why they are your bestest friend

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this is just a peice of poetry on some reasons why a friend may be your besty in the whole world

Submitted: April 30, 2008

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Submitted: April 30, 2008



because they smile

because they understand just by looking into your eyes and know what you like

because they know you better then you know yourself

because no matter what they love you for you and not the fake you

because no matter what they think your a wonderful and beatiful person

beacuse you can say stupid things and tell them your deepest darkest secrets

because you dont have to do a certain thing to have fun you guys just do

because can make you laugh harder than anyone ever could

because they understand your pain when your sad and try harder than anyone else in the whole world to make it better

because their not afraid to try and get you out of trouble or put themselves on the line for you

because they beleive in your dreams and know youll acheive them and try your hardest

because theyll dry your tears no matter how stupid the thing your crying over is

because finally that just plain out love you for who you are and your on thier #1 list for people they care for

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