"Old Soul"

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the thrills of falling in love and finding someone you enjoy every second with, but not knowing if they feel the same about you as you feel about them

Submitted: July 31, 2009

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Submitted: July 31, 2009



“Old Soul”
my heart has found another to love.
it beats fast as my head lay at the top of his shoulder,
my lips gently touching the smooth, warm, skin of his neck.
somehow I feel different with this “old soul” of mine.
i feel completely safe in his arms. He accepts me, for who I am,
like the fact that I’m not skinny and perfect slips his mind.
over a course of time I have listened and learned so much.
I feel like I have known him longer then I really have.
when he looks at me with those ocean blue eyes,
 I feel like he can see right through me,
 almost like he can read my thoughts.
when his face flushes a pink rose color I can’t help but to smile.
being in his arms is one of the best feelings in the world,
one of the best feelings I have ever felt.
the excitement running through my body as I feel,
the pressure of his mouth on my neck
wanting him so badly to take a bite.
 when his teeth leave my neck it leaves me wanting more.
the nights filled with conversations of all kinds.
I crave every word he has to say as if it would be the last time I ever hear his voice.
being able to fall asleep in his arms was a gift I will forever cherish.
I hope for many more nights to come like that one.
the time with him goes by so fast and suddenly you realize,
its time to say goodbye. The worst part of it all,
 is not knowing if your feelings are truly returned.

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