The Human Mate

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Bryan is an 18 year old werewolf without a pack. He has found his mate, a human girl named Avery, who after having witnessed the murder of her parents finds herself alone in the world and completely drawn to Bryan. The two find themselves on the run from Caine, the first known vampire who hates all werewolves and their mates. Caine won't stop until werewolves are extinct. As an attempt to kill Bryan he kidnaps Avery. Will Bryan find Avery before it's too late? Or will he die trying?

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Submitted: May 06, 2012



Chapter One

Bryan's P.O.V

I was running through the forest following a scent sweeter than any scent I had ever smelled. I had no idea where I was running to but the wolf inside me told me to follow the scent and I had learned always to trust the wolf inside me.

So I followed the scent. I first smelled the scent when I first entered the forest for my nightly walk. It had smelled so good that before I knew it I had gone from the body of a eighteen year old to the body of a midnight black wolf. Since then I had been a wolf and have been following the scent.

After about an hour I came upon an abandoned house. The front door was wide open. I shifted back into my human form and fully clothed I ran toward the house, toward the scent that was still strong in my nose. I ran through the door and was shocked at what I saw.

The inside the house looked like a dungeon. Everything was a moldy brown and there were trapdoors everywhere. I took a few seconds to sniff around the room. Even in human form I still had my superhuman senses. I finally found the scent near one of the trap doors. I pulled it open with superhuman strength and proceeded down the stairs that were now revealed.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs my breathing sped up and my heart started racing and I was drawn to the far corner of the basement. The room was huge and was a complete mess. There was broken furniture and wood everywhere. I walked over to the corner and even in the dim light from a small light bulb on the ceiling I could make out a human form under a piece of a broken chair. I pulled it off them and saw it was a woman. She was sobbing.

"Hey, are you alright?" I said.

She turned to face me and my heart began to race again, my breathing sped up and I now knew why. This girl was my mate.

Chapter Two

Avery's P.O.V

When I woke up I was pinned to the floor by a piece of chair. I struggled to get free but only got sharp pains all through my body for my trouble.

My emotions took control of me and I burst into tears. I had no idea how I had gotten here but the last thing I remember was a man, stronger than any man I had ever seen, murdering my parents. The thought made me cry harder. I could still hear their screams as the man killed them in front of me. Then everything went black.

I heard footsteps coming towards me. Fear surged through me as I struggled harder to get free. But it was no use the piece of chair was too heavy for me to lift. In the dim light I could see a human figure coming down the stairs and walking towards me. He stood in front of me and I sobbed even harder knowing I was about to die.

I could feel warm breath on my neck as the man knelt beside me. I looked up at him and instead of seeing hate and murder in his baby blue eyes, I saw only care and compassion.

"Hey, are you alright?" he said. He was by far the cutest guy I had ever seen. He had baby blue eyes, dark brown hair, an athletic build, long legs, and looked about my age.

I was suddenly embarrassed that I was crying and my eyes were red. I fought for control and managed to stop crying. I shook my head in answer to his question.

"How did you get like this?" he asked pulling the chair off me.

"He brought me here", I said in a choked whisper sighing with relief as the weight of the chair left my body.

"Who? Who brought you here?"

"I don't know, but he murdered my parents," I said fighting back tears and failing. They fell silently down my cheeks.

"I'm sorry," he paused. "I'm Bryan by the way," he added.

"Avery," I whispered.

"Let's get you out of here," he said helping me stand up. Keeping an arm around my shoulders he walked me up the stairs and into the forest. We walked silently through the forest for about hour and a half and came on a small house in the middle of nowhere.

By then I was completely exhausted. Bryan led me into the house and into a bedroom. He laid me on the bed and pulled the covers over me. The last thing I remember before I fell asleep was him telling me to go to sleep as he kissed my forehead.

Chapter Three

Bryan's P.O.V

I looked down at my mate with love. She was truly beautiful. She had long dark brown hair, an athletic figure, and long legs. I couldn't have asked for someone more perfect. But I felt bad for her. She was all alone. She had watched her parents get murdered.

But who had murdered them and why had they kept her alive? I made a mental note to have Avery describe the man to me when she woke up. I sat down next to her on the bed and watched her sleep. She looked adorable. She slept for five hours before she began to stir. I watched her roll onto her back and open her beautiful brown eyes.

"Hey Avery," I said

"Hey," she said sleepily. "What time is it?" she asked.

"It's two in the morning," I answered. She nodded. She looked around her.

"Where am I?" She asked.

"My house. After I found you in that house I brought you here."

"Thank you," she said.

"Your welcome," I said. "Do you remember anything about the man who.... you know?" I asked. A look of thought came over her face as she tried to remember.

"He was tall, at least 6 '2'. He had blond hair. He was impossibly fast and strong. That's all I remember," she said. I gasped and prayed that she wasn't describing who I think she was describing. She looked at me questioningly.

"What's wrong, do you know him?" She asked.

"I think so," I said. "Oh Avery I hope this doesn't mean what I think this means."

"What do you think this means Bryan?" Avery asked softly.

"Oh Avery, there is so much I have to tell you, I don't even know where to start." I said.

"How about you start at the beginning," she said. I took a deep breath and braced myself for her reaction. I looked her straight in the eye and said.

"I'm a werewolf and you are my mate." She gasped.

Chapter Four

Avery's P.O.V

Bryan's a werewolf and I'm his mate? This can't be happening werewolves don't exist! Don't they? I looked into Bryan's eyes waiting for him to burst out laughing and say just kidding. But he didn't. There was no lie in his eyes. He looked dead serious. But still I said:

"You're serious aren't you?"


"But how?" I asked in a tiny voice.

"I was bitten by a man while I was walking in the woods," he paused then added "At first I thought he was a psycho, but when I turned into a wolf on the next full moon I changed my mind." He looked into my eyes when he talked and I couldn't help looking back into his. It was like they were sucking me in.

He smiled warmly at me making my heart flutter. I forced myself to snap out of it and to get the answers I needed.

"What about the man who murdered my parents?" I asked. A sharp pain of loss flew through my body as I slowly realized my parents were gone forever.

"From what you described I think it was the first, most powerful vampire in the world, Caine. I've been running from him ever since I became a werewolf," he said looking straight into my eyes.

"Vampires?" I asked, my voice trembling. He nodded. "How is this happening? Vampires and werewolves aren't real! Aren't they?" I exclaimed tears of shock and fear streaming down my face.

Bryan held out his arms and I scrambled into them without hesitating. He wrapped his arms tightly around me and held me against his chest.

"Shh, it's okay every thing's going to be alright," he whispered into my hair. He gently rocked me back and forth and stroked my hair until I stopped crying. I pulled away to look up at him. His eyes were full of sympathy and concern. "Are you okay now?" he asked gently. I nodded not trusting my voice. He wiped the tears off my cheeks and held my face in his hands. "I'm so sorry you were brought into this. If you don't want to be my mate I'll try to...," I cut him off by pressing my lips to his.

I did want to be with him. I wanted to be his mate. I felt him kiss me back and it felt like I was in heaven. I had never felt anything like this. I felt a stirring in my chest and I never wanted this to end. We both pulled away for air at the same time.

Then we sat smiling at one another. I saw pure love in his eyes and I realized I was in love with him. He broke the silence.

"Would you like to see me as a wolf?" he asked hopefully.

'Oh yes!" I exclaimed very excited. He laughed and took my hands and pulled me off the bed and took me outside.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Ready!" I said excitedly. He closed his eyes and seconds later a big black wolf, about six feet tall, stood in front of me. I squealed. He was so cute! He was like a huge puppy! I ran over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He leaned over and licked my cheek. "Hey, that tickles!" I squealed. He gave me a wolfie smile and closed his eyes again. Seconds later Bryan the human was standing in front of me fully clothed.

He looked at me for a minute then reached out for me. He grabbed me and pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him back willingly. His fingers tangled themselves in my hair as he deepened the kiss.

After a minute or maybe it was a week we broke apart for air. He held me in his arms and smiled at me. I smiled back and we stood there like that for a long time just staring at one another. I knew in that moment that I had found the love of my life.

Chapter Five

Bryan's P.O.V

It was the greatest feeling in the world, kissing Avery. I had never known anything that felt so good. I couldn't believe she was so quick to accept what I am.

As I held her in my arms I knew I loved her. I stared into her beautiful brown eyes and she stared into mine. I don't know how long we stood there before Avery broke the silence.

"Why did he do it?" she asked quietly.

"Caine?" She nodded. "He hates all werewolves and their mates," I answered.

"But neither of my parents were werewolves," she protested.

"One of them had to have been," I said gently. "Caine only kills humans for blood. Did either of your parents ever disappear on full moons?" She considered the question for a few minutes before slowly nodding.

"My father," she said sadly.

"Was he very protective of your mother?" I asked gently. She nodded. "Your father was a werewolf and your mother was his mate. They had to be. Caine would've bothered to kill them if they weren't."

"Does that make me a werewolf too?" she asked in a tiny voice.

"Not necessarily," I said. "Are you eighteen yet?" I asked.


"Then you're not," I assured her.

"But why didn't he try to kill me?" she asked.

"He must have realized you weren't a werewolf and since as far as he knew at the time you were nobody's mate so he had no reason to," I answered pulling her back into the house and into my bedroom.

"But what happens if he finds out I'm your mate?" she asked in a small scared voice. I fought the urge to growl, partly because my mate was scared and partly because I knew that she was in danger of being killed because of me. I took her hands and pulled her to my bed. I sat down on it and pulled Avery down onto my lap. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close.

"I won't let him hurt you," I whispered in her ear. I felt her nod against my chest. Then, despite her five hours of sleep earlier, I felt her yawn. I laid her down on the mattress and covered her with a blanket. Then I laid down next to her and pulled her close, holding her against my chest. She smiled up at me sleepily. I couldn't help but smile. She looked so cute. I leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. She kissed me back.

When we broke apart she yawned again. "Go to sleep sweetheart," I whispered to her. She rested her head against my chest and snuggled into me and closed her eyes and fell asleep in minutes. I rested my head on hers and fell asleep too.

The next morning

I woke up at 11:30 the next morning and found Avery still asleep. She looked so adorable. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. I watched her sleep until she woke up at 3:00 in the afternoon.

"Finally, you wake up," I said cheerfully to her.

"And hello to you too," she said squeezing her eyes shut, trying to hold on to sleep. I yanked the blanket off of her. She shivered but didn't get up. An idea pop into my head. I reached under her shirt and began to tickle her. She squealed and thrashed around.

"STOP IT, STOP IT!" she screamed trying to roll away from me.

"Promise you'll get up and I will," I replied slyly.

"Fine!" she exclaimed laughing. I stopped reluctantly. She sat up and glared at me making me smile.She couldn't hold her glare for long and soon she was smiling too.

"Come on, let's go get lunch," I said standing up.

"Yes, let's I'm starving," she said sliding off the bed. Taking her hand I led her out of the house and into town. I led her into a small cafe and we both ordered blts. When we were done I asked if she needed to go to her house for anything. "Yes, it's only a few blocks away."

"Lead the way," I said taking her hand. She led me out of the cafe, into the countryside, and to a small house. It looked like a small barn. It was painted bright red, was all one floor, and had a pure white porch. Avery pulled a key out of her pocket and unlocked the door. "Nice place," I said.

"It's not much, but it's home," she replied. She walked down a hallway and into a room. I followed her into what I assumed to be her bedroom. It was painted pink and was a mess. Clothes were all over the floor and the bed was unmade.

"Cute," I said teasingly. She spun around and threw a punch at me, which I neatly dodged. She grabbed a blue backpack and threw clothes, photo albums, and a wallet into it. She went into the bathroom that was attached to the bedroom.

She came back a few minutes later and walked out of the room. I followed her to another bedroom, which I assumed to be her parents. She paused in the doorway before walking in. She opened a dresser draw and pulled out a checkbook and two other wallets and put them in the backpack too. She also took a jewelry box off the top of the dresser.

"Okay I'm done," she said.

"Are you sure?" I asked. She nodded.

"If I need anything else I'll come back for it," she said.

"Okay let's go back to my place," I said taking her hand and leading her outside. It was almost completely dark outside now.

All of a sudden my hand was ripped out of Avery's and I was thrown to the ground. I fell on my back on the ground and was pinned to the ground. I looked up and was staring into the face of Caine. I heard Avery scream. Caine turned to look at her giving me just enough time to throw him off of me. "Avery run!" I screamed going into wolf form and tackling Caine to the ground. She took off running in the direction of my house.

Caine struggled with me but I kept him pinned. He was strong and he almost broke free. I bit hard into his neck. I took one of his arms between my teeth and bent it hard to the side. Caine roared in agony and began to thrash around again desperate to get free. I took his other arm between my teeth and bent it back until the bone snapped. Caine roared again and tried even harder to get free. I snapped his leg bones to rendering his arms and legs useless.

Transforming back into my human form I snapped his neck using all of my combined human and werewolf strength. But Caine was the first vampire and his bones were healed. But he knew he was almost too weak to beat me. He threw me to the ground a pinned me.

"This is not over!!" Caine screamed in my face. "If you and your little mate don't want to die the most painful death imaginable you'll meet me in the shack in the middle of the forest tomorrow night at midnight. And if you don't I will find you and I will torture your pretty little mate and kill her right in front of you and I will force you to stare at her dead body for days on end before I finally kill you very painfully. Do you understand?" he said through his teeth. I didn't answer. He grabbed me and through me against a tree and ran off. I got up and changed into my wolf form and ran towards my house. I had to find Avery.

After running about a quarter of a mile into the forest I saw her walking. She turned and when she saw me she ran towards me and threw her arms around my neck. I licked her cheek. I laid down on the ground and she snuggled up against my back.

"I'm so glad you're okay," she said softly.

Chapter Six

Avery's P.O.V

As I snuggled into Bryan's soft, warm, furry back my thoughts drifted back to Caine. A surge of fear spread like fire through my body just thinking about him. He even looked evil and I only got a short glimpse of him. I couldn't even imagine how evil he looked face to face. I thought about how scared I had been when he attack us.

Then Bryan had told me to run. I didn't want to, but I did. I had run until my legs were about to give out. I shuddered deeply and decided not to think about it anymore. Bryan whimpered and butted my cheek gently with his nose, concern in his still baby blue eyes.

"I'm okay Bryan," I said reaching up to scratching behind his ear. He lowered his head so I didn't have to reach so far making me smile. He closed his eyes and seconds later he was human again. He sat down next to me and pulled me onto his lap. I rested my head on his chest and we silently sat there.

A surge of peace went through me and I relaxed in his embrace. After a while he set me down in the grass and stood up.

"It's late and you look exhausted," he said holding out a hand. I was exhausted so I took his hand and let him pull me to my feet. He leaned down, picked up my backpack, and hand and hand we walked to his house. He had to lead me because it was pitch black and I couldn't see where I was going. But he could.

He led me through the forest, to his house, and into his room. By then I could barely keep my eyes open. I felt him lift me onto the bed and tuck the blankets around me. Then he climbed into the bed next to me and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. "Goodnight sweetheart," he said softly kissing my forehead. Then I fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning

A bright sunshine hitting my eyes woke me up. I struggled to open my eyes against the brightness. When I finally did get them open I found myself staring into Bryan's eyes. His baby blue eyes drew me in and I didn't bother looking away. We sat there looking at each other for a while before he broke the silence.

"I have to tell you something really important," he said seriously.

"What is it?" I asked nervously.

"Caine said something to me when we were fighting yesterday," he paused. I reached over and took his hand and squeezed it, urging him to go on. He took a deep breath and continued. "He said that if we both don't surrender at the shack in the middle of the forest tonight at midnight he's going to hunt us down a torture you slowly, painfully before finally killing you while I'm forced to watch. Then he'll force me to look at your dead body for days before he tortures me to death," he said in an angry, pained voice.

I started to tremble and tears of fear blurred my vision. "Come here," Bryan said gently holding his arms out for me. I scrambled into them and sobbed against him. It wasn't fair! I was going to die for something that wasn't even my fault! Something that wasn't anybody's fault!

"I don't want to die Bryan!" I sobbed. He tightened his arms around me protectively and stroked my hair.

"Shh, it's okay. I will never let him hurt you. Ever," he said sincerely. His words calmed me enough for me to stop crying.

"But how do you know you can stop him?" I asked. He took my face in his hands and wiped away the tears. Then he stared into my eyes.

"Because I love you." he said. I gasped, shocked by his words. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine. His kiss was sweet and gentle and full of love.

I found myself wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him back. It was the best feeling in the world and it was hard to believe that we could both be dead by tomorrow. All too soon we broke away for air and we sat staring into each other's eyes and I remembered Bryan's words.

"I love you too," I said blushing a deep red. I looked down, shocked by my boldness. He cupped my chin and raised my face to his. He pressed his lips to mine again. Only this time his kiss was more passioniate. His fingers tangled in my hair and mine in his.

When we broke for air this time we were both smiling. We sat there smiling at each other before I broke the silence. "What are we going to do?" I asked. He sighed.

"We're not going to listen to him. We're not going to the shack," he said calmly.

"But you said that Caine would hunt us down and torture us to death if we don't! We'd be on the run forever!" I exclaimed.

"I'd rather be on the run with you than watch you die Avery," he said. "I'm going to make us breakfast while you get dressed," he said kissing my forehead and sliding off the bed and going into the kitchen. I got off the bed and grabbed my backpack that Bryan had put next to the bedside table and walked into the bathroom.

After taking a quick shower I threw on a pair of jeans and a t shirt. Then I brushed through my hair and walked toward the delicious scent of eggs and cheese. I sat down at the table. I was glad we weren't going to surrender. I liked living and was going to enjoy my new life with Bryan.

Suddenly, a plate with a cheese omelet appeared in front of me. "What are you thinking about?" Bryan asking sitting across from me at the table and taking a bite of his omelet.

"Caine," I said taking a bite of the omelet. It was delicious. He reached across the table and squeezed my hand.

"Don't worry about him," he said smiling. "We'll be away from here soon and we'll go somewhere he'll never find us, where we can be together," I smiled.

"This is delicious," I said taking a bite of the omelet. He smiled.

"I'm glad you liked it," he said. We finished breakfast in silence. I insisted on doing the dishes. When I was finished he wrapped his arms around me from behind. I leaned back into him. "I have to go into town to get weapons," he said against my ear.

"Okay I'll come with you," I said turning in his arms.

"No sweetheart I want you to stay here," he said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Just because Caine can't come out during the day doesn't mean his human servants can't. It'll be too noticeable if we both are out in town," he said.

"Okay I'll stay here all by myself," I said pouting. He laughed and leaned down to kiss me.

"You're so cute when you pout. I'd better go before you convince me to let you come with me," he said when we broke away. I pounted at him again and he grabbed a pair of car keys off the counter and ran out the door laughing. I laughed and rolled my eyes.

I soon became bored and roamed around the house until I had seen every room in the house. I wandered into the living room. I was so bored I started to order the DVDs I found in a cabinet under the TV in alphabetical order. There were a lot of them. Thank goodness I'd have something to do for a while.

When I was done I looked at my watch. Bryan had been gone for an hour. A feeling of dread passed through me. What are you worrying about? I asked myself. Bryan's a werewolf for goodness sake! He could take care of himself. I walked over to another cabinet and found music CDs. I was about to alphabetize them when I sensed someone behind me.

I turned around and found myself face to face with a man. Not Bryan and not Caine. He had evil in his eyes and I knew he was working for Caine and he was here to capture me. But why? Bryan said we had till midnight to surrender. He was huge! At least 6 "3" and at least 260 pounds. His muscles were gigantic. He looked as strong as a pro wrestler.

"Avery love, how are you?" he said in a deep voice. "Your good friend Caine has sent me to bring you back to him,".

"But we have until midnight to surrender," I protested trying to sound strong and failing miserably.

"But you see love Caine has been in this position with Bryan before. He gave him the chance to surrender, but he didn't so he's going to use you to finally get him to surrender." he answered matter-of-factly.

I bolted and ran for the door but he was not only strong but he was fast too and caught me before I was even close to the door. He grabbed me and held me tight. I struggled in his hold but he covered my mouth with a cloth and everything went black.

Bryan's P.O.V

"Avery," I called as I walked into the house. She was nowhere to be seen. I put down the weapons I had just bought and walked through the house. She wasn't anywhere. I walked back into the kitchen and saw a folded note on the counter. I opened it and read the loopy words.



Chapter Seven

Bryan's P.O.V

Avery was the only thing on my mind when I had driven downtown and bought new weapons. I had bought enough wood to fill the bed of my truck to the brim. Caine, being the first vampire was immune to garlic, silver, and even holy water.

But he wasn't immune to wood or sunlight. I had plenty of experience with Caine and had never come close to killing him. But now I have something to fight for.

I had driven home in a hurry to see Avery and had found her gone with the note in her place. I was so angry. Caine must have guessed that I wouldn't have come to surrender. We had been through this before.

He had given me the chance to surrender and I had run. I refuse to surrender to him. But what matters was that Caine had kidnapped Avery and I had to get her back!

I stormed into the garage and got to work. I spent the rest of the day making wooden bullets, stakes, and arrows. I loaded my twin Beretta px4's and magazines with bullets and my quivers with arrows. I looked at my watch. It was almost 11:00 P.M.

I knew I had to take on Caine during the day. If I went now he would kill Avery and then kill me. I there was nothing I could do but wait until morning.

I paced around the house. It was agonizing knowing Caine could be hurting Avery right now. I looked at my watch. It was midnight. I had been pacing for an hour. The time changed to 12:01. I winced. Caine was probably hurting Avery right now. I gave up pacing and threw myself onto my bed where just last night Avery had slept. I have no idea how but somehow I managed to fall asleep.But I regretted it.

After I fell asleep I dreamed of Avery. I could Caine torturing her. I could smell her spilled blood. I could her screaming my name, screaming for help. I could see her dying before my eyes and I couldn't stop it.

"Avery!" I screamed breaking free of the dream. I knew it was a dream but it had felt so real. I looked at my watch. I had slept for three hours. Knowing I wasn't getting back to sleep I jumped out of bed and took a shower and put on new clothes.

I tucked my guns in the pockets of my jeans and put the magazines in the secret compartments I had made inside my jacket years ago. I tucked the stakes into the loops in my jacket sleeves, through my belt loops, and into my pant legs.

By then it was almost dawn. I sighed in relief. I couldn't wait any longer. I ached with the need to have Avery in my arms so much. I couldn't wait any longer I had to go. I jumped into my truck and drove off to the shack. I was in luck, the sun was coming up. By the time I made it to the shack the sun was completely up. I was just getting out of the truck when I heard a scream of pain.

Avery's scream.

Chapter Eight

Avery's P.O.V

I woke up in darkness. I was laying on a table. I tried to get up, but I was strapped to the table. There were straps across my chest and on my thighs and metal cuffs pinned down my hands and feet.

"I'm so glad you're awake," a deep male voice said. A feeling of dread twisted in my stomach. Even though I couldn't see him I knew who he was.


I started to tremble.

"Avery, there's no need to be frightened," he said. "You're just motivation for Bryan to behave,"

"You know he won't come right?" I said trying to sound strong but failing. "He already said he wouldn't".

"That was before I took the one thing that means more to him then his own life," Caine replied.

"Me?" I asked. "We just met each other!"

"You severely underestimate a werewolve's feelings toward their mate. No matter how long you've known each other Bryan is in love with you and he will have no choice but to come to you. He can't control it."

"That's cruel! Using something he can't control against him!" I shouted.

"That's how I work sweetheart," he said calmly.

"Don't call me that!" I snapped.

"Don't talk to me like that!" he snarled in a harsh tone that made me shrink back. "That's more like it," he said.

Neither of us spoke for hours. After a while Caine left. The cuffs were beginning to cut into me but no protests past my lips. I had no idea what time it was but when Caine came back I guessed it was midnight. Bryan hadn't come.

"Avery love, Bryan hasn't come. What do you have to say about that?" He said.

"Absolutely nothing," I answered.

"Neither do I," he said. "But I do have something to do," he said. And he dug his hand into my rib cage and broke one of my ribs with his hand. Pain exploded through my chest. I screamed in agony. "If your boyfriend doesn't come you're in for a painful death," he said.

He left me a one for a while. But he came back a few hours later and broke my leg making me scream for Bryan. He walked out laughing after that. I laid on the table in pure agony. I had never felt such pain in my life. After a few failed attempts at sleeping I gave up. I was in to much pain to fall asleep by myself.

A few hours later the sun came out and Caine's human assistant that kidnapped me came in a boarded the windows so no sun could come in the room. After he left Caine came in.

"Bryan still isn't here," he said. He dug his hand into my rib cage and broke another one of my ribs. I screamed in pure agony and fear.

Then all of a sudden Bryan ran into the room. He threw a stake at Caine. It hit him in the arm. Bryan ran over to the windows and pulled of the boards letting in the sun. He grabbed another stake from his pocket and threw it across the room at Caine. It hit him in the leg. But he got back up and tried to get to Bryan who stood in the sunlight.

Caine walked over to me, took off my bonds, and held me in front of him.

"Stop fighting or I'll kill her!" Caine growled angrily. Bryan dropped the stake.

"Avery, I'm going to throw you a stake and I want you to stab him in the heart,"

Bryan said in my thoughts. I looked at him confused.

"Trust me," He said.

Then he grabbed a stake from his back pocket and he threw it to me. I caught it. Adrenaline surged through me and before Caine could do anything I spun around and drove the stake through his heart.

"NO!!" Caine screamed before he fell to the floor.


Pain surged through me and I fell to the ground. I didn't know what was worse my ribs or my leg. Suddenly Bryan was at my side pulling me into his lap. I saw him bite into his wrist and he laid it near my mouth.

"Avery, you have to drink it," he said urgently. I shook my head. "Avery, it'll heal you and take away the pain," he said gently putting his bleeding wrist in my mouth. I sucked at the blood. With each drop I drunk I felt a little bit better. I could fell my bones healing. When I was all healed I became very tired and I struggled to stay awake. " Shh, Avery go to sleep no one will ever hurt you again," he said stroking my hair.

I nodded and closed my eyes. The last thing I heard was him say.

"I should have marked her. I shouldn't have left her. This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't!" I couldn't stand for him to blame himself. It wasn't his fault. Then I fell asleep.


I woke up in Bryan's arms. I felt great. So full of energy. I leaned up on my elbows so I could see his face.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey," he said squeezing me tightly.

"He's gone," I said.

"He's gone," he confirmed.

"What did you mean you should have marked me?" I asked.

"Werewolves always mark their mates as their own," he explained.

"I want you to mark me," I said.

"Why should I get that pleasure? I'm the reason Caine hurt you. I don't deser-" I cut him off with a kiss. He finally gave in and kissed me back. When we pulled away I said

"It wasn't your fault. It was Caine's," Then I added. "And I don't ever want to hear you blame yourself again are we clear?" I said sternly.

"Crystal," he said quickly.

"Good. So you can mark me now," I said sweetly.

"Are you absolutely sure you want this? You can't change your mind,"

"I'm positive," I said confidently. He leaned in slowly and pulled my shirt sleeve down so my shoulder was exposed. Licking the place where the neck meets the shoulder he bit down into it. Shots of pleasure went through me and I couldn't help but smile. He licked away the blood and took my face in his hands. He pressed his lips to mine and we didn't speak for a long time.

Chapter Nine

Still Avery's P.O.V

It had been four months since Bryan and I had killed Caine. Byran and I were more in love than ever. During those four months Bryan had asked me if I wanted to become a werewolf. I still remember the conversation.


It was 11:00 at night. Bryan and I had been laying in bed. Neither of us could sleep.

"Avery?" Bryan asked.

"Yes?" I answered.

"Would you like to be a werewolf?" he asked trying to sound casual and failing. His question shocked me. Sure I had thought about what it would be like to be a werewolf and about asking Bryan to turn me into one, but that was the last question I had expected him to ask me.

"I've thought about it," I said quietly.

"And?" he asked gently knowing there was more and I just wasn't saying it.

"And I want to be a werewolf," I said slowly. "I want to be fully mated to you,"

"Really?" he asked hope in his voice.

"Really," I said smiling at him.

"You do know what you're getting yourself into don't you Avery?" he asked.

"Of course," I said in a exasperated voice. "You've only explained it to me a million times," I paused then added. "You have to bite me and I'll be in terrible pain that goes on and off until the full moon which then I'll turn into a werewolf, which will also be painful the first time. But as soon as I turn into a full for a while I'll turn back and I'll be an official werewolf. After that I can turn whenever I want and it won't be painful, but I'll still be forced to change on the full moon." Bryan laughed.

"Completely right," he said smiling. I smiled back losing myself in his baby blue eyes. Once I pulled myself together I asked.

"So when are we going to do this?"

"Let's wait until the day of the full moon we have a week and a half,"he said. He smirked. "Plenty of time to change your mind," he said slyly. I elbowed him in the ribs. Then I yawned. "It's late and we both need sleep," he said tucking the covers around me. Then he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to his chest. Just before sleep took me I heard him say. "Goodnight my sweet Avery," Then I fell asleep.

End of flashback

I knew I wanted to be a werewolf but was I really ready to lose my humanity. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I dodn't notice Bryan come in the room.

"Avery!" he called loudly causing me to jump. He had changed into his night clothes and was sitting next to me on the bed.

"Yes?" I asked.

"What were you thinking so hard about?" he asked wrapping his arms around me burying his face in my hair.

"Nothing," I replied trying to sound innocent and failing miserably. He waited patiently until I finally gave in. "I was thinking about becoming a werewolf tomorrow," I said softly. He tightened his arms around me.

"You don't have to go through with this tomorrow,' he said gently. "You could wait a few months. There is no hurry Avery,"

"I know but I want to so badly but..," I couldn't finished the sentence. I was ashamed to admit it.

"You're afraid," he finished for me. Ducking my head I nodded. He cupped my chin and pulled my face up to meet his eyes. "Don't be ashamed sweetheart. It really isn't pleasant and if I had the choice I would have been scared too," he said gently rubbing my back. I buried my face in his chest and he wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly. I relaxed into his embrace. "What do you want to do Avery?" he asked gently after a while. I pulled away so I could look into his eyes.

"Let me decide tomorrow," I said. He nodded.

"Okay but remember you can always wait," he said. I nodded. He lifted me off the bed and pulled the covers back. Then he laid me down and tucked me in. Once he was sure I was comfortable he got under the covers too and wrapped his arms around me again. "Goodnight Avery," he said pressing his lips to mine. It wasn't a big kiss. It was a sweet goodnight kiss.

"Goodnight Bryan," I said softly. Then I was out.

Bryan's P.O.V

I couldn't stand to see my mate so upset and scared. As I looked down at her sleeping form in my arms I tried to imagine what she was feeling. I knew she wanted to be a werewolf but it was the pain that scared her. I wished with everything I had that I could take away all her fear and worry. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. Laying my head on a pillow I fell asleep.

The next morning

I woke up to the feel of Bryan's lips on mine. I opened my eyes to look into his baby blue ones. He smiled at me.

"Good morning," he said.

"Morning," I mumbled sitting up, rubbing my eyes and stretching. He wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned over to press his lips to mine. I kissed him back eagerly and my eyes fluttered shut. It felt like we kissed forever before we pulled away for air. If it were possible I would happily kiss him forever. We smiled at each other and started to kiss again when I remembered something. My stomach filled with knots and I pulled away. Bryan looked at me in shock. "I just remembered that the full moon is tonight!" I exclaimed.

"It is isn't it," he said with a sigh. "Do you know what you're going to do?" he asked gently. I searched my feelings for the answer. I wanted to become a werewolf didn't I? And even if I waited a year I knew that wouldn't change the pain I would feel. I made my decision.

"Yes, I do," I said. He looked at me, waiting for an answer. "I want to become a werewolf tonight," I answered.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes, I absolutely sure," I said in a sure voice. He wrapped his arms around me and moved my hair away from my neck.

"If I do this there's no going back," he warned.

"I'm waiting," I whined impatiently. He leaned down to my neck and licked the spot where the neck meets the shoulder then bit down squeezing my hand as he did. I screamed out in pain. I knew it would hurt but I didn't think it would hurt this much.

"Shh, Avery it'll stop hurting in a few minutes," he cooed pulling me onto his lap. I buried my face in his chest and tried not to cry. His hands rubbed up and down my back in a soothing way.

Finally, after what seemed like hours the pain stopped and I felt fine again. I pulled away to look at Bryan. He had a guilty look on his face.

"I'm so sorry you had to feel that pain," he said in a sad voice. I shook my head at him.

"It was my choice it's not your fault," I said sincerely. He shook his head.

"I bit you Avery. It's every bit my fault,"

"I told you to bit me!" He gave up after that.

"I'm going to fix you breakfast. You lie down and relax," he said standing up. I noticed for the first time that he was already dressed. I started to feel dizzy and my shoulder was starting to hurt so I followed his advice. I got so relaxed I fell asleep.

Bryan's P.O.V

I walked back into the bedroom with an omelet on a tray and saw the Avery had fallen back asleep. The sight made me smile. She was so cute when she was asleep. I went back into the kitchen and put the omelet in the microwave for later. I went back into the bedroom and laid next to Avery on the bed and wrapped my arms around her.

As I held her in my arms I let my thoughts run. I felt awful for biting her but I knew she would be upset if I hadn't. I hated every ounce of pain she felt. I wanted her to be a werewolf I just didn't want her to feel any pain.

Suddenly she thrashed around in my arms and moaned. My heart broke for her. She was in pain and I couldn't do anything to stop it. It went on like this for hours. She'd be fine for half an hour or so then she would start thrashing and moaning.

A few hours later I felt her stir in my arms. It was just after five o'clock. She opened her beautiful brown eyes and smiled at me.

"Hello there sleeping beauty," I said.

"Hi," she said sitting up.

"How do you feel?"

"Fine. Great actually," she answered. "But I'm starving," she added.

"Me too," I said standing up. "You get dressed while I make us something." She looked down as if she didn't know she was still in her pajamas.

"How long have I been asleep?" she asked.

"A few hours,"

"Oh. Wait what time is it?!" she exclaimed.

"Just after five," I answered trying to sound casual.

"We're going to start turning in seven hours!" she exclaimed. I wished I hadn't told her that the full moon reaches it's highest point at midnight and that's when we start turning.

"You haven't changed your mind have you?" I asked gently.

"No, of course not. It's just so soon," she said softly. My heart just about broke for her. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her. She leaned into me and we just sat there like that until she pulled away. "I'm going to get dressed," she said walking to the dresser. She seemed okay now so I left the room and walked into the kitchen. I scraped the omelet I made earlier and put a pizza in the oven. I heard Avery come into the kitchen. She was dressed in blue jeans and a baggy, red sweater.

"I put a pizza on. It should be done in twenty minutes," I told her.

"Okay. Can we watch a movie while we wait?" she asked.

"Of course sweetheart. Go pick one out." Taking my hand she lead me into the living room. She knelt in front of the tv and looked through the cabinet of DVDs under it. I went and sat on the couch. She pulled out a DVD and put it in the DVD player. Then she came and sat next me. "What did you put in?" I asked wrapping my arm around her shoulders.

"You'll see," she said giving my a devious look. Twilight came on the tv screen. I groaned. Avery laughed. After a long fifteen minutes the oven went off.

"I'll get it," I said almost running into the kitchen. I could hear Avery laughing. I took the pizza out of the oven and cut it with a pizza cutter. I put slices on paper plates and carried them into the living room. I handed one to Avery and she took it eagerly. I smiled. She was so adorable. By the time we finished eating we had finished the whole pizza and had watched half of Twilight.

Suddenly, Avery gasped. I looked over at her and her face was twisted with pain. I wrapped an arm around her and held her until she relaxed.

"Are you okay?" I asked in concern.

"Yes," she said. We watched the rest of the movie with only one more spasm of pain from Avery. Then she made me watch New Moon. She had a spasm of pain about every half hour. After New Moon I had to watch Eclipse too. By then it was eleven o'clock. We sat and talked about anything we could think of until 11:30 when I decided we needed to go down to my basement where no one could hear Avery scream.

"Avery, we need to go down to the basement now," I said gently.

"Okay," she said standing up and walking with me to the basement steps.

Avery's P.O.V

My stomach flip flopped when Bryan said it was time to go to the basement. Despite the constant spasms of pain it was fun to sit and watch Twilight movies all evening and listen to Bryan groan every time people kissed.

We walked down the steps into the basement. Bryan turned a light on and we waited. Bryan sensed my unease and started talking to me. Distracting me. We talked until suddenly a pain so sudden and unexpected hit me. I screamed and looked at Bryan. His eyes turned yellow and back to baby blue and he had changed.

Suddenly, after a few minutes of the extreme pain, a list with two options appeared in my head. Option one was to change all the way to a wolf and Option two was to turn halfway to a human-wolf. Like Bryan told me to I chose Option one.

My skin felt like it was being ripped apart and I felt my bones breaking one by one. Tears ran down my face and I was screaming. I could hear Bryan trying to comfort me. Then all of a sudden I was a wolf.

Bryan's P.O.V

As I looked at the beautiful chocolate brown wolf in front of me I wondered how I got so lucky. I looked into the wolf's eyes. Avery's eyes. She changed back and fell to the ground. I ran to her and pulled her into my arms. I looked down at her and smiled. She was already asleep. I set her down and stood up. Then I scooped her up and carried her to our bedroom.

I tucked her into the bed and laid down next to her and pulled her to my chest. I was unable to sleep since I was still a werewolf. But she could because this was her first time and her body was exhausted. I held my mate and played with her hair until she woke up the next morning with only one exception to change my clothes.

The next morning

Avery's P.O.V

I woke up feeling more complete then ever. My body was so alive! Everything looked, sounded, and smelled so real! I looked to my side and saw Bryan looking at me and smiling.

"Is this what the world is like for you?" I asked him.

"Yes. Feels great to see it like this doesn't?" he asked.

"Totally," I said leaning over to kiss him. This kiss was different than the ones we had shared when I was human. It was like my lips moved for me. Like my body wanted him as much as I did. Too soon the best kiss I'd ever had ended.

"Let's go get breakfast," he said standing up. He had changed his clothes.

"Okay," I said getting up.

After I changed we walked downtown to the cafe he had taken me to. We ordered breakfast and after we had finished we walked into the forest

"Do you want to do something amazing?" Bryan asked me.

"Yes!" I exclaimed.

"Picture yourself as a wolf," he said. I did and I turned into my wolf. He had too. "We can talked to each other through our minds," he said to my mind.


I thought back.

"I'll race you back to the house,"

he challenged.

"You're on,"

I challenged back. I took off running.

"No fair you got a head start!"

he yelled in my mind and running after me. I laughed to myself. At that moment I realized this was meant to be. Bryan and I together as werewolves. The pain had been worth it. I was meant for this. Meant for being a werewolf. Meant for Bryan. I was his mate. His human mate.

The End

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