All Alone In Love

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Another poem about the same guy in 'My Heart's Confessions'

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011



We were best of friends
always at each other sides.
Our love started with a dare
A simple kiss turned to more.
A hook was thrown from your hands
I went for the bait.
You left for a few years
it made me love you more
My heart was torn
Between guys I could have but were to far away
guys who liked me but I didn't want.
You came back and we laughed joked
I fell deeper into the hole.
We had a fight
It didn't go well
And I just went twice as deep.
It went for some while
We still are not yet friends agian.
You lie through your teeth
I do not know what to believe.
She was a friend
A loved one at one time.
She got your attention agian
Now the hook is thrown and you are caught.
I worked hard to get over you
I did really well.
Seeing you with her
Laughing and joking as we once did
Makes me feel horrible.
My stomach churns everytime.
I see you all alone
I feel like running and taking your hand
So you would never be alone.
You ignore me as I do you
But the feeling doesn't ever go away.
I still love you
With a fury passion.
I see you with her
Ignoring me
And my heart rips to shreds.
I fell torn.
Tears threaten my eyes but I blink them back
My fist clench
They want to punch her away from you
My lips dry up
They want you to moisten up with your kisses.
My arms ache
For you to let them wrap around you
We were best of friends
We used to laugh and joke.
Now she has taken you
And I am the one alone.


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