My "Sister"

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So reacently my Best Friend and i got into a HUGE fight, and we still are fighting. Most likely our friendship is over, but i still love her as my sister and always will.

I just hope and pray that my God will help me through this. but right now, the only way i CAN deal with it is by writing it down.

Submitted: February 14, 2009

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Submitted: February 14, 2009



I hate the way you talk to me

When you’re upset

How you look down on me

Trying to reset

My heart can’t bear it anymore

I'm done with this mess

You’ve torn

Me to shreds

When you’re feeling blue

I’ve always been there for you

But when I’m down

Where are you?

But the way you yell at me

It kills me more and more inside

And this time

I put my foot down

I’m not going to hide.

You’ve made me stronger

Taught me all I know

I wish it could’ve lasted longer

But it’s buried in the snow.

When you’re happy

I am too.

When you’re angry

I am at you.

I’m sorry I won’t be able

To hug you when you cry

Or laugh at your wedding

Or be by your side.

I’m sorry I can’t be

The godmother to your kids

To help you help them

Grow big and strong and live.

If this is goodbye

I will not say it

Because the moment I do

I know it’ll be true.

The tears are falling

Even as I speak

I can’t even sing

I am to weak.

But I want you to know

That you’ll always be a sister to me

That I love you

and i allways will.

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