Confessions of a Suicidal Girl

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Note from author: I have arranged a playlist for this story. I just can't seem to get it on here! Here are the songs in order:
(Yes all of them-most of them-are about suicide except for Everybody's Fool by Evanescence. It just fits so perfectly with the story. So does Hero/Heroine by Boys Like Girls or Haunted by Evanescence.)

Chop Suey by System of a Down
Tourniquet by Evanescence
Inside the Fire by Disturbed
Last Resort by Papa Roach
Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley feat. Alison Krauss
Everybody's Fool by Evanescence
Haunted by Evanescence
Hello by Evanescence
Going Under by Evanescence
My Last Breath by Evanescence
Breathe No More by Evanescence
Adam's Song by Blink 182
Hero/Heroine by Boys Like Girls

Table of Contents

"Allie, drop the knife!" Hattie Benson cried. "Allie drop it now!" "No! This is a stupid, perfect world that I don't want to be in! I... Read Chapter

I woke up with my brown hair covering my face. I lifted my arm but somebody pinned it down. Another hand gathered my hair and pulled it a... Read Chapter

I was walking towards a meadow. I don't know why, though. It was as if some unknown force was pulling me towards it. Then, then, then I s... Read Chapter

"Why?" Daniel demanded. "Whay should I? You need to stay in the hospital! You need blood, Allie. Why can't you understand that? What is s... Read Chapter

I said it, but I didn't want to. I said bye. I never say that word unless I'll never see them again. Maybe I never would see Danny again.... Read Chapter

"What?" Daniel asked me. "He annoys me so much." "Then wh-" "Can I see your cell?" "Sure." He handed me his cell phon... Read Chapter

I crawled out the window and took Nik's hand. I extended my leg and stepped on the branch next to him. I watched as the shimmied down the... Read Chapter

"Allie!" Nik yelled. "What happened?" I asked. "You had a few dri-" "How many is a few?" "Ten." "Ten? Holy shit!" ... Read Chapter

As I walked out the door of Nik's house, I ran into Jesse. "Hey." he said. I opened my mouth to say something but I puked on his ... Read Chapter

"What the-?" I assked when Daniel stood me up straight. "Did I fall asleep?" "Yeah." he said. "Phone's for you." He handed me the... Read Chapter

"Je vous aime, Allie. Oaient vous l'ole hier? Je vous ai manqu. Ce parti grand. Voulez-vous que quelque chose boive? Je fais. J'ai vraime... Read Chapter

We walked up the stairs to Nik's room. He held my hand and I tried not to trip. "Nik! Your dad and my mom are coming home tomorrow!" ... Read Chapter

I woke up in the middle of Stick It. Danny was asleep on the recliner. His head was cocked to the left and he was snoring. There was a kn... Read Chapter

I finished eating my Cherrios and put my bowl in the sink. I was walking to the living room when the phone rang. "Hello?" I heard Dan... Read Chapter

Confessions of a Suiciadal Girl Pictures

Main Characters Hattie Benson-age 12 Alyson Monroe-age 13 Nikolas Clayson-age 13 Other Characters ... Read Chapter