Perfect I'm Not

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Warning! Girly content!
This is just an essay that I had to write for my teacher. The first few pargraphs are from the book: Chicken Soup For the Preteen's Soul. We were told to continue the story from the part written. My part is from the sentence:"A note from the office usually signaled big trouble" and written in blue. Plz tell me wat you think and wat grade u would give me if u were my teacher!

Submitted: September 15, 2008

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Submitted: September 15, 2008



Perfect I’m Not

 "OW!" Robert yelled, backing away from me. "That hurt!"

What do you mean? I only hit you with my jacket!" I said, laughing. Robert was the cutest boy in class and I had a major crush on him. I hadn't meant to hurt him; I just wanted him to like me. Beside, it was a lightweight jacket.

But Robert didn't act like someone who was hit by a lightweight jacket. He was crying an holding his left shoulder.

"What's going on?" our sixth grade teacher, Mr. Mobley, asked.

"My shoulder... It hurts!" Robert groaned.

The next thing I new, Robert was heading to the nurse's office. And I, bewidered, was marching back from recess and into our classrom with the other kids.

We started our spelling lesson, and I tried to pay attention as Mr. Mobley read our words for the weekly spelling tst.

Then someone knocked on our classroom door. When Mr. Mobley opened the door, a student volenteer from the office handed him a note. Every pair of eyes was rivited on Mr. Mobley. (My continuation>)A note from the office usually signaled big trouble! I felt my stomach drop when Mr. Mobley called my name. I got up slowly and trotted up to his desk while he wrote me a hall pass. I had a feeling that this was about Robert. As I tiptoed to the office, past the classrooms, it felt like everybody’s eyes were on me; not on their teacher. When I stepped into the office, I looked to the left into the nurse’s room. Sure enough, I saw the nurse examining Robert’s arm. Someone called my name. I turned to the front again and saw the Mr. Jenkinson, the principal, beckoning me into his office. I slid in and sat down on one of the hard-backed chairs. “Amy.” He said slowly, testing my reaction. “Robert says you hit him with a jacket.” I started to protest but he cut me off.

“I know you didn’t do it, Amy, but you know who did.” I do? I thought to myself. Hmm…
“Do you remember two days ago when you were playing right- field softball? Did you see three boys by the back gate of the school?” He asked “Uh…” I thought hard. “I think so… Yeah!” “Good.” He said. “Now, try to remember who they were.” “Um… One was definitely Robert… The others were…” I trailed off in thought. “Who?” prompted Mr. Jenkinson. I thought again. I had definitely seen red hair.. That must have been Josh Kentle! “I think one was Josh Kentle. The other was probably Jerry Rod. Why?” He looked at me over his glasses. “Well,” He began. “What you witnessed wasn’t just three boys talking. It was a fight. See, Robert wouldn’t name names and wouldn’t give us the specifics but apparently he was pushed and cut his arm on a rock. He tried to clean it himself but didn’t do a very good job. His arm’s just infected, that’s all. Now we can talk to the boys who hurt him.” I sighed with relief. Thank God it wasn’t my fault!
I got up to leave. As I skipped out happily I looked into the nurse’s office to check on Robert. He was just about to leave and go home. “How’re you doing?” I asked politely. “Fine.” replied Robert. “That’s good.” I said in earnest. “Thanks for asking. You’re very kind.” He said. I felt my face get hot. I knew I was blushing. “Hey,” Said Robert. “Would you like to go out with me?” Uh, Duh! I thought. “Yes!” I practically shouted. He grinned and glided out of the office. I floated down the hallway, practically walking on air.

Unfortunately, I accidentally bumped into Hannah Joshen. “OW!” She exclaimed, holding her knee, “That hurt!” I swiftly grabbed her arm and hoisted her up. As I walked back to the office, with Hannah in tow, I groaned at the thought of what would happen next. But that is another story entirely!

The End

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