The Vampire In The Garden

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Women stumbles upon a Garden from a distance and is captivated at the beauty of the garden she stumbles upon a man who sits alone at his garden Table once she makes her way on the property she discovers his secret. She is told her visit here is to be permanent. Will she try to escape? Will she fall in Love with the mysterious man and his magical Garden?

Table of Contents

The Vampire In The Garden                   If you... Read Chapter

Chapter .2.   I was quite unsure what my future held here at Uriel’s mansion now it had seemed like it would be the only f... Read Chapter

Chapter 3   I woke up that next morning in my new bed I stretched my arms out I could feel a breeze my eyes turned towards t... Read Chapter

      Chapter4   Alfred hadn’t told me anything he had confided in me that he had not known his... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 “ Have you or Have you Not learned your lesson Adeline Green?” I’ve put you in your Place Mrs. Green Now you will be ... Read Chapter