The enchanted offering

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Guess what happens after you accidently steal an offering! If you whant to know then read this short story.

Submitted: November 20, 2017

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Submitted: November 20, 2017



After I stole the offerings

It was midnight when the festival of the day of the dead was over I decided to go home because I was exhausted. When I got there, I lit the candle that was on the altar that had been placed a few days ago for my parents that had been dead for four years, despite the time I couldn’t get over their absence. After that I went to the kitchen and when the day ended I prepared myself a cup of hot chocolate, but oh no, there’s no chocolate –I can take it from the offering of the altar, it doesn’t matter, no one will take it- I thought, so when I finished my chocolate I put it on a tray with a dead bread and went to my room to watch a little TV.

When I finished my death bread and my cup of hot chocolate I felt kind of weird so I went to sleep. When I woke up I felt like in another body and then went to the bathroom, like, you know, doing my diary routine, but oh no!!! a head of dog! oh but not only my head! my chest! my legs! my everything! I was a dog!!! But not an ordinary dog it was a Xoloitzcuintle. I couldn’t go out like this or go to work, so I decided to stay in my home wondering how this had happened–it’s just a dream, I told my self – but no, it wasn’t a dream, it was real life. I started remembering all my previous day before this happened, but when I was thinking I fell asleep.

When I woke up there was a beautiful bird, a Quetzal being more specific, that was flying around my head, then the bird started to fly to another direction and I didn’t want to be alone in this place so I followed him. At the distance I saw a something, at first glance I thought it was a castle but when I looked again and it was a temple.

When we entered the temple the quetzal flew away but I was too shocked to move on that I stayed looking, at the place but suddenly an old woman came from nowhere. As she was getting closer I paid more attention to her and then I realized it was my grannie. When she was next to me she shouted –look what just had happened!!! And just for being lazy!!! Now the God of the skies punished you!!- Suddenly the quetzal returned and while it was reaching the floor it turned into my mother when she said – well, not the God of the skies rather than the god of the offerings- as I realized it was my mom I remembered I was still a dog. They were still screaming at me for being lazy until I stopped them to ask where could I find the god of offerings. They told me where when I got tele transported to a place I didn’t know when he told me – well, well, well… what have we got here? - and I answered –well, well, well… you can tell me that, I was last night so comfortable drinking my hot chocolate and then I woke up like this!!- and he said – I was bored, what am I supposed to do? Take care of the offers? - and I said –Well yeah, it’s your job! Last night I saw lots of people stealing the offerings, and it wasn’t like one piece of breath, they took the whole thing! Curse them, not me! - and he said -well that’s a good one, yeah I know shouldn’t have done that, I’m sorry, I release you-.

Then I woke up.

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