The Love of Jack Frost and Celeste

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My version of jack frost, and a girl he falls for.

Submitted: March 28, 2013

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Submitted: March 28, 2013



The winter winds blew and the windows got frosted. It was one his best winter storms, the best snow blizzard, and the kids loved it. As long as the children are happy he loves making it snow.

One winter night he was putting frost on a window of a small little apartment and he heard a womens screams and cries.

He peared inside curiousity overwhelming. He saw a child being born, but once it was all done he thought to leave but the womens cries made him stay.

"No, How can she be dead?" She cried out and held her baby. He summed up all the power he possibly had of life and let it flow into the window then to the still born baby.

The babys hair speckled white and her skin remained pale. It let out its cries of life and everyone shouted with glee. He smiled at his finest work, but something pulled him back every year to that girls home.

After 17 years had passed she grew fairer and fairer. And jack slowly fell for this girl. Her long snow white hair and gleaming bright green eyes. And that smile that made the guys melt. She loved his winter snow fall. She'd lay out on the ground and watch it fall, he made it especially for her.

"Honey come inside, dont need Jack Frost nipping at your nose." Her mother giggled. She didnt want to he could tell, she groaned and walked inside and looked once more at the snow covered ground.

"I wish Jack Frost would nip my nose." He herd her say softly. Something inside him sparked something new. He loved her more then he did any child who loved his work. But it would never be unless the Man In The Moon turned her too. An angel of snow.

One very cold winter day she was skating on ice and with his ears he could hear the ice slowly beginning to crack. But something kept him from saving her.

The ice cracked beneath her feet and she stood still completely frozen.  Then the ice broke and she fell in. He couldnt help but watch her cry out for help and sink lower into the frozen cold water.

Jack stood there forever waiting for her to re-surface. His heart wanting the girl who cared so much for winter. Then the ice glowed.

She emerged. The same as him. 

He smiled and went to her.

"W-whats going on?" she asked jack. terror obviously in her voice. He touched her shoulder.

"Your like me Celeste. Your a person of snow" He told her slowly. Letting her process all what was being told to her. Then she smiled.

"Your Jack Frost?"She asked me with the biggest smile on her face. He nodded his head smiled slightly and  she ran to him and hugged him close to her. His heart thumped loudly as he hugged her back. She pulled away to look at him.

"I have been waiting so long to meet you Jack, my Jack frost." She said slowly and kissed him softly, the kiss was cold but hot at the same time.

He pulled her curvy body closer as she pulled his hood down so she can run her fingers through his snow white hair.

The kiss was broken and she just stood there and smiled at him. How could he have lived so long and not know what this feeling felt like? The feeling of being loved as more then just a random person who created the snow.

As long as she loved the snow hed continue to make more forever with her by his side. Celeste helped him make his snow, she held his hand and smiled bright revealing her white perfect teeth. Her flowy blue dress flowed beautifully as the winter winds blew once more.

He loved celeste more then anything, he bent to her will. Whatever she wanted.

For the rest of forever Jack and Celeste frost flew together and stayed together. Forever in love.


Authors note: Hey this is really short i know, but this is the best i could do till i had more ideas for my Serenity story.

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