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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Different Kinds of Poetry

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Deceite and lies from what I Thought was Fine... 2-25-08 (POEM)

For what we had went way back for love for what is now disappointment.
For which I Thought you Loved me but for what was....Deceite and lies you rather be seen with her for whatever happened to the love with us , for what was,What I'm feeling which was dispair
and not trust. I opened up my heart and you shattered it with your cheating with her......Deceite and lies.I wouldnt have expected you to be This Person for which I Know is Deciete
I Loved You but you werent by my side I stood by you you left
my side...from sorrow and abondenment I cry your
words and actions cut like knife's From What I wanted was Love but Knife's cut very deep and the scars that
I have can't be healed from your actions.That cut throough my heart like Knife's My heart Bleeds through were
the knife's had been cut into , from which deciete and lies from which i thought was fine.
I thought you weren't that kind of person from what you said...I'm
left all alone with a shattered heart.......but no shattered heat can be put back togther but left unbroken ) ; .

©Copy Righted 2009

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Schmetterlinge (Butterflies)

I never felt before
that was fluttering in
my stomach sooo deep
inside Love was
fluttering around me.

In all shades of colours
and Lights that were alive I was
Your match and You've become

we've flown insique like
now I know why my cocoon
has unraveled and You've freed me
inside you've seen a puzzle within me
that shines and you've made me unraveled
a bedazzling glow as a


©Copy Righted 2009

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Maybe this is why....

I won't cry because I know it was all so true but by knowing you we're obsequious and no tears had fallen or will not come from these eyes ...I can't explain why I cannot or won't cry its just that ,I move on than remember maybe this is why but who knows?? maybe this is why I kept these tears inside unreleased emotion is better kept inside content and resentment maybe this is why I regret that I cannot cry.

©Copy Righted 2009

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I never dreamed I could
or would get attached
but since you appeared in my life
I couldn't or wouldn't look back

I was dazzled by you and and you're thoughts
of us captivated and had amazed me

Familiarity caught my unsuspecting eyes of two worlds
that were more separate , yet combined.

©Copy Righted 2009

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Everywhere there was
Doubt and inconceivable
eyes people could believe
what was classy refined and sassy of her
but, not of him

Doubt of maybe something that was
misunderstanding curiosity loomed
around faces that were of Doubt ,but or
couldn't be true

Assumptions were made but they were
false of ears that thought they knew but
couldn't believe what was aghasted them within


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I've been here so long
All my life before never free
Caged up my emotions my wings
Never no more.

Isolation beckons me never
Free to do what I will ..trapped
Egos over lap me .

My saness is dwindling barley
Hidden inside kept safe away dreams
That leave me eerie questioning life
Trapped here and now.

Frustrations awakened reality hits me
To where I am now a caged spirt no free will ;Trapped beneath me.

Submitted: April 03, 2012

© Copyright 2022 ValenciaWalker. All rights reserved.

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