The Horrible Mistake

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A poem about self mutilation and attempted suicide.

Submitted: March 23, 2012

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Submitted: March 23, 2012



Blood gushing from a wound,

Tears trickling from an eye,

I spy,

The mistake that has been made,

The open wounds on your thigh,

The scared look in your eye,

The look that tells me you are afraid to die.


I watch with sorrow,

As I know, I had done that once before,

The feeling of hate and sorrow,

The feeling as if there is no future in store for you.


However, once you slash that flesh,

your mind begins to wander and wonder,

thinking about your past and the present,

optimistic views of the future,

scared of the pain you'll cause if you go,

and then you want to live more than ever.


I know, I have been there.


Hurry now, make it quick, and apply pressure,

Get help, call another,

Hopefully you can reverse that horrible mistake,

Like I tried to do.


However my try was in vain,

I couldn't reverse it,

I had waited too long.


Hurry now, do it quick,

the horrible mistake is harder to reverse the long you wait.

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