Dateless on Valentines Day!

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Four girls find themselves alone and dateless on Valentines Day!

Submitted: September 29, 2010

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Submitted: September 29, 2010



(Sarah and Georgia are sitting at a the table eating a box full of chocolates)


Georgia: What did you get?


Sarah: I’m not sure, I think its coconut. It’s white on the inside but it’s got a red ring on the outside.


Georgia: Oh that’s my lipstick, I don’t like coconut.


Sarah: Georgia that’s disgusting Georgia! That piece of chocolate was in your mouth and I just put it in mine!


Georgia: Big deal! We both took a bite out of that bread roll. We share our drinks. I even had to give you CPR when you fainted that time. You want to talk disgusting? That’s disgusting!


Sarah: Alright! Alright! Enough already!


Georgia: Don’t take it out on me just because your boyfriend dumped you on Valentines Day.


Sarah: He didn’t dump me! We are just going through a rough patch. We decided to take things down a little. Besides he’s working today.


Georgia: Oh please! That’s the stupidest thing I ever herd! When someone says that it means it’s over. They want nothing to do with you. It is just a friendlier way of breaking up.


Sarah: *sigh*


(Enter Natasha)


Natasha: I can’t believe it! Andrew Called, he’s got the flu. Now he can’t take me out to the dance! (Sigh) I guess I’ll be keeping you company Sarah.


Sarah: Why do you automatically assume that I don’t have a date? How do you know that I don’t have any plans?


Georgia: She assumes that there is only seven days in a week (Laughs to herself)


Sarah: (picking up a chocolate) Here have another piece of chocolate Georgia the doctor didn’t know what he was talking about when he said they were bad for you!


Georgia: Oh shut up!


(Enter Monica)


Monica: (Flashing her dress) have you ever seen anything more beautiful in your whole lives!


Sarah: (groaning) yeah it’s pretty


Natasha: you look really beautiful


Georgia: Very nice


Monica: Oh stop it your embracing me!


(Sarah rolls her eyes)


Monica: So when are your date picking you up?


Sarah: We don’t any dates


Monica: What? But it’s Valentines Day! You should be going out. I can’t believe it. Oh you poor things I feel so sorry for you! (Turns to leave) Well goodbye!


(Monica’s phone suddenly rings)


Monica: Hello Steve I’m all ready to go…What are you talking about? I spent all day getting ready! What? Oh I could just scratch your eyes out! I hate you! I hate you! Drop dead!


Natasha: What’s wrong?


Monica: (with a fake smile) Nothing. Well I’m off now.


Sarah: Monica! Steve called and cancelled didn’t he?


Monica: Yes! I can’t believe this, stuck here on Valentines Day with the three of you! This is the worst day of my life!


Georgia: Oh quit complaining, there are worse things that can happen to you on Valentines Day. Believe me I know!


Natasha: You’ve been left alone on Valentines Day!


Georgia: (Stuffing a chocolate into her mouth) Plenty of times.


Natasha: Oh that’s sad


Georgia: Whatever that’s life! Deal with it!


Monica: well let’s not waste our time sitting here eating chocolate. Lets go out and do something fun!


Sarah: Yeah. Like what?


Monica: Oh I don’t know. Any ideas?


Georgia: I can’t be bothered going out now


Monica: Well let’s do something!


Natasha: You want to eat some ice-cream?


Monica: That’s not a bad idea! Okay, Natasha go get it. I would but I’m too weak from disappointment.


Natasha: What about me? I’m disappointed too!


Monica: (Sighing) Oh come on Natasha be nice. Sarah, make her go and get it.


Sarah: Get it Natasha!


Natasha: (stand up to get the ice cream) why are you two being so mean to me?


Sarah: Because we’re in bad moods and it makes us feel better!


Georgia: Oh, Just ignore her Natasha. She’s just mad because her boyfriend dumped her.


Natasha and Monica: (at the same time) what?


Sarah: We just had a bit of a tiff that’s all.


Monica: Oh Sarah I’m sorry, I didn’t know.


Natasha: wow! It must have been terrible to be dumped on Valentines Day.


Sarah: Can we just drop it!


Monica: Oh look what are we doing sitting around feeling depressed. Just because it’s valentines day and we have no dates?


Sarah: Yes Monica, that’s exactly why.


Monica: Oh, I just wanted to hear it out loud before had another bowl of ice cream. (Takes another spoonful)


Natasha: I have an idea let go out to eat and celebrate Valentines Day ourselves. Just because we don’t have date doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy ourselves.


Monica: (sarcastically) it doesn’t?


Sarah: she’s right! We aren’t the only ones in the world without dates. We can still go out and have fun.


Monica: Okay let’s go!


Sarah: Coming Georgia?


Georgia: I can’t I have a date


Natasha: You do?


Sarah: Oh she’s just making it up to annoy us.


Georgia: No I’m not.


Sarah: Oh yeah? What’s his name?


Georgia: Uh Sam.


Sarah: where’s he from?


Georgia: Out of town.


Sarah: Where is he taking you?


Georgia: Uh…I’m not aloud to say


Sarah: Georgia none of this is true. Otherwise you would be sitting here with us, moping.


Monica: It’s hard to accept that you’re going to be alone on Valentines Day.


Natasha: What’s so special about Valentines Day? It’s meaningless! It’s just a day like any other.


Monica: Yeah! Your right! Who cares if we don’t have dates let’s go out and have a great time!


Sarah: Yeah I’m in!


Georgia: Well my date will be here soon, I better get ready.


Sarah: Georgia will you knock it off!


Georgia: It’s true!


Monica: Well you better get a move on.


Sarah: Monica she doesn’t have a date!


Georgia: (teasing) maybe, maybe not.


(The door bell rings)


Sarah: I wonder who that could be.


Georgia: Probably my date! (Stands up and rushes to the door)


Sarah: come on


(Georgia opens the door)


(Enter Mark, Andrew and Steve)


Mark, Andrew and Steve: Happy Valentines Day!


Natasha: Andrew! I thought you had the flu!


Sarah: You came! I thought you were working.


Monica: And you said you had an emergency!


Georgia: So? They lied! It’s all part of the surprise! Aren’t you happy they’re here?


Mark: (linking arms with Sarah) Come on we’ve got a reservation for dinner and dancing!


Monica: (to Steve) Oh you! Georgia, are you sure you don’t want to join us?


Georgia: I told you I already have a date with…you know who.


Sarah: He can come along too.


Georgia: Can’t we already have plans.


Sarah: Okay if you insist.


Monica: Bye


Natasha: Have fun!


(Georgia shuts the door and rushes to the kitchen for more chocolate when the door bell rings again.)


Sam: Hello?


Georgia: Sam?


Sam: I’m here!


Georgia: (opening the door) you’re late!


Sam: I’m sorry I’m late. I stopped to get you these flowers to surprise you.


Georgia: Well what’s the point if no one is going to see us?


Sam: I’m sorry but don’t worry, we will have fun!


Georgia: Well there’s no point standing here yapping! Let’s hit the road!

























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