Fears ((a song i wrote))

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Submitted: August 02, 2008

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Submitted: August 02, 2008



Pushed up against all these fears

I know how

Pushed up against all your dead-end hopes

I know that

It’s hard survive on only broken hearts

We fear… NO… we rip it AAAlllll apart

It’s a little lonely (yes we know).

Livin’ on the wide open road

Supported by a mad synopsis

We hope you’ll only go

You’re ailen mind reports that

Not you are only in looooove

Pushed against all the odds

You know it’s only driving you maaad

When it can’t mold you anymore

We only hoope you will run for the open door!

Hurry into my arms my child

Don’t let the ribbon tie you up and smile

Tell me you are all right and I’ll

Only mold you more

The fire in your eyes

(it haunts us)

The passion the surrenity

(it strikes us)

The eyes that look upon us

(we fear it!)

They are not your oooowwwwnnn!


The dead-end dreams we fear

Will only tear us more

Pieces of the puzzle putting together

That they will only grieve us more...

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