The 16:48

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"A riveting piece of poetry. I loved it all."
Ron Burgandy, Channel 5 news team.

Submitted: September 20, 2012

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Submitted: September 20, 2012



Hustle, bustle, make way for muscle, trying to find a seat.

A globe of nations in one carriage store baggage, safely.

Sniff, whiff, I swear, man, it's him. Can you not smell it?

Across the seat, lies, deceipt,

"Here's your receipt. Are you sure you're a concession?"

Don't dare give a confession.


"Because they're robbing us, man, all of us, man, they're robbing us.

I work to pay tax, but they still get the rest of it through these tracks. Relax

Man, 'cos I've got it sorted here."


Rattle. Startle, like he's been asleep for a week.

"Tough day, mister?" your eyes whisper.

"There, there," you stare

"We're almost home."


"You. Loser. Cruiser. Noise polluter.

Liberty abuser.

You, with the pad.


Lick it, you think.

Because I am greater than you.


Does it give you worth robbing me?

Just because I'm doing better now than you ever will?

I stick in and i know one day I'll own you and your stupidity will be naked when we tear away that uniform.


"Wrong train, mate.

Off at the next stop.

Pay more attention next time...






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