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"You need to help me." Ashleigh said to me, "See, I'm not normal."
Aaron Findlay has always been the typical loner seventeen year old. He hasn't been farther away than England and Scotland. His father left him at the age of fifteen and his mum is out every weekend looking for another one night stand.
His life Seem that little bit better when the Tinaras move in next door.
When the Tinaras move in, so does Ashleigh.
The beautiful blonde is stealing a part of Aaron’s heart every day, it's deadly for them both after seeing death on her first day.
Love is strong, wind is no acceptation.
Blood is thicker than water, and in Ashleigh’s case, It's all that bit tastier.

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011




Heya, So this is Aaron Findlay, he ends up falling for the girl, Ashleigh. He's not really goth, just a loner. Until He meets Ashleigh and has a lot of trouble with the police.


He's not gay, he's straight incase any of you wanted to know. He's a seventeen, Never-been-out-of-scotland-england boy and his dad left when Aaron was fifteen. his mum keeps going on date but gets worried when there is a murder to a guy who looks like Aaron, she thinks he's dead but is drunk when checking.





















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