Mistaken Kisses Part 2

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Part 2 of the Mistaken Kisses trilogy.

Submitted: March 28, 2012

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Submitted: March 28, 2012



That night, I barely slept a wink. I kept worrying about what would happen to me. To me and Mark. What everyone will be telling about me tomorrow. But the next day, I walked into school, and it wasn't as bad as I had worried about. I walked immediately up to Mark,\"I need a hug,\" he pulls me in close and I hang on for dear life. Last night I had explained to him why we couldn't kiss in school anymore, because of my \"best friend\" who had told her mom and can't her ass out of other people's business. If my mom had found out, I surely would of been grounded for life. But something crazy pops into my head,\"What if we ran away together?\" as I pull away, the look on his face makes me doubt my hopeful thought. \"Not now! But in like a few years, we could save up some money, get a job, RENT AN APARTMENT,\" I thought that the apartment part would at least give him some ideas.  \"Seriously?\" \"It's crazy, I know.\"  \"Val, I don't know if I'll like you in a few years,\" \"I know, I just don't like to think about that,\" I turn away from him as I say this because maybe, he doesn't love me as much as I thought he did. It hurts, it hurts to know this. We could kiss as passionately and as long as we wished, and maybe go even farther. \"Hey, I don't like to think about that either,\" he puts his hands on my cheeks and softly pull my face to him and kisses me on the forehead,\"But we would get to do whatever we want.\" I know that he's thinking the same thing I am. \"I love the way you think,\" the way he looks at me, so seductively, it shoots shivers down my spine.  \"I love everything about you,\" he pulls me close again and kisses me on the forehead. 

The rest of the day consists of kissy faces and winks from across the room. During our last free period, he comes to meet me out in the hallway. As he comes closer, I pull him towards me,\"One last time, to remember.\"

He immediately pulls me in and closes those sweet lips around mine. No one can explain a kiss to you perfectly, it's slimy, wet, warm. But there's something else too. In your gut, you feel yourself warming up, it's spreads to fingers, toes, and right to your nose. It feels like everything has stopped, and all the time is yours. You close your eyes and take in the sensation of fireworks shooting off in your brain.

I feel this every time.

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