Trouble in small town

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short story about a man protecting his wife

Submitted: February 21, 2007

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Submitted: February 21, 2007



Jake waited for vannessa outside the local nursey located just outside of town, she had been there since eight a.m. working as a nursery nurse, Jake wished to hell she would hurry up it was nearing six o clock and the temperture was dropping rapidly if he had to wait anymore he was sure he would be frozen to spot. just call me the Ice man

Jake spotted movment out of the corner of his eye three fugures he recognised came into view  the tallest stood almost seven feet tall short cropped hair,well built and and a dopey tatoo of some big cat on his shoulder revealed by his sleevless shirt, if Jake didnt know better he would say he was of the other persausion, the other mail reminded jake of some sort of circus freak, he wore a top hat under long permed hair, wearing the t-shirt of well known punk band, juding by the way he was wearing it he did niether the band or shirt justice, both were accompanied by a butch woman with small breasts and a butt that would give the grand canyon the illusion of being small, jake knew each by name Daniel, Joe and leanne, a more sorry scruffy looking bunch of individuals Jake never did see, they strode upto him surrounding him and trying to look intimidating, Jake However was not the least bit impressed, in his mind these three would would have trouble intimidating a small child and had most probably tried. Daniel stoot infront of Jake, and said with all the courage he could muster 'stand aside we are here too see Vanessa we want our money this doesnt concern you'

Jake struggled to fight back the anger he could feel rising within him, dark thoughts filled his mind but he buried them down in his subcounsious. 'this has everything to do with me, you believe i will let you threaten her when she owes you nothing, you three are cowards and you shall live forever as such'

daniel looked down as though studying somthing on th ground infront of him then he suddenly became quicker and pulled a large knife from his jacked and lunged at Jake who was realising what was happening was ready for him and half spun trapping the larger mans arm between Jakes own ribs and arm Jake carried on twisting pulling daniels arm with him and with his free hand caught the Back of daniels head with the bottom of his hand knocking him unconcious at the same time using the wieght of his body to break the unconciuos mans arm at the joint, daniel fell to the floor in a broken heap.

Jake knew the next attack would come from the woman, and sure enough she threw standing round house kick at Jake's ribs,but for once Jake wasnt quick enough he tried to block but he was unsited from his previous encounter. He felt a rib crack, he roared in pain and rage he felt a mist transend over him,a red boiling mist , he had fully given in to his anger now he fought like a mad man, going on instict feeling instead of thinking not stopping until leanne was a battered heap on the freezing wet asphalt, Joe had turned and ran moving as if saten had brought his full power to bear on his meek frame, Jake turned to see young boy of only about three years of age staring at him fear in his eyes face pale, he could see him shaking and he knew it wasnt from the cold behind him stood vannessa her beautifull face looked on in disbelief, Jake didnt feel the mist anymore he only felt sadness, shame and anger, how dare they attack in such a place when will they ever learn Jake fell to the floor on one knee, held his and head in his hands forgive me my master and god forgive me

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