The Seven Realms

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It is the first part of a short story that I am writing, just for fun.

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



The Seven Realms

CHAPTER ONE: Readying for war

The Year is 3078 of the third age of man, it is the fourth moon in the first realm, and general Kozi of the Moon Clan tribe is in the War Hall talking to his men about the war plans to take over the seven realms, to become the Mage to rule them all, The one leader to make all choices for the rest of the realms, If Kozi achieved this we would become a god! “Greetings, I have called you all here today to discuss with you my plans.”

“For many a moon, our clan as been pushed about, treated poorly and talked down to but that ends today my friends!” A general cheer of approvals roared from the crowd.

After the cheers and noise calmed down, Kozi addressed his men once again “Hear me now, hear my voice, I have a plan and I will discuss it to you in due course, but first I ask all the tailors, and staff fletchers now may leave and begin preparations for war!” A small portion of the men, get up from the roughly carved oaken bench’s that were posted next to colossal tables, that could easily fit a hundred men or more and exited via the large reinforced iron doors.

“Gentlemen, Heed my words as I unfold my plans to you all, I plan to recreate the slumbered lodestones around our courtyard and have small groups of warriors focus their powers to teleport directly to one realm at a time after we win over each war in the different realms then we will move on to the next and so on, since the lodestones have not been used for many years the other realms will never know of our plans and will be unprepared for the assaults my plan is full proof, now who is with me?!” a loud group started chanting of the word “eynna” which in the human native language was a word for great approval of a topic.

Later that night after the plans were set in stone, General Kozi was the last to exit the War Hall. He shuts the doors behind himself and slowly strode up the cobble stone path towards his house inside the kingdom of the moon clan, clearly deep in thought. Kozi drew his wooden pipe out of his chest pocket of his luxurious purple robes that were trimmed with gold leaf and took a long drag and puffed the smoke out into the moonlit night sky. Kozi seated himself at his kitchen table and lit the coal oil lamp at the table, but recoiled in fear seeing that a female was leaning against the gateway between the kitchen and the den, the General drew his moon clan blade from its sheath and said very calmly to the woman “You know you have just broken into the house of the General Kozi, that is a crime punishable by death!”

“I do not fear you.” Replied the unknown woman coldly.

“You will learn to you ignorant scarlet!” Kozi replied with anger clearly in his voice.

Kozi slashed his sword towards the woman and she parried the attack with a defender hidden in her cloak, and then drew out a dagger with elfish words engraved in the side which the general could not make out, even though he spoke 42 languages very fluently. She knocked him back and pressed the blade right up against his neck just hard enough to draw a small amount of blood.

“Who are you?” The General managed to croak out.

“My name, and my business here are nothing to concern yourself with but I need you to listen to me and I need you listen very carefully to every word I speak because if you don’t this could be the end of you, If I release my blade do I have your word that you will not attack me again?”

He nodded with agreement and the unidentified woman releases Kozi off the table and lets him stand back up. “What do you want with me?”

“I want to save your life, my name is Rosaline and that is all you need know.” She said with care and concern in her voice.

“Well it did not seem that way” He replies

“I had to come, I am from the second realm and there are four highly trained assassins on their way as we speak planning to murder you in cold blood.” “I want to help you because I want a leader for all the realms to finally bring peace to all of us and you seem like the right man for that job.”

Kozi wiped the flattered look of his face and was led from his house hand in hand with the mysterious woman. “Here take these we will wait out in here till dawn she utters in a low tone so they will not be heard by any assailants lurking in the shadows”

Rosaline handed Kozi two small black looking eggs and threw down to the ground, they made a small popping noise and reveal a hidden underground root cellar which the General and Rosaline enter and closed the door behind them.

“Now I know you are going to ask what this place is, how I found it and why it has never been discovered until now.” Rosaline said

“I guess those thoughts crossed my mind at one point” Kozi Replied still in awe

“The First Realm was originally founded by the elfin people and the black powder eggs I gave to you contain magic inside them that will show any man the way to safety, which others can not see and will only appear to him in his time of need.” Rosaline explained softly to Kozi who was slowly coming to terms that he is inside a root cellar that has been hidden from his people for what possibly could have been thousands of years.

“Rosaline” Kozi asked with a questioning tone

“Call me Rosie” she replied

“Rosie, why are you doing this even though I have plans to take over all the realms and start a war with your own people?”

“Like I said before I want a strong, level headed man to lead the realms back into balance it has been far too long since a leader has lead his people into peace, if a war is what is needed to keep the future of our realms alive then it shall be done.” She replied with a spark of passion clearly visible in her eyes

Rosie handed Kozi a jar of pickled red moss turnips “eat up my friend, you will need you strength if you are going lead a war in the morning”

The next morning Rosaline pushed open the wooden doors on the cellar that had kept the General alive throughout the night. A wave of warming morning rays of sunlight basked Kozi and Rosaline in a warm glow. “Lovely day for a battle wouldn’t you say Kozi?”

Kozi nodded in agreement and headed off back to the courtyard were his men are already assembled and geared for war.

“Today will mark a huge step in history my friends! We will begin with the second realm and move on from there, now will the spell casters, necromancers and mages focus all of your runic energies into the lodestones to active the teleportation pad” Kozi announced with a commanding voice.

A high priestess of the keep anointed the men’s heads with sacred oil as a way of sending them off with the blessings of the gods. After the blessings and fair wells were finished 8 men gathered around two to each lodestone and begin chanting together. Slowly a bright green neon light bloomed from their hands and enters the center of the stones runic symbols.

After approximately a minute of focusing their energies into the stones the men collapsed and were quickly recovered by a healing aura cast by the priestess.

Kozi again addressed his men “all men please enter the portal.” Group after group of battle ready men started entering and then disappearing with a loud zap into a murky green ball of raw power that now took up much of where the court yard was.

Kozi was the last to enter the portal and searched around for Rosie but she was nowhere to be found, this disappointed him greatly because he never had the chance to thank her for saving his life the night, previous, No one else besides, Kozi, Rosaline and the gods knew of what was going to take place last night, but he could not speak of such an event because of the repercussions it could cause on his men’s moral.

The General slowly embarked into the portal and it whisked him away. He heard the zap of the runic energy power rushing through his body and veins, he felt himself tumbling and twisting for a short time then he landed with a thud onto a grassy plain where two men quickly rush to his side and pull him up.

“Are you okay leader?” the two men asked with great concern in their voice.

Kozi nodded his head “yes I am fine, don’t worry about me, we need to ready for assault.” “We cannot just spend all day playing about in the grass like little children!” He proclaimed with anger in his voice to cover up his embarrassment from his sloppy landing.

He got up and brushed the dirt from his robes and grabbed a staff that was being offered from an out stretched hand by one of his men.

“Follow my lead and we should be able to make it back in time for the evening’s soup” Kozi said in a joking tone.

The Seven Realms

CHAPTER TWO: A Returning Guest.

Kozi and his men briskly marched through the plains of the realm towards the capitol city.

Most would view this as strange seeing only a small platoon of mages attacking entire city, but the power of the mage throughout history has been under estimated and disrespected. The power of the staff and the rune is greater than the power of the blade.

The sentries posted on the gates were completely oblivious to the movements taking place outside of gates, which would be their biggest downfall for the coming battle.

“NOW! Kozi boomed out with his diplomatic voice. The fire mages in the squad dropped the correct runes into their staffs and sent out massive pyre blasts striking the wood and iron doors setting them ablaze and also sending a considerable amount of shrapnel into the archer’s posted on the gates battlements.

“Again” Kozi shouted again without allowing for any of the victims of the first assault to recover and get their bearings. Once again large balls of magma spilled onto the gates causing even more havoc then before also causing the gates to be blown apart incinerating all the guards in the process.

The band of mages poured into the town square sending out arcane bolts and fire balls into the Frey of men trying to stand their ground and defend the city. “Build the wall, build the wall” one of the men cry out and a handful of men forum a shield wall of spears and bucklers that is slowly made its way to the mages.

“Strike them down” Kozi demanded and his men obeyed sending bolts of arcane lightning towards the defense. The Elvin craft of the shields caused the spell to ricochet back to the caster striking them down into smoldering ash, “remember to redirect it you fools!” Kozi criticized his men just as Kozi turned to send more fire into the Frey of death and chaos an arrow pierced his left arm, debilitating him and sending him crashing to the ground.

With the sound of explosions and death ringing in his ears, all Kozi could do is stare up into the smoke filled sky. He raises his good arm and he feels his wound and the warm crimson life that was pouring from it.

He thought to himself “I can’t die like this, this is not a hero’s death.” Just as he spoke those words he saw a familiar face standing over him, grabbing him from under his arms and pulling him out of the battle field.

The returning guest laid the wounded general against a tree just outside of the brawl.

“Rosaline” Kozi squeaked out feeling like a small babe.

“You came back, and you…you saved me aga-“

“Shush” Rosaline said laying one her long elegant fingers against Kozi’s lip to quiet him.

“Two times in one week, I am hoping this is not becoming a thing between us” Rosaline said jokingly with a shaky undertone of concern in her voice.

“I hate to be the messenger of bad news, but you are dying and if I don’t tend to your wounds soon your fate will be sealed, now shut your mouth and let me help you.”

Rosie spent a fair amount of time pouring a strange liquid onto Kozi’s wounds and then soaking it back up with a large leaf. After which the wound would seal up a small amount.

Leaning against the tree Kozi glanced up to meet Rosie’s caring gaze and Kozi lifted his head to meet hers to engage in a long passionate kiss.

“Did that mean anything to you?” Kozi asked looking for some kind of hint that Rosaline was sharing the same feelings for Kozi as he felt for her. She replied with a simple


Rosie helped Kozi to his feet as they briskly walked back to the capital and as they crossed over the remains of the broken doors that once kept the city safe they saw five remaining mages taken hostage by a circling group of knights with swords drawn.

“one step closer and we will end the lives of these men I swear to Skorn I will” Calls out one man in gilded steel armor who clearly looks to be a man in charge.

“I would not make idol threats if I were you.” Retorted Kozi confidently

“Your arrogance will be the death of them!” He yelled out in clear rage

“Hold my hand Rosie, trust me” Kozi murmured to Rosaline

They join hands and Kozi spreads his legs shoulder length and bends his knees and a slow glow starts building from his hands and feet, the glow starts to become brighter and more powerful with every moment that passes by.

Kozi’s eyes close and then reopen with a pink glaze and he mumbles an incantation under his breath and the events that took place have remained in history books for many moons.

Wave after wave of arcane energy pulsed out of his hands and mouth atomizing the soldiers that remained.

Leveling the walls and buildings that once called these walls home, Kozi’s spell drains him of his last remaining strength and he drops like a stone in a choppy pond to the ground.

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