Martin Luther King Jr.

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My value and belief of how Mlk Jr. felt

Submitted: March 06, 2014

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Submitted: March 06, 2014



When Martin was young,

He noticed things weren't right,

As white people were rude,

Because he skin was like the night...


However, he tried,

To do all good,

He wanted us equal,

As the way it should...


When he said his speech,

He said it loud,

Even when some hated it,

He still stood proud...


His family was one,

And they valued his desire,

But one night as he came home,

His house had been set on fire...


The stress of his job,

Took a toll on his heart,

But never did he quit,

His demanding, needed part...


But one day,

Some white man aimed at his head,

As he stood on his patio,

And shot Martin Luther King Jr dead...


His coffin was carried,

Through a mile of pain and fear,

As they took him to his burial site,

With each eye shedding a tear...


So in April 4th,

We all had to pray,

For hope in a chance for equality,

Because our leader had gone away...

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