The Titanic Journal of Mrs. Emma Bliss

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In my freshman year American Studies class, we did a unit on the Titanic. As an assignment, we each had to draw the name of an actual passenger aboard the Titanic and create a journal about there experiences. I drew the name of Emma Bliss. Her name, age, postion as a stewardess, life boat number, the gentleman that gave up his seat on the life boat for her, and the other life boat below hers barely moving in time are all fact. Miss Ruth Taussig was also a real passenger aboard the Titanic. Her age, class, and life boat number are also fact. Every thing else (Aside from the obvious; Titanic's disasterous end, dates, time of sinking, and the rescue made by the Carpathia) are all fictitious.

Submitted: May 06, 2009

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Submitted: May 06, 2009



The passengers will be boarding the Titanic tomorrow. I boarded earlyer with the rest of the crew. I am a stewardess. My name is Mrs. Emma Bliss. I am only twenty four years of age. I have never been really thin. I've always been pretty round. I have brown hair that is past my shoulders and blue eyes. The young woman I shall be serving is Miss Ruth Taussig. She is about nineteen. Her cabin is E-68. It is a very nice first class cabin, I went inside to make sure everything was in proper order.

I am as excited as the rest of the crew to be on this fine ship's maiden voyage. My husband only agreed to let me take this job because I've always wanted to travel, and because this ship is, in every aspect, finely built with fine decor. I already miss my darling husband, and I've only been away from him for a short while. I promised to write him as much as possible.

I also miss my kitten, Bootsy. I just got her four weeks ago. She's a darling little black cat with green eyes. I'm not superstitious, but my brother is. He said, "That cat is bad luck! You should get rid of it right quick!" and "Drown that little black rat! Do you want bad luck?" He does not understand that I am lonely while my husband is away at work. I have no children of my own. Bootsy is my little baby. That is the reason I have him, and though I can not speak cat, nor can he speak English, we are good company for each other.

Night is closing in, and I must admit I am a little uneasy. This being because it is my first time on a ship. I'm a 'fraidy cat. I'm scared of the dark. I'm confident during the day, but as far as night goes, that is a different story.

There are no more things of interest to write about, so I shall write poety to help ease my fear of the darkness.

The Titanic

A ship full of luxery, big and new

Everything that one could want

On this home away from home

Never before have I seen

Such a marvel on the sea

Have I died and gone to Heaven

Or is it all a dream?

Do I dare to pinch myself

Or will it all be gone?

Hopes of young and old alike

No matter class or nationality

Shall be fufilled with the promise

Of a new life in a new world

All because of the Titanic

The ship of dreams

I shall have my friends and family read every word I've writ. I wish my husband could have come along, but he needed to watch over the house and Bootsy. After reading this, I'm sure he will be jealous of me.

My darling husband do not mourn

For I shall be home soon

With stories of my great adventure

And a lifetime of memories to share

So shed not a tear while I'm away

For I shall be in your arms again soon

The hour is late, and I must get my rest for tomorrow. I shall need my energy to be at my best for Miss Taussig. I hope I can please her, because another stewardess said first class people are extremely choosy and snobby

~Mrs. Emma Bliss

First Day of Voyage

South Hampton, England

April 12, 1912

The passengers are almost done boarding, and Miss Taussig is not here yet. I am waiting in her cabin, as that is what I was told to do. On my way up to E deck, there was a third class woman that was carrying a young child on her hip and a baby nestled in her arms. She dropped her satchel, the only luggage she carried, on the stairwell. I picked it up for her, and she thanked me again and again in French. She knew a little English, but it was broken. I made out that all she owned was in that bag, that the children were her niece and nephew, and that her name was Catrine. I told this to another stewardess, and she said, "Now don't you go scoializing with that sort. The first class snobs will look down upon you more than they already look down upon us servants." I'd say she is the snob.

Another passenger was assuring his wife that, "Even the hand of God could not sink this, the greatest ship ever built by man." I doubt if God liked that comment about Him very well.

I must go for now. Miss Taussig is here. She is very pretty.

~Mrs. E. Bliss

Miss Ruth Taussig is very nice. I was afraid she'd be a snob. She has medium brown hair, and brown eyes. She is very thin. Her clothes are so very elegant. She has a lot of clothes. Nice dresses for every day, fancy dresses for Sundays and other nice occasions, and very fine dresses for dinner and other eveing cocktail parties. She even has a faux mink coat, which I took for her when she first entered the room. Even her nightgowns are very lovely. I hung her clothes up right away so they'd not get mussed up in her trunk.

I was told to call her Miss Ruth, not Miss Taussig. She is very polite to me even though I am her. maid. She said I am good company. I believe that, despite our complete different classes, we could be good friends. I was not on the top deck when the Titanic set sail, nor was she, but there were many people waving until the other people on land were but mere specks.

A very nice steward was talking to me on my way back to my room. He was very nice looking, though not as nice as my husband looks. I sometimes wonder what it would be like never to have married my husband. Where would I be now? Would I even be on the Titanic? Would I be married to another man, or he to another woman? I know it is quite silly to think of these things, but one can't help thinking about them sometimes, I suppose. Another thing I can't help thinking, which my husband would most likely be very upset if he ever found out I thought it, is, while I'm away, will he remain faithfull to me? I know I would be faithfull to him while he's not near me, and I'll be faithfull to him always for that matter. Mayve though, I won't show my journal to anyone like I was going to. Too many of my privte thoughts are in here.

If the sun were to go down

And never rise again

Would time stand still

And the earth stop moving?

If the sun were to go down

And never rise again

Would you wish to change

What you did before?

If the sun were to go down

And never rise again

Would you still love me

Or would you wish you had someone else?

It is eleven thirty. I believe I will go to bed, or I shall be very unpleasant all day tomorrow. Goodnight to my husband, Bootsy, and everyone else. I'll write some more tomorrow.

~Mrs. Emma Bliss

Second Day of Voyage

April 13, 1912

Miss Ruth had me go into the kitchen to get her breakfast. She wasn't up to going to the dining room. In the kitchen, the cook was complaining about a woman who sent her breakfast back three times before she was satisfied with it. First, her steak was under cooked, then it was over cooked. Then, when she got a new steak that was just right, she said her eggs were cold.

On my way back to Miss Ruth's cabin, I heard a first class woman telling a first class friend that her cousin, who was in second class, could have been in first class on any other ship, but she refused any extra money to get a first class ticket because she and her husband were too proud to accept the money.

I also passed the man who was again telling his wife how the ship could not possibly sink. He was annoyed with her because she said, "But Dear, I'm having one of my feelings again. I'm scared. Why did you ever talk me in to this? You know my premonitions usually come true!" She was sobbing.

By lunch Miss Ruth was ready to go to the dining room. While she was away, I tidied up her room a bit. When she came back, Miss Ruth told me to run a bath and make sure that her best dress and matching shoes were clean. She left while I did that and returned about the same time her bath was ready. I suppose she is having dinner with a gentleman friend or a group of girlfriends. She is still soaking, and has been for a while. I have been writing to pass the time. I must let Miss Ruth know when it is four o' clock. Dinner starts at five.

Well, things are uneventful at the moment, so I shall write again if any more important things happen.

~Mrs. Emma Bliss

It is six PM. I suppose I forgot to mention one little detail. For that last couple of days I haven't been feeling very well. Yesterday and today it was a little worse. I went to the ship's doctor today, and he gave me quite a surprise. He said, "Mrs. Bliss, you and the baby are both healthy. It's just a natural part of pregnancy."

"Excuse me, but did you say baby?"

"Yes," he answered, "You are carrying a child. Didn't you know? You are three months along now."

Of course I wrote a letter to my husband. He'll be surprised. Bootsy will have another little companion to keep him company. I will begin to think of names that may work. Who knows, maybe I'll name it after someone I meet on the Titanic.

I shall rest very well tonight. I am ever so happy. I must tell Miss Ruth tomorrow.

~Mrs. Emma Bliss

My Dearest husband,

It is in good health and spirit that I am writing to you on April 13, 1912. I have great news. I am with child. I have been carrying for three months now. I am not sure yet of my choice of names. I suppose I shall have planty of time to think about that.

I hope you are in good health, and that everyone else, including Bootsy, is too. Send my love to everyone, and give Bootsy some extra soured milk from me. I miss the both of you very much, and am sure you feel the same. I must go now.

Your loving wife,

Mrs. Emma Bliss

Third Day of Voyage

April 14, 1912

It is pretty late this afternoon. I woke up at eight, and wasn't feeling very well, so after I gave Miss Ruth her breakfast, she let me go back to bed. I missed the mail boat, so I could not send the letter to my husband.

I have told Miss Ruth the joyful news, and she congratulated me. It is strange to know I am carrying a child. I've seen my mother pregnant with my siblings, but I never before thought that some day I would be pregnant. Oh, I've thought about about having a child, I just never thought about the nine months I'd have wait. I have two names picked out. Rose Marie if it is a girl, and Hunter David if it is a boy. I don't care whether I have boy or a girl, as long as it's healthy.

I must go to an important crew meeting.

~Mrs. Emma Bliss

It is eleven thirty now. I guess there was a case of head lice in the third class area. The people at the meeting said things were taken care of, but we must make extra sure to clean first and second class things carefully. We were told to keep things hush-hush, and not tell anyone.

On my way back to my cabin, I ran in to Catrine again. We only talked for a bit, I had to go see if Miss Ruth needed anything......

I am having a very weird feeling at the moment! I have a funny little chill running up my back, and goosebumps all over, but my heater is on. Before my eyes, I can see an angry wave of blue, grey, green. I don't have any idea what it means. It is a little frightening. Maybe it's a part of being pregnant.

Oh my goodness! There was a shutter! My husband's picture fell off the dresser. The glass shattered. I must find out what is going on! I suppose I must calm down. A few other things besides my husband's picture fell, too. I must mind my thoughts before I scare myself to death. I bet hey just stopped the boat, or reversed the propellers. Silly me, worried over nothing as I usually am. I am such a goose!

Wait a minute!!!! Maybe something is wrong! I forgot about the scarping, tearing noise! I don't know how I could have. It was so loud. I doubt stopping the ship or reversing the propellers would sound like that. I think I shall see what is wrong before I Drive Myself CRAZY!!!! Oh dear, I shall go now. I'll see if Mrs. Stien knows what is going on, and then I shall check on Miss Ruth.

~Mrs. Emma Bliss

Fourth Day of Voyage

The Death of Titanic - North Atlantic Ocean

April 15, 1912

2:15 AM

I am in life boat number 15. The Titanic is under water. The unsinkable ship. She hit an ice-berg. All I have with me is my journal, pen, and two shawls. My friend, the third class woman Catrine, is next to me. I lent her one of my shawls for her nephew.

At eleven fouty-five last night, the Titanic hit an ice-berg, a black ice-berg. Somehow Miss Ruth got to life boat eight. I went to my cabin to get my things, and all I could grab, I mentioned above. I couldn't even grab the picture of my husband. The man who banged on my door pulled me away. I didn't even get to see the picture. I was lead to A deck and put on a life boat. I shall use more detail when it is light. I can hardly see a thing.

~Mrs. Emma Bliss

It is ten o' clock AM. It is also light out, so I can write better and more detailed. About fifteen minutes after the colission, I found out what happened and went to see Miss Ruth right away. We figured it was nothing too serious. We sat and talked for awhile. Fourty-five minutes later there was a knock on Miss Ruth's door and a steward said for her to put on her life belt, dress warmly, and go to the top deck. I got her things for her, and escorted her to the deck. I told her I'd run a warm bath and make some tea. From what we heard, it was only a precaution to go on deck.

I waited in Miss Ruth's room for an hour, though I don;t know why I waited so long. When I went back up on deck, I saw life boat number eight being lowered from the Titanic. I saw Miss Ruth on the boat. I caught her eyes, and she was white as a sheet. She seemed terrified. I left the deck and went to my cabin and just sat there. I tried to make sense of what had happened, and what could happen. It was hard to think when my head was swimming with thoughts of unanswered questions such as; What is to become of me? My baby? My darling husband? And what about Bootsy?

I don't know how long I sat there, but there was a knock on my door, and the nice looking steward I became friends with told me to get dressed, get my life belt on, and come to the top deck. It was one twenty.

Until he showed up, I had no idea I was still in my night gown. I put on my warmest clothing and a big apron with a large pocket. I put in it my journal and a pen. I put on my shawls and was just kneeling down to pick up the picture of my husband, face down in a pile of broken glass shards, when a man burst in and pulled me away saying, "Please, Miss, please, hurry up. Come to the top deck! There are few life boats left!" I never even got to see my husband's face before I left the cabin, or the boat.

On the deck, boat fifteen had one space left, and the man in charge of the boat was trying to persuade a first class gentleman to climb on, but he saw me and said, "Look here, this fine young lady has not yet begun to live. I am old, and my days are numbered. Let her have this seat."

"But Sir, she is but a stewardess. You are first class. Shouldn't you save yourself?" The crew man said.

The kindly gentleman replyed, "How dare you say such things about a lady? She may be a worker on this ship, but she is a lady all the same and should be given respect!"

The crew man finally agreed. I thanked that kind old man, and he said there was no need to. He then helped me in to the boat. He then left. We were lowered in to the water, and I heard shouts from below. Another life boat was still below us. I tried to inform the man in charge of the life boat, but he told me to shut up. In those words exactly. I looked below again and they had cut the ropes and moved, just in time. According to the man next to me, it was one thirty-five A.M.

I could hear the band playing a sad, mournfull tune as we moved away from the ship. I looked at the Titanic, waiting proudly with many people still on the deck; Some there because they had no choice, and others who willingly stayed behind. Waiting for the slow, inevitable sinking that no one thought could ever happen. I had managed to keep my composure up until that point. I cried with guilt of being on this life boat while there were so many others who were now destined to die. I cried for those on the ship whose families would never see them again, and would never know if the death was swift and painless, or torturous. I also cried for the kind gentleman who gave up his seat on this boat, as well as his life, for me to have a greater chance of surviving.

When I heard and saw the flairs going up, I also heard a baby cry next to me. I looked over and then saw my friend Catrine. There was so much fear and confusion as we saw people climb as much as they could to lenghten the time until they must take the icy cold plunge. It was two o' clock, and the band was still playing.

The ship went completely under at two fifteen A.M. All the people who did not die then were floundering about in the water. Their screams peirced the air, and my heart. I had to cover my eyes and ears, but my fingers could not block out the terrible, saddining, nightmarish sound, and a picture of that scene was permanently etched in to my mind. I started crying again.

It is time for me to stop writing. A ship is here to rescue us who are still alive. I believe it is the Carpathia. We will board there, and it will take us all to America. I can not bear to write anymore. I shall never be able to open this journal again, for it holds sad memories of a great tragedy that changed me forever. That is why I tore the rest of the pages out and tossed them into the ocean.

~Mrs. Emma Bliss

April 14, 1913

It is the one year anniversary ot the Titanic tragedy. I've had nightmares every night since the ship sank, which caused me to lose the baby some how. In my nightmares I see all the people on the deck, when the life boats are gone. I see people in the water. Some dead and blue, others alive and tryin to move. I hear the terrible, piercing screams they made. I see all the terrible things that happened that night, and I can't wake myself up.

My husband doesn't quite understand. He was not there. He can never understand. I can not take any more of this torture, so at two fourteen A.M., I shall drink a poison, and by two fifteen on April fifteenth, I shall be dead. I shall finally be in peace.

~Mrs. Emma Bliss

Titanic Journal

~Mrs. Emma Bliss

April of 1912

April 11th, 1912

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