The Plight

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I've had this idea in my head for a while, and I wanted to work with it somehow. So it's become my first comedic poem.

Submitted: March 29, 2008

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Submitted: March 29, 2008



A woman who had slept around
Took a test one fateful day
And was shocked when she found
A baby would come her way

Though she would keep her child
The woman was distraught
For the price would not be mild
And she knew the father not

The woman took yet another test
To find her child’s dad
But the results were not the best
Two fathers the child had

“How can this be?” she then cried
Somehow she calmed down
And once her salty tears were dried,
The doctor said with a frown:

“The father of your child is one
Of a pair of twins, I say
And though your test, it is done
It’s been foiled by DNA

You see, identical twins, sadly
Are DNA exact clones
So I can not tell,” he said madly
“The man the child owns.”

The problem could be solved,
She knew, if when
In an affair she’d been involved
With one of the men

But this could not end her plight
For, reviewing her sins
She found she had spent a night
With each of the twins

On Tuesday she had met the first
And taken him to bed
The situation seemed to be the worst
For his brother was on Wed.

The woman married the brothers two
And raised the child thus
Two fathers that the child knew
And never raised a fuss

Years later, with her now grown child she spoke
And gave her some sound advice
“Unless, for sure, you want your sanity broke
Don’t sleep with twins; think twice.”

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