no direction in life

Walking along this road,

alone,feels so strange.

Watching all these cars drive away to the point of no return.

As I walk along,

I feel nothing but emtiness and lost hope.

I've been wandering around this path for over a year. 

The cars pass by  all so very fast, to fast,

they don't ever stop to admire or to feel anything around them.

As I walk, I watch all around, from cars,to people on bikes.

Those are the ones who have direction,

as I do not.

Those who pass by have been programmed,

to understand where their destination must be.

For i am the one who is lost,

and confused.

I have no direction.

I am the one who has been lost for a year.......

and counting.

Submitted: October 18, 2014

© Copyright 2022 valerie v. All rights reserved.

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