Plus One. How to Catch a Cloud.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ara and Charlie. Bicker, bicker, bicker. Is there no way they could co-exist without killing each other? Find out how and why it got this way. Could there be more to what meets the eye?

Table of Contents

Chapter One. Ever since she could remember, Ara’s brother, Phoenix has always been a very big part of her life. Knowing he was happ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two. Right when she got home, Ara decided to give Georgia a call to find out what she needed to pack. Georgia was always depe... Read Chapter

Chapter Three. Georgia had been ecstatic to see Ara, so they hugged and gossiped a little as the men slapped each other on the back a... Read Chapter

Chapter Four. When Charlie got back from his hour long walk around the neighbourhood, he saw Phoenix walking towards the living room.... Read Chapter

Chapter Five. The evening was spent around the hillside where a grand hotel was set up with a posh looking lounge. The low tables wer... Read Chapter

Chapter Six. INCOMING MESSAGE: Hey, I’ll be there in an hour, don’t you dare leave! She stared at the message she had rec... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven. She was trying out new recipes in the kitchen, when she heard dishware drop somewhere on the diner’s floor. The new ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight. Sweat dripped down his forehead and a tiny trickle was at the tip of his nose. On the verge of irritation, he wanted s... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine. Shoot. What did I do? What was I thinking? She asked herself all these questions. Why did he bring out the worst in her... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten. The foursome sat around the dining room table with breakfast set. The marrying couple got up early to get the meal prepa... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven. Ara fell into bed with a stupid grin on her face. After spending the day with Charlie, she found that they worked... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve. Georgia sat in the kitchen stewing over the day. She should be over the moon and excited for all the change that woul... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen. She felt a hand gently shaking her awake. “Ara,” Charlie whispered. She shifted upright rubbing the sleep o... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen. A few weeks passed by without incident. Ara would sometimes catch herself imagining that Charlie would walk thr... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen. It was late, so he didn’t expect Ara to be at work until tomorrow. Hopping out of his car, he jogged to the diner ... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen. “Wakie, wakie, Grumps,” Ara cooed as she opened the curtains in Charlie’s room; he didn’t budge. Padding... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen. She had to tell her brother and Georgia that things have upped one level between Charlie and herself. But how? ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen. “This feels so nice,” she said as she rested her head against his temple. Wrapping her arms around his neck, he... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen. The day of the wedding finally arrived. Ara and Charlie opted to exchange their purchases the night before the ... Read Chapter