Don't mess with the Squirrels

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Alone one morning, Aurora wakes up to find her dogs scared senseless and her screen door ripped to shreds. What sort of monster did this?

Submitted: June 12, 2012

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Submitted: June 12, 2012




The morning was quiet. 


Eerily so. 


The occasional bark’s of Aurora’s two miniature dogs was missing.  What could those troublemakers be up to?  She wondered, as she got up to get ready for her day.  She stepped out of her bedroom expecting to be greeted enthusiastically by two little balls of energy begging to be let outside.


The hall was deserted.


Where in the world could they be?  This was completely unlike them.  Aurora searched the house looking for them.


“Bella, Rocky!  Where are you?”  She called.  At the sound of her voice, the kennel where they liked to sleep twitched.


“There you are!” She exclaimed as she poked her head in.  Squashed against the back wall of the kennel were her miniature dachshund Bella, and her miniature rat terrier fox terrier mix Rocky.


“Guys what’s the matter?”  She asked in concern.  They never hid like this.


“Come on time to go outside.”  She called standing up. 


They didn’t move.


“Now guys.  Peepee outside!”


Still no little dogs.


“Alright if you want to do it the hard way.”


She grabbed the first furry creature her hands landed on and hauled it out.  Bella.


“Ok Bella you’re first.”  She carried her to the door and unceremoniously tossed her out. 


“Out you go!”


Rocky soon followed on the lead.


It wasn’t long before they raced back in as if the devil were on their tails.


“Guys WHAT is the matter with you?!” Rory asked exasperatedly.


That’s when she caught sight of the screen door.  The screen hung in ribbons and was scattered on the ground.  Something had obviously tried to get into the house.


Something big.


“Oh guys! I’m so sorry!”  She said feeling guilty for having tossed them out the door.


The dogs had seen what ever it was that had tried to get through the door and were terrified as a result.  They refused to leave the kennel.


“Rocky Bella come on.”  She pleaded.


I should have known She thought.  The signs were there!


She thought back to all that had gone on the day before. 


Carly, her usually peacefully tranquil, and loving cat, had seemed agitated and out of sorts, and had tried to bite her on numerous occasions.  Her brothers cat had been so stressed it went into convulsions.


As a matter of fact the last two months had been weird.  Several squirrels had been playing ‘tease the dogs’ through the very window that had been shredded.  Crows were seen peering into the house as well. In the fifty-six years she had been alive, she had never seen the animals act so… weird.


“That’s it!” She exclaimed.  She looked at Bella.


“It’s the ghost of the squirrel you killed! But it’s come back as a giant to get you!”  She said pointing her finger at Bella laughing.


Bella just sat there shaking.


“Well I guess you shouldn’t have done that.”


Rory got up and headed for the kitchen.  As she neared the door she stopped and looked at the message board that hung from a nail there.




You left the dogs out all night.  They tried to get in… A LOT…The back door is BAD!


Rory stopped reading.


“No I didn’t.”  She said to no one. “I counted them!  They were in, the cats were out.”


She thought back to the night before.  No she had definitely counted them. 


I think I counted them! She thought to herself in panic. Oh no!



Well so much for the giant squirrel story………



© Copyright 2020 vampgirl9690. All rights reserved.

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