Darkness is never Ending....

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You dont know what can happen to change your life. it could happen in a blink of a eye or take many years...in this story it shows somethings are better off no discovered...

Submitted: February 09, 2012

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Submitted: February 09, 2012



Dream goes as far as your mind can reach and dreams are endless, when you have time. In my dreams I go far away from where I am, to a land of darkness but it’s so much better than where I actually live. But the one thing that doesn’t make sense in my dreams is the mystery guy I always see, I’m not sure what he looks like but I know his voice and his body structure. But that’s enough for now; I have to go to school now. I’m not well liked at my school but I’m also not hated either.

My school days are always the same. Getting straight A, than thrown into a locker, than get snippy comments, than that’s the end of my days. But I felt something new would happen today and I was excited for the first time in a long time. By the way I should say I live with nobody I actually know or related to. I live in a Girls home. I was abandon when I was sixteen and I found myself here… Now I am seventeen just a month away from my eighteenth birthday, than I will be out of there and into my own apartment.

So far the day has been normal as usually but today we have a new student but he doesn’t look like the type of person to befriend with me. So I just ignored him but he was cute so couldn’t resist a few glances towards him, last time I looked he caught me so I haven’t looked back at him. I’m too scared I’ll be caught again and of course this class is boring as hell. Its science, thank goodness its over in like twenty minutes. So basically I doodled and I didn’t realize what I was drawing till it was too late to stop. I froze when I saw it, it was the new kids face with the body of the mystery guy from my dreams. I looked towards the new kid and he’s staring at me with a pissed off look. I quickly looked away

~ Ding Ding ~

I got up as fast as I could and ran out of the room and just kept running. When I was about half way home, I slowed to a stop and stand there thinking about what I drew, and I realize that I actually grab my stuff before I run off.

I was at the park by my house, so I found a bench and sat to analyze my picture that I drew in class. I don’t know why this picture made me freak out so bad. Now all I needed was to hear his voice to see if what I drew matches with my dreams. But I was almost home so that will have to wait till tomorrow hopefully I’ll be closer to what my dreams mean.

3 hours later

Damn, last time I ditch school that was boring, I literally fell asleep on the bench for 3 hours!!! Bur anyways, I’m home now and I’m not tired. So, just as well read, I think that’s where my dreams come from. I always read books about vampire love and just love stories, I’m so jealous though when I read a book that I really wants to happen to me. After about two and a half hours of reading a two hundred and sixty two page book, I’m tired.

~Dream ~

I’m in a graveyard, surrounded by ghosts. I cover my ears. They were all talking at once, its too much noise for a human to listen too. “Please stop!!” I scream to be heard. Every one of the ghost goes deadly quiet. They just stood around me staring at me, than they glance behind me. Some ghost start to whisper. I turned and stared. It couldn’t be. It was the new kid at my school.

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