Moonlit Huntress-Special! Character Pictures :)

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I wanted to show everyone what I thought my characters looked like, so here are some pictures and who they match :)

Submitted: April 05, 2010

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Submitted: April 05, 2010



First off:

I would like to thank everyone who reads Moonlit Huntress and supports it :)


All of the pictures I am using do not belong to me, and I have no rights to them.


It's okay if our mental images are different, because that is the uniqueness I want them to have. You may have different ideas about them, but I wanted to show everyone what I thought about them.

  1. Artemis: alexisbledel!Pictures,ImagesandPhotos
  2. Julian:Photobucket
  3. Adrian:Photobucket
  4. Mackenzie:Photobucket
  5. Lindsay:Photobucket
  6. Marianne:Photobucket
  7. Felicity:Photobucket
  8. Phoenix:kadajPictures,ImagesandPhotos
  9. French:Photobucket
  10. Grace:lindsayePictures,ImagesandPhotos

I know that some of the characters didn't appear in here, but that was only becauseI couldn't find pictures that fit them very well.

I know there are some differences in appearances like the fact that Arty has blue eyes, but this was the best I could do.

I used a video game character for Phoenix, because in reality I doubt I could find someone with white hair and snake-like eyes.

I hope everyone likes this, it's not that important but I wanted to show you my version of the characters, and my dream cast I guess ( though i have no idea who some of these people areXD)


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