Knockin' on Death's Door

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Okay SO yeah...this is a portion of the animation when Rikki (A female wolf) gets captured..I haven't fully developed the story..but anyway..
scary thought this song was playing when I was dreaming if I do make this into an animation..considering I cant produce actual sounds ..which I know might defeat the purpose of an animation...I rather have the movements and everything give a feel by using fact some animations do that...they let the music tell the story and give a feel to everything..… enjoy~ ..might as well make a script for this too...
So you guys don't get confused..the point is to have every aspect of the story/animation match the music to give it that feel..the beginning starts out where there are images of the Colosseum (reality its the lab but any subject that enters sees it as a Colosseum because thats the illusion) its one big field with two doors for subjects to the top lies a transparent window for the scientists and the secondary main character to watch from above called the control room...the character is dragged into the Colosseum once the beat drops the main character starts fighting along with other dogs..and so forth ..there is a final beat 3:40 ish she gets shot..and after that as it builds up she is a ghost and runs to back to body just in time for a dark energy she has contained that keeps her from dying..once the beat drops once more.before she faces the person who killed her she charges with full strength as a demonic wolf unleashing hell...~ just an experimental..its hard to explain..if you want a full explanation to understand better for the song and story let me know..

Submitted: December 26, 2013

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Submitted: December 26, 2013



“Are you sure this is a good idea"?

Said the strange short scientist as he asked Thane. 

Thane is the owner of this facility.

He adjusts his seat as he answers


The scientist puts on his glasses to read the statistics.

“This subject showed exceptional strength in its heart rate. It made it to the top few subjects who are

desired for the next test. Did you see how it performed sir?”

Thane is not interested.

"Let this be our final test I think we did enough research...should any dog pass, it will be rewarded. I have no hopes. The past subjects didn't pass so why should we research any further? We have other work to do. Bring it in now and we shall narrow the rest down. The last one standing shall win."

The scientist is excited. He rushes to the giant keyboard in front of the glass window to where Thane and the others are watching from the experiment.

The sounds of the keys click and click.


Moments later metallic bars from the doors open within the experiment area. It's just one long floor with only two exists. The control room or the watch room with Thane has one exit. I wonder why they are like that..

The switch goes on and I'm in another room. They are dragging me somewhere. I hear those bars open again. The forces pulling me stop but I have a ball chain on my right ankle. 

I can't figure out out the scent here. I hear voices cheering around me.

I squint and see large walls circling me. This is a colosseum. I can't be in Rome. I only closed my eyes for a moment. I notice the people cheering are all men . Where are the women? The door across from me opens and I hear rabid barking and snarling.


Angry yellow eyes appear. Its a large mutated dog. It looks like a bulldog with large tusks coming out from its mouth. What is wrong with humans? How dare they mess with nature's work. This dog has alot of scratches on its body. 

As soon as it catches my sight it charges for me. Those eyes are bloodthirsty.

Whatever that dog used to be, it's not the same. It's soul is long gone replaced with nothing. A zombie. You gotta be shitting me. I stand still with defense. Paws hard on the ground. A classic head butt is going to take place.

I open my mouth and get ready to bite. It collides straight onto my fangs. I only got its forehead covered. Luckily the bulldog  squeals. It's blood sprays to the ground and onto me. My heart beats with fear. I want to stop. Regardless if it's beast, human or not. I can't cause pain. I feel horrible. I need to stop. My heart continues to race. 

I realized I can't care for anything anymore but myself. I'm trapped here unless I figure a way out I need to play by the rules to survive. A strange aura rises in me as the bulldog breathes heavy like its dying. I'm going to give it a quick death. In fact I'm going to give all who I face a quick death. You could be the most vilest thing ever. No one deserves a slow painful death.

I accept this and begin to like what I'm feeling. My life is on the line. My purpose now is to live. I pierce through the bulldogs skull and go deeper to bring my fangs together and snap the skull I place. Nothing deserves suffering....

I let go of the mulilated bulldog. I am thrilled to fight. This hunger for killing.

Why do I like it so much?. The crowd boos at my performance. I snarl. They don't know what it's like actually being here..


More bar doors open a second best appears and two more behind it. These are different. These are greyhounds. Is this a battle between tame and untamed? It makes me sick. With fury I start limping as fast as I can toward them. 

One of them stops and notices the bulldog dead. It flees as it noticed my painted red mouth. The other two keep dashing. Both are running side by side at the same time. Same movement. Left paw, right paw. Suddenly both formed into one. There were two. What the fuck... Before I can't make another move, I'm pinned to the ground from my sides. Clones huh? Which one is real. The 3rd is cowering.

Maybe this is like the hydra. No matter which head you kill, another grows back. I forgot how the story went. I think I need to kill them all at once at the same time.

I start thrashing. One is trying to bite me and the other is trying to keep me still. I spot the 3rd coming toward me. Looks like it regained its confidence. With limited strength I move closer to the wall. Maybe I can slam one off. 

They got a good grip. I finally found a better position and grabbed the one on my right's neck. I slam him to the wall and choke him with my fangs. Glad he can't move. My eyes shift to the left. Number two didn't flinch.

I start spinning to shake him off while number one is in my mouth. As soon as he lets go, I twist my left side and slam him into number one.

All that's left is three. Three attempts to bite me from behind. I quickly grab his chest and finally slam him onto both one and two on the wall. I ram my fangs through. I managed to pierce through all three of them.

How is this possible? Blood gushes out and all three die instantly. I don't bother to look what my teeth are sinked into. I close my eyes as I take my fangs out of the dead greyhounds.

I grown to despise the scentand taste of blood. I spit out the mangled flesh in disgust.


"Mother of god. How is it capable of doing that?"

As the scientist adjusted his glasses.

Thane is amused.

At least someone likes my performance. 


More dogs show up. These aren't dogs and I can't tell what breed they are. There are more mutations. One

has abnormally short legs but with a large head and some are long and stubby but small mouthed. They scare

me a bit. Why have them together? I get it now. Last one standing wins huh. Regardless if it is tamed or not,

this is just a sick bet.


The crowd boos me and yell "cheater!". For some reason the dogs circle me. Is the blood on me that intimidating? All of them are larger than me. I don'tunderstand I have yet to see a wolf.


"Shoot it! This is unfair" There's just no pleasing this crowd.

As I was about to fight again, a gunshot bolts straight to my skull. I’m hearing a shrill sound as if a bomb exploded in my head. Something’s broken all right and the sound won't stop.


 Not eyes grow weak and I collapse to the ground. How unfair I was just getting started....I know

it was a human that shot me. A strange aura pulses within me as my vision grows foggy. I didn't have a chance to see who shot me.


This pulse is dark and cold. It's not Avitus’s. Who is this? I spot red eyes appear within the darkness.

"Let's have some fun...."

He laughs. Fangs appear.

"Let's have some fun..."  

Red mist blinds me.

The laughter fades away.


I am behind a glass wall and see an almond wolf collapsed on the ground with blood everywhere in a white laboratory.

There are dogs and scientists around it. Fuck..."Get up!"

I shout to my dead body. Its no use.

My vision continues it blur. First I see the colosseum and then I see the laboratory all in the same 

spot where my body is laying.


What is going on....? The mist around my body started to swirl in colors of red and black continued to form.

Can others see it? What if I just rush to my body.

Like a ghost I can control it again ...

it's worth a shot.


"That wasn't necessary" The scientist complained. 

Thane was annoyed.

"It had to be done that dog-" the scientist cuts Thane off

"It's a wolf that's why it killed everything."

Thane shakes his head "As I recalled we have plenty of wolves and dogs here.  If anything, this one is the most obedient. After all it made it this far"

The scientist nodded.

"Most females died from battle or from shock. The same however, applies to males. Why shoot it?"

The scientist was disappointed .

Thane answered 

"It's not in our control. The point is to have it to survive but also under our control. We must not let it have thoughts of rebellion. Should anything, happen, meaning if it realizes what is happening it can go against us and hurt our facility. She must be on our side..."

The scientist shook his head in dismay

“Let's give it more challenges? You killed it!”

Thane grinned

“No the bullet barely missed..we’ll give it surgery next thing in the-”  

Thane was about to say more, but he and the scientists stopped at the sounds of dogs whimpering and scientists screaming within the lab.


I start sprinting toward my body. I see colors form off the shadows of the living things here. Some are yellow

and others are orange. I feel they are all afraid.

I see flashes of a girl laughing manically. She looks like me. However, I'm not human anymore. I am a wolf. I

refuse to be a ghost. I won't let my life slip away again. The blackish red mist once again seals my sight as I

got closer to my body...

Looks like I'm back now. My heart is beating with excitement. I"m in full control now. I spot the human who

shot me.His hand trembles as it barly grips the handgun.

I admire him for managing to still point it at me.

The dogs however are frozen in fear.

I feel different. The black mist is gone.

Maybe it was entering me. I feel no pain.

I know the bullet is still there but It doesn't hurt. My bleeding stopped too. Maybe I want revenge. 


No, I just want to kill. Isn't that the objective here? The crowd that was booing earlier, became silent.

I noticed the blood has dried but it stained my fur. It's mucky. I don't like it. I hear the girl laughing again. It's not here.

It's in my head. I can't help but grin. Some think I'm insane. But that's how I made it this far. Those who play

by the rules don't prosper long.


Normal is simply boring. I want these sounds to stop. The dogs, 

the crowd whispering and gasping, and the scientists yelling. Although the human that shot 

me knows I survived his shot, he won't know what will happen next.


My fangs are more exposed when I grin. My eyes widen and the dogs cower to the ground. This will be fun...I glance at the moon.

When did that get there? I noticed I'm no longer in the colosseum. I'm in the lab. I was in the lab the whole

time. This was just a sick illusion in the experiment.


"Thane we need to stop now.."

Thane never left my gaze.

He is amazed now and ignored the scientist's comment.

Get ready for a show you fucking prick.

I remember Thane. 

I remember what he did to my human self. The thought sickens me.

I wish I can just laugh at this face.

The moon burns bright.

It captivates me.

I don't care if it's real or not. 

It can't be the same moon I died to; or should I say was revived to that day...


A power surges in me. I like this feeling more. Despite something horrible is about to happen, I don't care anymore.

I don't think I'll be coming home anytime soon. It's time for me to accept that I'm gone. Avitus, the elders,

my mother, and the rest of my pack is dead to me. It was nice while it lasted. Being there and hoping to find

what my life would be, it was all nice until I got caught and no one helped me.

I'm always alone. No matter what. It's just me.

I eat alone,

I sleep alone,

I fight alone,

and I will die alone.

Nothing matters anymore.


My eyes lock on the scientist with the gun. I’m not gonna question this power. I feel my eyes are burning. They are glowing with anticipation. I take a breath and charge to the human.

That chain on my ankle feels like a feather. 

Before the human can make a move, I grab his entire head and rip it off.

The neck and spine snap.


How sinister.

This is all a joke to me.

I take his disgusting expression of a face and wave it around the dogs.

The blood slowly trickles.

All of them run.

I drop it and laugh.


"Kill that monster now!" Shouted the fake crowd


What I'm doing is not mortifying. What they are doing is mortifying. 

They are the monsters.

This experiment is sickening to very core.

My bones rattle from it. 

I felt something stick out of my left paw.

It's a small broken square.

A chip maybe. I don't want them to know that I found out everything. So I refuse to look.


I face the opening doors and howl in delight .

The blood of my victims continues to drip.

The scent and taste no longer bothers me.


The scientist speaks to the microphone"Bring the backup weapon out and have guards present."


Although I am someone who accepts things the way they are, this will take a long time for me to get over. I

don't know if I can control this power long enough and why do I have it? 


I can pierce my fangs through skin.

But to think I can rip through bones, excites me.

Another howl echoed from the door across me.

I'm glad someone answered. 

A challenge accepted.

Do I finally get worthy opponent now?

Forget fear. I can't stop grinning.

I am a savage.

In the shadows appears glowing eyes.

A wolf. How cute. Have the humans decided that dogs are no match for me?


Thane gets up from his seat and yells

"Stop the experiment. Get rid of the opponent I found my replacement. Just capture it now!"

As I try to move closer to see what wolf it is, strange nets latch onto me.

These are electric and send shocks.

I let out yelps.

I feel pain now? I growl.

I lie on the ground and start rolling and grabbing the nets to get them off. These humans refuse to give up.

As I noticed the guards are holding the nets, I turn to the nearest one and grab the loose part of the net to trap him.


I jolt to his stomach and rip through. Let's make them pay. I ignore his screams.

The scientist tries not to tremble.

"Why don't we let the wolf fight this one? it might be a match"

Thane quickly answers.

"We will save that for later. It is clear that this wolf is special. Until we figure out why and what it's

weakness is, I refuse to place him in with her. We ran out of backup and can't afford to lose more."


sliced through and rip his intestines out. Instead of throwing them like confetti, I wrap them around myself. Let's scare them. To add a nice touch I pick up the head and run toward the scared dogs.


Some try to shoot but it's no use. They are too afraid to do so 

All the bullets miss.

This so called death ring is mine to toy with.

I hear the garrison close. Damn I wanted to fight the wolf.

As I was about to go after the other humans, I suddenly felt exhausted. I instantly kneel to the ground

to rest.

I knew nothing shot me that made me weak. It's this power that is fading..


I instantly remembered the chip lodged into my paw. I move my neck toward it and snap it In half with my fangs. It crackles and I see the lab more.

the crowd disappeared.

The Colosseum is gone too.

The entire floor is still soaked in blood and I see the bodies.


I shake everything off. So the dogs and humans were real but the Colosseum itself wasn't.

I glance upward and spot Thane. All but him are paralyzed.


His clear ocean eyes gaze at me.

You haven’t changed a bit Thane.

I took the remains of the chip and threw it in the glass window they are watching from.

Little drops of blood trail on the window.

Thane never left his sight off me.

You asshole look what you did to me... I thought.


The scientists rush out of the room.

My eyelids droop as I see the mist pour out of me.

This was really fun.

For whatever moments I got before I black out. I wonder what Thane will do now.

Surly he will kill me for what I did. I don't care if I die and go to hell for this.

I did what I could.


I am sorry to my mother. She could have had a normal pup to grow. If I was still at home I could have married some male and carried his pups. I could have been a great mother.  

Then there was Avitus. He taught me everything. 

He understood me. My spiritual teacher and guardian. He helped me since I was a human and lives before that.

I'v failed you Avitus..

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