The Rose Petals Fall

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A strange woman, with undeniable beauty, enters a village and joins in the nightly dance. There, she comes across a man who she meets that and has a terrible fate like all her other dancing companions.

Submitted: March 06, 2014

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Submitted: March 06, 2014



"Where are you going?"


"Out where?"The elder asked. The young girl smiled and picked off the remaining petals from the rose she held. Her full, soft pink lips shaped a sly smile. Her eyes like 2 unwanted, yellow cats. Her pale complexion was clear of shameful scars from her puberty. She was thin with perfect curves. Her green, silk dress wrapped around her breast, tightly, down to her thighs, trailing off like an endless river, as the wind gently blew across her skin. Her delicate, beautiful hands still picked off each petal until one remained.

"Out to the 'Moon Dance'" She finally answered. Quickly, as if the wind lifted her small body, she stood up. She looked down at her rose bud and stem, slowly picking off the last petal. As it blew in the breeze, she danced off to the town.


The small village was booming with music that seemed to come from the center. In the center were couples, young and old, dancing merrily. A band played a traditional song of the people. The air was filled with laughter and thick with bliss. As they spun in circles even moving, the moonlight seemed to guide them to the perfect rhythm. The young girl, from earlier with the elder, was kicking up her dress, spinning faster and faster as the tempo increased. Her pale skin shone golden with shadows from the torches that circled the festival. A young man smiled at her and she danced towards him. He held her by the hips and laughed, blushing as she kissed and tauted him into her dance. The night was beautiful as they danced and villagers gave them a special circle. The bliss thickened and seemed to fill her as he held her, only to spin her our again. After the song ended, he pulled her closer.

"I think I am holding a beautiful angel" he whispered in her ear. She laughed and looked at his brown eyes.

"I am no angel" she whispered back. He held her and they left their dance, towards the forest. Their live amplified as they kissed and moved towards the center. He pulled her dress off and she pulled down his pants and unbuttoned his shirt. He grunted as his sex filled and expanded hers. The forest was quietly disturbed as their ecstasy filled the air in climax.


"Who killed him?" Questioned a ruthless looking leader. A group of men surrounded the young man, who's brown eyes were looking up, surprised. They discussed his death and finally carried him away. Above them, in the top of the oak where he made love and died at, was the girl. She smiled and held a rose, slowly pulling the petals off. She turned to look at the village. Her eyes caught a blonde man looking at the dead body being carried in. She closed her eyes and held the last petal. Slowly, she pulled it off and it fell softly to the ground.

"You're next." She whispered and opened her eyes, leaping down.

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