I love you more than you'll ever know.

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I didn't really know what to put this under, so I just put it as a "short story".
I basically need to get something out, and this seems like the only place I can do it, as I don't go on any blog websites or anyting.

Submitted: December 04, 2010

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Submitted: December 04, 2010



So, looking at loads of cute photo's/sayings really wasn't a good idea.
It has made me realise, that I would honestly do anything to have you back.
To call you mine again... I want to do, everything that we ever planned to do with you. We planned to go to Spain, America, we planned to spend christmas together.. Well it's christmas now babe :/ And we're not together. It would've been our 10 month anniversary today, it may not seem like a long time too some people, but we've been through so much together, which makes 10 months seem like a fucking life time. It may sound silly, yes. But in them 10 months, I realised, that I found the person I wanted to be in my life forever, it didn't feel like one of those silly teenage relationships that every teenager goes through, it felt like so much more, like we had so much more. We used to get called the perfect couple, someone even told me they were jealous of our relationship. And without sounding like a bitch, so they should've been! When things didn't go wrong, we were so good together, you were my boyfriend and my best friend all in one, and yes, many people do say that about there boyfriend/girlfriend. But many few actually mean it. You were special, the first person I ever dared to get close to. That must mean something, right?
We have so many good and funny memories, which makes me only wish for more. If I could, i'd travel the world with you, i'd share all my secrets with you, i'd do my best to make you the happiest you could be. I'd do anything for you. No one really knows what love is, not properly, and no one can explain it. But I know, i'm in love with you. And I always will be. Even if we both get older, go out with different people, get married and have kids with different people, there will still be something there, something that will make me still love you.
-It doesn't matter, what happens, who comes in your life, who goes out. If someone comes into your life, who you love with all your heart, they will never leave. Not properly anyway.
-All I have to say now is, Josh. I still love you, and I honestly, always will babe.

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