A Close Shave??? Not Likely...

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What woud you do if your crush admitted they were in love you you??? What would you do if they wanted you so badly they could burst, and you felt the same???
I got home to find the guy of my dreams walking out my empty house. What I found out left me speachless, but couldn't stop me moaning until I was discovered...

Submitted: June 24, 2012

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Submitted: June 24, 2012



I sat there, top deck on the bus, right at the front. Rain drizzling from the clouds, the sky grey with sadness, deciding whether or not I should get off at the golf club. No. The bus turned the corner
leading to the small pole saying Bus Stop that was a place to stop. I got up and made my way to the stairs, thrashing from side to side and almost tumbling down the steps.

"Cheers," I said as he opened the doors and said good bye. I pulled my hood up over my head and my bag onto my shoulder, too bloody heavy with my laptop. And the picture. Of us. The drawing. I walked across the newly cut grass, sitting in a lumpy row across the road, the kids in the new council housing doing it, bored on a fine sunny day.

I was nearly at my house when I saw a figure walk down my drive and turn towards me. A figure about my height, narrow and male. I stopped right in front of him just as the rain was staring to pound onto the pavement.

"What were you doing at my house???" He looked up and my breath got caught in my throat. Eyes, eyes of pure melted milk chocolate with gold rope through them. Gorgeous eyes.

"Your house??? Didn't know it was yours." The voice, sweet, but just deep enough, one to make any girls eye lashes flutter. And that face, the one that had haunted me for weeks at a time. The just visible cheek bones. The small, rosy lips. The just right ears. The tanned skin. The thin eyebrows above beautiful wide eyes. The eyes I dreamed of looking at me like they were now.

"Don't lie to me. What were you doing here. When no one was in." I asked sternly, gods know how I kept control.

“Looking for something." I could tell my face was puzzled, I could see the reflection in his eyes. "Something that belongs to me. But it wasn't there."

"Why did you assume it was in my house???" He shrugged and I gripped his cold wet arm, one dressed in a black hooded top. "What was it???"

He leaned into my ear and whispered something I almost let him walk away from. "My heart." my arm fell loose and dropped to my sides as he took a step forward, a step away from me. By the time I had gotten control he was half way up the street and still walking.

"Wait!!!" if this was the only chance I got, I was not going to let it go. He stopped and turned towards me, his lips slightly open, like he was trying his best to breathe evenly. I ran to him, trying not to slip on the wet pavement, I ran as quick as I could and threw my arms around his neck, jumping to wrap my legs round his waist, crushing his lips with mine and letting my hood fall, letting the rain quickly soak through my short, dark red locks. He gripped my sides and pushed me away for a few seconds, just enough for me to say, "If I had the guts, I would be doing the same, you stole my heart long ago."

His lips smashed mine again, in an urge of ecstasy, making me cry out with how much I had wanted this to happen for so long, too long. The rain quickly made its way through my clothes, giving me a shiver down my back and making me squeal as the thunder boomed across the sky.

"Come on, your sacred, but it's cute so I'll let you off the hook." I grinned and kissed him again, squeezing my eyes shut so tears didn't stream down my cheeks, I was too happy to let this go.

"You're soaked!!! And you must be freezing!!!" Thunder boomed again and I gripped his neck as he walked to my house, stealing kissed with every second step. "Come and get dry!!!"He looked at his soaked jeans and chuckled "The showers through there, it's easy to work, I need to phone someone." he nodded and let me jump down onto the wooden floor before leaving to go to the bathroom, and then I heard the rumble of the shower.

"Hi, Dawn, is dad there???" I waited a few seconds before explaining to dad that I had gotten caught in the rain and got too cold, making me feel sick and making me absolutely soaked. I told him to have a good Father’s Day supper with his dad and not to get to drunk, even though he didn't have work the next day. I heard the shower switch off and watched as he walked out with just a towel.

"I hope it’s okay, but my clothes are on the radiator," I grinned and walked upstairs, hearing his soft footsteps padding behind me. Opening the door to my room, which was clean for once, I unzipped my hoodie and dropped it onto the bed before getting my yoga trousers and a vest and making my way to the shower room. I let him sit on the cream bed covers, being stared at by the posters on my wall and being harassed by the pink and green flowers on my patterned wall. After getting undressed I let the hot needles pound onto my skin, giving me heat. I washed and cleansed my hair before switch off the massaging water and slipping the towel over my body, drying and getting dressed. I piled my hair into the towel and walked through to my room, where he was lying on the bed, his hands behind his head, looking at the White ceiling.

"Are you okay???" He nodded and sat up; making sure the towel still covered all that was needed. I walked over, making a grab for the hair dryer before being grabbed onto the bed and woed with a million fairy kisses. I grinned and turned round to kiss him properly, grinning as his hands travelled over my body, exploring everywhere he could.

“Why wouldn’t I be???” I shrugged as he gripped my side, tight enough to bruise and kissing my neck.

“I, um, have to get you some, um, trousers, I’ll be back in a second.” I ran through to my parent’s room after ripping his hands off me and grabbed a pair of pinstriped pyjama bottoms and walking back. I turned as he got the trousers on and went to dry my hair before being pushed onto the bed.

“You took more than a second.” His seductive voice said in my ear, nibbling my ear lobe at the same time. I couldn’t stop a moan escape my throat as he kissed down from my ear to my collar bone. I couldn’t say anything, all I could do was arch my back and let him lift my top over my head and kiss in between my breasts down to just above my pant line. I had to do something, mum might be home soon. I tried to say it but was cut off as he began to slip off my yoga trousers.

“Shush, I’ll just hide under the bed,” he pressed a finger to my lips and kissed me, gripping my hips. I moaned and gripped his cheeks with my hands, wanting to wrap my legs around his waist but my legs didn’t want to obey.

“But-” He just slipped the yoga trousers off my legs, chucking them to the floor and began squeezing my thighs, making me moan even harder. I didn’t know what time it was, six??? Seven??? It escaped my mind as he slipped his trousers off and unhooked my bra.

“Like this???” He whispered in my ear as his hands groped my breasts and I nodded, my knickers were ripped from my hips, literally ripped, and thrown to the ground. I moaned as he slid down to my stomach and then pressed his tongue to my clit. His hands were still doing their magic and making me moan hard, really hard.

“I, um, don’t want to, um-”

“Don’t even try to tell me you don’t want this, you obviously do, I can tell by how much you’re moaning.” I grinned and panted as he went deeper with his tongue, gripping his hair as he did. I wanted to moan so loud people in Australia could hear, but I couldn’t even breathe when his tongue found a specific spot. He came back out and grinned at me, before slipping his cock in, it was long and thing, no warts or moles or anything, nothing like my mates had joked.

“Oh my gosh…” I whispered as he went far but slowly, making me crave for more. I slipped my around what was still in view and held it, about half was sitting in my hand, the other inside me. I groaned loudly, rubbing his cock with my hand he pressed his lips on mine, moaning as he slid in deeper, filling me completely.

I almost screamed, instead I just scrapped my bitten fingernails against his back, panting and moaning for all I was worth.

Then I heard the door downstairs creak open.

He looked at my shocked face before pulling out, grabbing the trousers as my mother’s footsteps echoed on the wooden kitchen floor. I grabbed my yoga trousers and my top before shoving them on and kissing him as I opened the doors to my small cupboard under my window.

I ran downstairs to see mum, who was making coffee and hugged her from behind, said I was tired and wanted to sleep, ran back upstairs, opened the cupboard doors and kissed him, just softly before hearing mums footsteps travel upstairs.

“Go and have a shower before you go to bed.” I didn’t object, even though I had one earlier. I folded my towel over my arm and as soon as she went through to the study I let him out my cupboard and we quietly got to the bathroom. We stripped as the water turned hot and shuffled into the warmth of the hot needles battering against our skin.

“Where were we???” He whispered. I grinned and kissed him as he slid inside me again, filling the gap that didn’t get to be filled before. He found my spot again and I had to bite his lip to stop myself from making any sound. I leaned against the soaked wall as he thrust inside me again and again. His hands found my breasts and began to grope again as my nails cut into the skin on his back. I couldn’t believe we were doing this, my mum was just across the landing and we were in the shower having hot sex.

“Oh jeeze…” I said as I felt like I was flooding, the white substance spilled all over his cock and down our legs, mixing with the water and slipping down the drain. He chuckled silently and we spent about twenty minutes, just going at it in the shower, our quiet moans muffled by the hiss of the shower head and our lips getting in the way.

He slid out and switched the shower off, letting me stumble out, trying to gain feeling of my legs. We got dressed and began quietly going to my room, getting settled into bed. He had to shuffle farther down the bed so if mum decided to come in then she wouldn’t see him. Although it was stuffy under the thick duvet, he had fun kissing down my side and on my stomach, making me wriggle and squirm.

Mum opened the door to say goodnight just as he was quietly chuckling. She eyed the right side of my bed and walked over, just I leaning over to stop her from lifting the cover. Her eyes widened as she saw him, half dressed and kissing my stomach.

“Oh shit…”

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