stubborn, I just didn’t think a guy like him would ever get the words I’m sorry out.

I felt a gentle, but firm hand on my shoulder and turned to face the wonderful clouded eyes that scanned my face.

"Does it always hurt that much," I asked tiredly. All I wanted was to go home and forget any of this happened. He wrapped his muscular arms around me, as I hugged him by the waist. Everything was going so fast I didn’t understand what was happening.

"Don't cry, I know at first it's hard, but in a few weeks you'll be a pro. with flying and controlling your thoughts." I heard him whisper in my ear.

"Flying!" I exclaimed, "I can't even sit on a plane without vomiting!"

He pulled back, gazing into his eyes I felt the comfort and love roll off him and the tension dissolve. We started walking at a slow pace back the same way I had come.

“How did you know that my wings were gone?” I asked.

“They glow right before they vanish.”

“But where do they go?” I asked, “I mean in all the stories I’ve read they somehow bend and are pressed up against their back, I don’t feel them or see them there?”

“Only God knows where they go.”

"You know the story of Mary and Joseph, don't you?" He asked looking past the rain with his long eyelashes.

"Yes, what about it?" I questioned, looking down at my soaked shirt.

"Do you remember what the three angels that came to Mary were called."

"Yes...” I answered.

"Can you name them?”

"Michael, Gabrielle and Lucifer."

"Yes my brothers," he says stone faced.

"You’re kidding right," I say quizidly.

But why not, I think, I'm an angel with a guy that says he and his brother talked to Mary.

"You know this camp is one of the best places for an Archangel like you," he said firmly.





Ever since Samantha had gotten to the camp, my wolf and everything else inside me was pulling for her. When my eyes first landed on her and her beautiful features, I felt her emotions poured over me.

“Why does everything have to be so hard!” I growled, chucking a softball sized rock.

Whydoes everything have to be so hard.” Said a familiar voice.

I stood up knowing I had more dominance over her and her wolf. When I was little, I had learned never submit to anyone lower status than myself, sitting would make me look weak and undominite. I turned around to face the she-wolf also known as Talia.

“What do you want.” I growled. I would show more respect to a wolf as low status as her, but after what she had done to what is mine I had no intention to have kindness to her or her wolf. The connection I had, had once with her was long gone. I looked up and saw the longing in her eyes, then dissolved to blackness of hatred.

“How could you like a snootie little brat like Samantha” she hissed, “I mean she holds our lives in her grubby, polished hands.”

“And that’s a bad thing? I mean it’s better than being in your hands or a humans. I don’t even understand why you hate her so much, she’s the best person here plus Christina.”

“Why, just why?” I asked, my hands clutched and feeling my emotions radiat off of my skin. I looked over at Talia down on her knees, clutching her stomach, howling. I had forgotten that I needed to control my emotions,everything I felt strongly for, for the past day was now coming out on her and every other wolf in the camp.

I turned my back to her and willed myself to calm my nerves, I thought of the way Samantha smiled and how beautiful she looked. I would die for you, I thought knowing she wouldn’t be able to hear me. As I turned around it got quite, no howling or whimpering. I looked at the spot that once held Talia, but not anymore she had gone because of the pain I had pushed on her I guessed. I would apologize later, right now I had to go find the rest of the pack and my uncle. I started a light jog toward Christiana’s office.





I would die for you,it was said in a whisper, but I still heard it clear.

“Caelyx?” I said, looking around for his wonderful, topaz eyes, but never finding them. Probably just Michael. It had been a half-hour since Michael had dropped me off at the cabin. It had stopped raining and I wanted to walk around maybe talk to Christina, if I could find her. I started walking on the path that Caelyx and I had walked. I had taken a shower and changed into some shorts and t-shirt.  

As I walked on the path I listened to Ed Sheeran’s “Autumn Leaves”,


“Another day another life passes by

just like mine It's not complicated another

mind another soul another

body to grow old it's not complicated.

Do you ever wonder if stars shine out for you?

Float down like autumn leaves

and hush now close your eyes before

the sleep and you're miles away

and yesterday you were here with me.

Another tear another cry another place

for us to die its not complicated-”

I heard a growl, turning on my heal, I came face to face with a grey furred wolf standing very tall and his sky blue eyes scanning me head to toe. I started to walk backwards, never taking my eyes off of the wolf. As I walked back I heard another growl escape. As stupid as I am, I kept on walking backwards until I bumped into something. The wolf in front of me smirked and let out a little huf like a laugh.  I turned my head to look behind me, it was another wolf. This one had jet black fur and what surprised me the most was its eyes, they weren’t blue like the other wolfs. They were Topaz, just like-

“Caelyx?” I whispered, as I said that, the wolf bowed his head.

“I guess that’s a yes.” I muttered, taking a step back towards the center of the two wolves. Looking around I saw other pairs of glowing eyes. Calelix’s eyes didn’t glow as bright from my angle, but if I stepped back I could see them glow. I looked at the wolf behind me with his sky blue eyes I recognized it as Raf.

“Well hello Raf.” I said grinning mischievously.

Making a yelp the wolf sat down raising its right paw, as if to say right here. I bit back a giggle, then it  hit me. I should be afraid of them not giggling like a schoolgirl these couldn’t possibly be the Caelyx and Raf. You’re an angel though, kept going through my head.


Turning away I started walking on the path again, how could all of this be possible, being an archangel, sharing the same cabin with wolves, I thought kicking a rock. My grandmother would always say that I had a destiny to fulfill, that I would be a great hero someday, but I always thought she was a bit loony tunes.I wanted to look back, but I knew they would be gone. I could hear a faint heartbeat getting louder and louder each step I took. I stopped short, the end of the path was a few feet away. I waited and waited and waited. Finally I turned around, and there stood Jacqueline, blond hair with red streaks and her normal style standing there with a big grin on her round little face.

“OH!MY!GOD!” I squeaked, stepping closer to her.

One second she was standing there, the next she had her arms around my neck jumping up and down with excitement. “I can’t believe you’re actually here!” She said tears sliding down her peachy cheeks and heart saying she was overjoyed. “I can’t believe you’re here too!” I squeaked out. Finally I had something here that actually meant a lot to me.

“Is Veronica here too?” I asked pulling away from the embrace.

“Yes, she just got here a month ago, and hasn’t stopped asking about you. I asked Christina when you were coming because you were on the list and everything and she said that you wouldn’t be here in a few months.” She paused, taking a big breath, “but then everyone said that you were here and staying with the Matthew brothers and I freaked out, but I don’t think that Veronica knows yet and guess what I am!”

I just stood there stunned, she was something too. I looked at her more closely, she couldn’t be a werewolf could she? No I doubt that, because she doesn’t look like Talia which I knew was a werewolf for sure.

“I don’t know”, I finally said.

“I’m a demon, but not the type that go around killing people, because when have you ever seen me kill anyone. Anyways I can light a flame with my hand, I have super strength and speed and guess what the best part is.”

“Becoming invisible?” I said, remembering at my twelfth birthday party when we were in the back yard, Jacqueline was standing right infront of me one minute, the next she was gone, and I still somehow had bumped into her.

“How did you know?” She asked, “wait. No way! Your one too!”

“No,” I shook my head. “Remember when we were in my backyard on my twelfth birthday and I had bumped into you, because I had thought that you weren’t there.”

“I had used my power then, hadn’t I?” She asked her heartbeat saying she was amazed and her eyes showing excitement.

“Maybe,” I said.

She looped her arm through mine and we started walking toward the other cabins, blabbing on about random stuff in life.



I hadn’t realised the time until I looked up at the sky a navy blue and the luminous stars above the treetops. I was on my way back from talking to Christina after I had left Jacqueline at her cabin. Christina had explained things very clearly about how different this camp was than other ones I’ve been too.

“This isn’t just some activity camp slash parents sending their kids off because they’re tired of them. Well some of them think it’s all those things, but they don’t understand what goes on with you guys. But anyway...” She paused, “sorry I’m just trying to figure out how to explain this it’s been forever since I’ve had to do this, all the other kids understand what they are. Sometimes there’s a child that was adopted or changed and there parents didn’t know about it so they sent their child here.”

“Wait you're saying that all the people that go here aren’t human. Like none, nada, zero humans?” I asked.

“Yes that is what I’m saying but you’ve got to understand that everyone is different here there’s super naturals you’ve never heard of,  there’s mermaids, fairies, shape shifters, tellers and a lot more, I mean a lot.” She explained.

“Ok if you’re saying that everybody here is super natural than what are you?”

“You’ll find out sooner or later, but you’ve got to understand that you can’t judge anybody here. Some people might not want to tell you what they are and some will tell you right away, like Jacqueline. The point is that if you judge somebody and you don’t know what they are, you might have just got yourself into a crap hole and you won’t be able to dig yourself out.”

“So what you’re saying is that here in this camp,” I paused, “people can get killed by just saying something wrong?”

“Yeah pretty much, and that’s why I’m warning you right now, instead of having you come back to my office with broken bones.”

I finally reached the cabin still trying to figure out what I was going to do about everything. When I looked up at the cabin I wondered if the guys would be okay with me staying there or if I just should talk to Jacqueline and see if I could stay with her and her friends. You can’t let what happened to you today get in your way, you never have in the past so why start now? I thought to myself.

Walking inside I thought that somebody would pop out of nowhere and try to scare me, but nothing happened. Only the side lamp was on, everything else was pitch black. I gripped onto the stairwell and climbed up, being tired was the first time in a long time and it felt so weird. I quickly ran into my room hoping not to bother anybody, closing the door I turned on the light and looked around the room. On the floor were some of my bags that I normally would use for vacation. I quickly opened the first one, finding my clothes and things I would normally leave at home, me hair straightener, makeup and other girly stuff. Most of my clothes were already here, but this stuff was something I usually wore for school. I threw on the pajamas I wore yesterday and curled up in bed.

I stared up into the darkness wondering if I would have the same dream that I had last night, after what felt like forever, I drifted off.




“Where are we going,” I asked, “we’ve been walking and walking and walking my feet feel weird.”

“Stop your whining it’s not that far until we finally get there.” Grunted his uncle.

I looked up at the stars, they were so big and lit up the whole sky. I could smell the woods and a stream up ahead. My little hand tightened on the boy's hand, as I saw what was up ahead. I wasn’t afraid of most forests or the dark, but what was up ahead seemed terrifying.

“Mama always said that I shouldn’t go into a dark scary forest like that.” I said pointing at the forest up ahead.

“Your mom isn’t here, so it doesn’t matter.”

I kept on walking, every step I took I got more terrified until finally I just stopped and stood there. I could hear the heartbeat of the boy standing next to me, it was like a nascar race. Our hands were all sweaty, but we still held on knowing that if one had to go in, so did the other. I looked behind us and saw that we had gone a long way from the little town we had walked through. Looking forward I saw that his uncle was way up ahead.

“We probably should keep on walking before uncle yells at us,” he whispered. So we kept on walking hand in hand hoping that somehow his uncle would change his mind and tell us to go back. It must have been fifteen minutes until finally we got to the edge of the forest and stood next to the boys uncle.

“Now what are we going to do uncle?” The boy asked.

“We walk to the other side,” he said, “we have to be careful, cause if we don’t then we’re all dead. So just keep your mouth shut and we won’t have a problem.”

“Where are we going?” I asked, hoping that he wouldn’t yell at me.

“We’ll find out when we get there, now won’t we?” He snapped.

“Yes uncle.” Mumbled the boy standing next to me.

“Let’s get goin’,” he said.




I bolted upright, looking around the room, I didn’t know what to expect everything was as I had left it last night. I got out of bed and walked to the window. Everything was so green and fresh it made me wonder what time it was. The sun was shining, all sorts of birds were flying around and everything seemed just right. I sat back down on the bed and thought about the dream I had. It was the same little girl and boy that was in the last dream, but they were in a different setting.

The little girl was me I knew that for sure, but the boy seemed odd. I’d think I would remember him from when I was little, same with the uncle. I grabbed my bag rummaging through it I found some clothes and walked to the shower.

Walking out of the shower I found Caelyx sitting on my bed flipping the pages of a hardcover book. I walked over to my bags and dumped my pajamas into it, then looked over at him. His focus was still on the book, so I scooted a chair from the corner of the room next to the bed and sat down.

“You like to read?” I asked.

“Ya, does that surprise you?” He mumbled.

“Well kinda, it’s not that often I see a guy so intense with a book. Kinda refreshing I may add.”

“What are you trying to say?” He said, meeting my gaze.

“Nothing just it’s a good book, I guess.”

“You know what,” he said putting the book down, “I think this has nothing to do with the stupid book. I think it has to do with what you saw yesterday.”

“Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t, plus what would the book have to do with yesterday.”

“The book has nothing to do with yesterday, you’re just trying to avoid the subject, which is a very bad attempt on your part.”

“Thank you, duly noted.” I remarked making a check mark with my index finger.

“You know what I mean.” He huffed.

“You do not know what I’m going through.” I said, “it has been really hard. One minute I’m in the hospital with a terrible back and the next I’m here.” I paused taking a breath, “and then the next day I find out that the people I’ve been sharing a cabin with are werewolves and that my best friend I’ve known since first grade is some kind of demon, that’s a lot to take in. So if I were you I wouldn’t judge.”

“Wait stop right there,” he said. “What was that part about you being in the hospital?”

“I remember being in the hospital with with this lady and then I must have passed out or something and then I saw that same lady talking to my mom. Then I remember waking up and the lady wasn’t there anymore and so I went to sleep and the next thing I knew you’re taking me to talk to Christina.” I slumped down taking in deep breaths.

“Ok,” he replied, “but the part I don’t get is how you could’ve gotten here if you were in the hospital. This doesn’t make any since, I was doing my normal rounds around the gates and then I heard Jay and Paddy saying that there was a new camper so I went to see who it was.”

“Who are Jay and Paddy?” I asked

“They’re the statues.”

I giggled.

“What are you giggling about?” He replied.

“Statues can’t talk, they’re stone.” I said still giggling.

“Ok lets rewind,” he motioned with his hand, “I’m a wolf and Jacqueline is a demon and you’re saying that statues can’t talk? How does that little brain of yours work again?” He asked poking my head.

I started laughing and batting at his hands. “Now that’s not fair, I’m very new to all of this and it’s going to take awhile for me to get used to all of this.” I said still laughing. I was now lopsided in the chair and his knees were bumping the armrest. After awhile we just sat there and stared at each other. It didn’t feel awkward, it felt like a still silence, something that two friends shared after they had a good time. We heard a ruckus down stairs, then some swear words coming from Raf.

“I’m thinking I should see what Raf did this time,” he said walking towards the door. He paused for a second and looked back at me with the crooked smile I liked so much and melted my insides. After a few more shattering sounds, Caelyx walked out the door shaking his head. I sat in the chair for awhile eyes glued to the spot that Caelyx had once occupied. I had a lot of things to figure out the thing on the top of my list was to figure out why I was here.

I walked to the doorway and peeked out to see if anybody was by the stairs or the door. I didn’t see anybody, but I never trusted my eyes. I fingered my hair behind my right ear and listened for a strong heartbeat. I heard them, but it was coming from the back yard which meant I could run out the front door and they wouldn’t be able to see where I was going. I ran down the stairs with my knees higher than I normally have them when running down the stairs, but from what had happened last time I chose to be cautious. I sprinted out the door and through the trees on the path leading towards the beach. If he was there yesterday, than why wouldn’t he be there today? I asked myself.

I scanned the shore only seeing a few people. I couldn’t see anything at the top of the cliff from the angle I was at, so I started my trek up to the cliff to see if he would be up there. The sand was clumped under my feet and every step I took it would be stuck to my foot. What was I going to ask him when I saw him I asked myself. We had only talked for an hour yesterday.


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