The Fourth Drink Instinct

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This girl named Ann gets a fake ID and goes to a bar. She gets drunk and thinks she's in love. when she wakes up in the morning... The guy is gone.

Submitted: August 24, 2008

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Submitted: August 24, 2008



The school bell rang as a group of girls huddled together. They were staring with gaping mouths at one girl who was smiling. She had silky brown hair, and a diamond shaped face with high cheekbones. She was about 5’10 and pale but very pretty, her name was Ann, and she was 16 years old.

"Show it to us Ann!" One girl said. The rest of the small group chimed in.

"Fine, but you guys can’t tell anyone about it!" Ann said. She fiddled around in her black sequined bag for a moment then brought out her wallet. Ann opened it and brought out a fake I.D. It looked very real. "I’m going to that bar tonight. I can’t wait, thank god my parents are out of town huh?" The other girls looked like they were about to snatch the I.D. and drool all over it.

Ann waved good bye to her friends. And started walking home with a bounce in her step. As soon as she got home she ran up the white-carpeted-stairs to her room. She jumped in the shower then started getting ready.

She wore a form fitting spegetti strap tank top scrunched up above her pierced belly button, a black mini skirt, giant gold hoop earrings, and some black high heals. She did her make up so she looked older and her hair so she looked sexy. Ann didn’t even realize what she looked like. Ann practiced her walk to make sure her hips swung then winked at her self in the mirror and took off just as it started getting dark.

As she walked up to the bouncer she nearly started hyperventilating. She knew he scrutinized I.D.s carefully. She threw him a flirty glance as he checked it and distracted him. He gave her back the I.D. and she walked in with out notice.

"Hey pretty lady what can I get you?" The bartender asked. Ann smiled at him.

In her best sexy voice she said "A vodka and a bottle of beer please." The bartender nodded and walked off to get her drink. He came back and set the drinks on the counter then asked for the money. She gave it to him and he walked off.

"Do you even know how to shoot?" A voice asked from beside her. She turned quickly to face him. He was hot! He had short blond hair, blue eyes, a strong jaw line, and was buff. He looked like a foot ball player. "I’m Derek, what’s your name?"

"Uh uh uh…. Ann." She said, forgetting to use the name on her fake I.D. He smiled.

"Well here let me show you. Okay you take the shot glass and the beer like so," He said grabbing them and holding the shot above the beer. "Then you take the shot, and chug down the beer. Here you try." He said handing it to her. She did what he said, rather clumsily. This was the first time she had ever had any alcohol, she didn’t even finish the beer.

"Whoa.." Ann said.

"Finish the beer." Derek commanded. She nodded then chugged the rest down. Derek called over the bartender. "Can we get another beer and vodka for her and I?" The bartender looked at Ann thoughtfully.

"I think you shouldn’t have any more little missy, if you ask me staying sober suits you better."

"Well nobody asked-" Derek started as Ann cut him off.

"Please can I just have one more?" She asked in a slightly slurred voice. Well one turned into four, her drunken brain told her she was in love with Derek and didn't even realize he was leading her out the door and into his car. He asked for directions to her house and she told him.Ann fumbled with her keys to get into the house.

"You realize this is a one-night-stand right?" He asked her. She didn’t answer because her brain wouldn’t comprehend and she started to kiss him. Derek found the way to her parents’ bedroom and to her bed while kissing her. They took off their clothes and fell into the bed, forgetting to ask him to wear a condom. That night was Ann’s first time. She didn’t even feel the pain as he put himself inside of her.

The next morning, when she woke up with a killer hang over, she noticed he was gone. Tears welled up in Ann’s eyes. What made you think that he couldn’t find a door when he found a bed so easily in the dark? He even said it was a one-night-stand! Ann now knew her horrible mistake. And Derek... He used her, then left her alone to deal with what ever happened to her.

Next month when her period skipped she was even more terrified. Her parents kicked her out and her friends wouldn't take her in... She was all alone.

As the doors opened she was hit with the strong smell of beer and other various alcohols; it nearly knocked her off her feet. She shook her head- as if to rid herself of the smell- and took in the sites. It was a small bar with about two dozen people in it. There was three pool tables, and quite a feel people playing pool on them, quite a few tables with couples or groups drinking around them, and the long bar. Ann sauntered up to the bar and sat on a stool.

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