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Just character descriptions from the book I am planning currently.

Submitted: March 05, 2012

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Submitted: March 05, 2012



Kallian Pierre (Pronounced Kay-ian or Kallyian Pier)

Physical Description:


Hair:Long,straight,black and purple

Eyes:Emerald Green

Facial Features: High cheek bones,full lips,shaped dark eyebrows, long jagged scar down her right cheek

Body Description:5'5", 145 pounds,hour glass shape

Tattoos:Ankh on left hip, peace sign on the right hip. Eye of Ra (all black) on lower back, quote"Don’t Dream your Life….Live your Dreams."on upper back

Piercings: right side of lower lip, belly button, tongue, ears

Nick names:

Kally, Kallia,Dreamer (calledthat by Chris)

Short background description:

Grew up on the bad side of town,History of being tormented/bullied.Livedwith her mother and two sisters. No father around. Struggled financially. Got picked up by a band called "Breaking the Shadow of Dawn".Travels with the band but does not participate in drinking or smoking.Can sing but those around her do not know this.

Pierce Morrigan

Physical Description:

Age: 19

Hair: Shaggy completely white hair

Eyes: Gray/silver

Facial Features: Strong jaw, angular attractive face,white eye brows, slender lips

Body Description:6'0",160 pounds

Tattoos: Chinese characters of love and pain on his upper to mid back

Piercings: Eyebrow

Nick names:

Snow White (called that by Chris), Frosty (called that by Kallian)

Short background description:

Grew up two blocks away from Kallian . Plays lead guitar. Drinks. Lived with his father and brother. Father was into drugs. Very quiet and mysterious character.Picks on Chris all the time.

Christopher Chaney (a.k.a. Chris)

Physical Description:

Age: 17
Hair: Short, black

Eyes: Deep brown

Body Description: 5'10", 190 pounds

Tattoos: None

Piercings: tongue, ear


Chris, Christina (called that by Pierce)

Short backgrounddescription:

The youngest but the most rowdy of the bunch. Always shooting off smart ass comments. Has a nickname for everyone. The drummer. Extremely smart, graduated two years early.Knows technology better than everyone else.

Bree Slovisk (a.k.a. Breezy)

Physical Description:

Hair: Short

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