Best friend or Enemy?

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this is for my ex best friend who is a cheater, liar and i just can't belive i used to love him now i hate him

Submitted: December 15, 2008

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Submitted: December 15, 2008



Best Friend or Enemy?

I trusted you, I Iet you in,

I gave you my secrets, my fears,

Once my love and my kisses,

now the truth burns my soul.


I gave you my hand,

Gave you my all,

My dreams, my hopes,

And the fantasies on which I lived on.


You lied to me,

Said you loved me,

But how could I not see the truth behind that saint’s smile,

For I wasn’t the only one.


Though you said it was only me,

And I believed,

But now I see the enemy,

The lies written in front of me.




How I love you,

How I hate you,

Friend, enemy, liar and betrayer,

And I can’t believe I was so blind to not know the enemy wasn’t him it was you all along.


Best friend, how can I describe who you were and what you are,

You were, sincere, lover, helper, savior and my shoulder to cry on,

You are, liar, cheater, betrayer and hater, should I go on,

There is a list way too long.


I could not see friendship wasn’t your thing,

You had a weakness for the innocent ones,

You reeled me in, kissed me,

And so I see it was all your dreams,

To have a best friend and break her dreams.


You could not see me love another man,

So you made up lies, that eventually pulled us apart,

I loved and forgot, thanks to you,

Enemy, deceiver, the jealous one.



Tough you say I’m like a butterfly,

Beautifly flying, from mouth to mouth,

You were the one to talk,

Cause you couldn’t have just one.


Pretty little things aren’t them?

Beautiful, free until you rip their wings,

Best friend? No, enemy,


When I used to cry you were there,

When I wanted to die, you were there,

You were a friend, someone I loved,

Now I hate you more than anyone else.


  Guess it was true what daddy said,

“Boys aren’t friends, they just want sex”

Tough I’m not dumb and for so I say,

Best friend? You were, now my enemy I swear.

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